The Classic Bike Adventure Crew in Goa during the 2004/05 winter season, photographed by Thomas Räse, Berlin

The Classic Bike Adventure Crew in Goa during the 2004/05 winter season, photographed by Thomas Räse, Berlin

We enjoy being on the road with happy people, so we see it as our mission to make your tour an exciting, unforgettable experience.
Our experienced tour guides have a profound knowledge of the subcontinent.

Introducing our Road Captains and Road Maharanis:

RC Peter Paulo Dos Santos

RC Peter:

A former educator, photographer, bus driver and bar owner, Peter has been living in Goa for 21 years and is the organizer and communicator behind the scenes. He has guided all of our tours personally in the past and can still be found in the saddle on many of our Ladakh, Sikkim & Bhutan, Tibet, and some Thailand and Laos tours. Peter is a serious runner, body worker, dog lover and host of the Casa Tres Amigos.

RC Werner

RC Werner:

A former motorcycle workshop owner and Enfield importer, senior mechanic, universal technical genius, extreme endurance athlete and veteran traveler of India, Werner has been responsible for our entire fleet for the last four years. He is also operating the Europe - India - Europe overland tours since 2 years with his own fleet of Yamaha XT 600 bikes, twice a year.

RC Martin

RC Martin:

A 5th dan karate instructor and tai chi instructor, Martin has been living in Goa with his family for over 20 years and has been a part of our team for the last ten. He's our most senior guide for Southern India, Nepal, Ladakh, and Rajasthan, with more than 80 tours successfully guided to far. Martin is a passionate blues musician, beachball player and parent, and he savors life to the fullest.

RC Willy

RC Willy:

A sociologist, mediator, diving instructor, tour guide, Indian traveler and experienced Enfield rider in Berlin, Willy is our new man in the Himalayas with the experience of 10 tours done so far...
He will be continuing his Road Captain career this summer.

Road Maharani Tiziana

RM Tiziana:

Tiziana is Dutch and an architect by training. She grew up infected by the travel bug and spent many years in Italy. She is now more at home in the Himalayas than Holland after riding an Enfield overland to India. As she puts it, that was a dream she never woke up from, prompting her to give up her career in architecture and spend her life on the road. Her favorite mode of travel is still cruising the Himalayas on a Bullet, savoring every second.
Tiz now regularly runs our tours in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and occasionally in Bhutan, and Sri Lanka


Hubert Neubauer

Austrian professional adventure traveller and fotobook writer, trekking and mountainbike tour guide in the Himalayas. Hubert is our latest addition in the road captian team, he will guide our Tibet  tours  together with Peter in the next summer seasons. His own homepage :


Walter - Webmaster

Walter Z.

Our webmaster from way back

Stephan - Webmaster

Stephan Tenten

Webmaster living and working from germany

Ramesh and Papu - our mechanical dream team


Ramesh and Papu

Two senior guys of our  mechanical dream team since more than 10 years, we have 4 regular mechanics and few freelancers, hired for the tours when needed. All mechanic undergo regular trainings and are the best professional "grease monkeys" you can find in India and around.

Sonam - mechanic


Camp manager, mechanic, our man in Manali

We're all looking forward to sharing our experience and dedication with you.

The enthusiastic feedback from previous participants motivates us to continuously optimize our routes, explore new roads and destinations, and get to know the country and its people off the beaten paths.

It's our policy to keep our groups smaller than most, with a maximum of 8 to 12 bikes, depending on the destination. We want to keep a personal touch at all times and ensure a relaxing experience on the road.

If you're a group of five riders or more, we'd be delighted to custom-tailor a tour to suit your schedule and interests.

Our mantra:


Trust us and come along for an unforgettable adventure. When you return home, you’ll be a friend of India and an Enfield fan. Come back again and again to experience the intensity and fascination of the subcontinent.


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