India and Royal Enfields stand for adventures in a class to themselves.

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Rediscover your inner biker at an affordable price. Experience the sights, sounds and scents of India and explore tropical jungles, rugged Himalayan mountains and deserts while your Enfield Bullet lays down its inimitable soundtrack. Experience carefully selected dream routes in the saddle of your classic Bullet. Leave superfluous luxury and boredom behind.

  • drum brakes and kickstarters
  • country roads and winding, remote mountain passes
  • brake pedals and gear shifts on the "wrong" sides
  • hot curries and fresh seafood
  • 500cc in your single cylinder

... and 625ml in your Kingfisher Lager bottle to wash down the dust at the end of the day.

Expertise and professionalism

Our seasoned, mostly German tour leaders will escort you safely through India. Our guides, or Road Captains as they’re called in India, have successfully organized and realized over 300 motorcycle tours in 17 years.

Intense experiences and bright colors

Discover new perspectives: romantic huts on Paradise Beach and bamboo cottages in a jungle camp, unforgettable nights on warm beaches with a crackling campfire, in simple traveler’s lodges or grand colonial hotels. And when the adventure is over, there will still be plenty of time to unwind on the white beaches of Goa and look back on fascinating experiences and exotic flavors of the South.


Sunset, Goan beach

Enfield Bullet

Guest house parking

Bikes and camels

The Art of Classic Biking, or for whom this program is intended

- Does the sight of a classic motorcycle put a wistful gleam in your eye?
- Do you love riding an authentic bike?
- Do you need to feel the warm breeze in your hair and savor freedom on two wheels?
- Do you savor long, challenging rides and remote mountain roads?
- Do you agree that eating dust all day makes the evening’s first beer so much better?
- Can you live without undue luxury?
- Do you like your touring on the rugged side?
- Do you have an open mind for foreign cultures?
- Do you appreciate the exotic?
- Can you imagine motorcycling as a form of meditation?


If you answered those questions with YES, call us now. We have just the right thing for you.


On the road in Nepal

Bonanza Girls, Himalayas

Royal Enfield 500cc tour bikes

Zanskar campground

About us, and how it all began...

The CLASSIC BIKE ADVENTURE project was launched in 1989. After years on the road in the rock’n’roll business as a tour manager, a stint as a tour guide, and running an enduro rental on Cyprus, Peter Paulo Dos Santos, 47, heeded the call of his friend Klaus Brass to come to Goa and enjoy the tropical beaches and classic bikes – the legendary Royal Enfields. Peter soon realized that it was time to devote more time to his true passion.

His love of travel and motorcycles – and especially his love of India – soon became the focus of his life. Nearly 20 eventful years have since passed and that wealth of experience is reflected in the company's name:

Peter & Friends Classic Bike Adventures India

Our team organizes our renowned motorcycle tours on the subcontinent all year round, in the Himalayas, Rajasthan, Goa and southern India, as well as in the neighboring countries Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tibet.


We have established a network of local partners for our motorcycle fleet of over 35 Enfield Bullets in Goa, Delhi and the Himalayas, and trained a local crew of over 20 local employees for a variety of tasks.


Our greatest asset is the experience we’ve gained in more than 300 tours with over 2,500 satisfied customers.



Tibetan plateau

Blue Bullet in Spiti

Pothala, Lhasa, Tibet

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