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Hire a top condition bike in Goa, Leh and New Delhi - Royal Enfield 500cc Motorcycle Rental

All of our 500cc Bullets are registered and insured as rental vehicles. They come equipped with large, rugged, lockable and removable leather saddlebags measuring 40 x 20 x 35 cm ( In Goa and Delhi).

Bike Rental Rates And Rental Terms

Our Bike Hire Services:

All of our motorcycles are registered and insured as rental vehicles. That makes us the first 100% legal motorcycle rental in Goa, and perhaps all of India. Rental motorcycles in Goa can be identified easily by their yellow T or Z license plates and insurance policies. Further we give you a discount if you hire our motorcycles for 3 weeks or more.

  • All our 500cc Bullets with electric starters and left side gear shifting
    Our motorcycle fleet now consists entirely of 30 new Enfields with electric starters, 5-speed gearboxes and gearshifts on the left. These 2009-2013 model 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets are now standard on all of our tours.

    Free repair service in case of a breakdown within Goa
  • Free tour information, road maps and introductions to riding an Enfield Bullet motorcycle and the Indian rules of the road

  • Free tour kit (sprung leather single saddle available on request, 18-26l touring tank, saddlebags, improved raised handlebar, touring grips, large mirrors, improved front brake, the absolutely vital loud horns, etc.).

  • We refund maintenance and repair costs incurred outside of Goa on provision of receipts (spare parts and tool kits available on request)

  • 24-hour helpline

  • Unlimited mileage

  • Discounts apply to rental periods of four weeks or more.

  • Comprehensive insurance included (€500.00 deductible)

We do rent out bikes - excellent new Bullets from New Delhi with our Partner Aslam and his agency. We provide only new powerfull Bullet 500cc  Bikes with selfstarter and 5 speed left side shifting, at the same rates and conditions. We deliver the bikes to your city hotel and offer also to recollect them from any place in Rajasthan, if you want to end your tour over there.

In Leh / Ladakh we work with a very professional and reliable local partner, who runs more than 20 "next to new" 500cc Enfield Bullets and who offers excellent service.

More rental recommendations for Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Kerala you can get on request from us.


Bike Hire Rates

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500cc Enfield Bullet E Starter / left side

shifting ex Goa rental station


Daily rate

Off- Season / Himalaya / Leh Season      April - October    

2.400 Rs / 30 €

Best India Season     November - March    

2.800 Rs / 35 €

Minimum rental period: 5 days. 10% discount for 7 days or more; 15% discount for 14 days and more, 20% discount for 21 days and more.

Long term rental please ask for special rates !  Exchange Rate on 1. July 2014 : 80 Rs = 1 Euro

All our "house guests" receive for the duration of their stay at Casa Tres Amigos a special 33% discount on motorcycle rentals .

Jeep rental only availible for our Casa Tres Amigos - house guests !

 At our Casa Tres Amigos in  Goa only.... Other vehicle types - daily rates

1 April to 31 September

1 October - 20 December
and March
21 December through
Honda Karizma 220cc Honda Karizma

750 Rs.

825 Rs.

900 Rs.

Mountain bikes Standard mountain bikes
Semiprofessional Cube MTBs

750 Rs.

750 Rs.

750 Rs.

Hardtop Mahindra Bolero jeep Large Mahindra jeep with AC and driver
ideal for 1 to 5 passengers
diesel not included

4.800 Rs

4.800 Rs.

4.800 Rs.

Open Mahindra jeep Open Mahindra jeep, 1 to 6 passengers, with driver, diesel not included

3.200 Rs.

3.200 Rs.

3.200 Rs.

Prices include all taxes and unlimited mileage. Download our rental terms and conditions here (pdf 45K)

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