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Hey everyone, welcome to our fat winter newsletter – we have a lot of tasty content for you today! But first, the news:

NEWS FLASH: The first (and only) Munich-Tibet/China Overland Tour
will be hitting the road in June 2020!

Riders will be taking their own bikes with support from the Classic Bike Crew. Hendrik of Tibetmoto will be organizing the tour!

THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP – from Bavaria to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet, the Roof of the World, in 38 days.

We're going to ride through the Balkans, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Our destination: Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.


We'll kick things off in Munich, riding through the wild Balkans to Istanbul, the pearl of the Orient on the Bosporus. We’ll then ascend through the Anatolian highlands and reach the Turkish and Georgian Black Sea coast on winding roads.

Continuing through the wooded mountain world and the hilly steppes of Georgia, we’ll reach Tbilisi – the Caucasus awaits. The desert begins in Azerbaijan. Mud volcanoes and eternally burning mountain slopes bear witness to the country’s oil reserves. A new horizon opens up when we reach the Caspian Sea, which we will cross by ferry from Baku. After leaving the Kazakh steppe behind us, we’ll follow the Silk Road to Samarkand and Kokand.

We’ll continue through rugged Kyrgyzstan and over the Torugart Pass to China. Two scorching days of riding through the Taklamakan Desert – the “place of no return” – will bring us to the foothills of the Kunlun mountain range. Here we can get a sense of the 7,700 meter high Mt. Kongur before reaching the Tibetan plateau.

We’ll cross the Roof of the World from west to east and stop at the sacred Mount Kailash for good karma before riding along the virtually infinite shores of Lake Manasarovar and continuing to Mount Everest Base Camp at the foot of the highest mountain in the world. At an altitude of 5,200 meters, we’ll have one of the most spectacular views on the planet and the most winding roads and passes to be found in Europe or Asia ahead of us.


The journey will end in mystical Lhasa, where we will explore the old city with hundreds of Tibetan pilgrims and visit the former seat of the Dalai Lama. A unique journey of superlatives.

We are going to vouch for the realization of the tour, and Tiziana is slated as the guide, since she knows all of the countries on the route from a number of tours.

I will be over 60 by then and no longer eligible for a Chinese driver’s license. But there’s no question that I want to be a part of this unique trip, possibly as a backup vehicle driver or co-organizer. It’s virtually impossible to calculate the price of such a tour nearly three years ahead of time, so I can only give you a ballpark figure at this point. The tour will cost around €10,000, including return shipping to Bremerhaven for the bike.

The first bike mechanic and the first physician to sign up will get a special discount if you’re willing to help the crew if needed. We need ten riders, and I’m sure we’ll find them.

The date: May 23 – June 30, 2020. This tour is a one-time-only project for our friends and regulars.

Stay tuned for more Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! in our next newsletter.



TOP NEWS: For 2019, we’ve scheduled a BHUTAN PILOT TOUR covering the remote MERAK, LHUENTSE and GASA valleys for the first time. The date: October 18 – November 1, 2019

15 days in Bhutan, with dirt biking in remote regions off the beaten path – from the wild east to the far west, to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, five double overnights in Trashi Gang, in Mongar, in Bhumthang (the Switzerland of Bhutan, where we are going to stay, as always, at the Swiss Guest House with its brewery and distillery), in Punaka Valley with the “Old Tiger” in the Y.T. Resort, and in Paro, where we will be staying at the historical Gangtey Palace Hotel.

More info below...

Bhutan Pilot Tour Bhutan Pilot Tour

We have 17 Classic Bike tours slated for 2018, and 13 of them are already fully booked.

If you’re still in the market for one of our Classic Bike Adventure tours for next year, we’ve added three dates – in Ladakh, Nepal and South India – and there are still plenty of bikes to be had:

Ladakh 3 Lakes Tour 2018 price

Magic Nepal Tour 2018 price

Here are a few openings:
January 7-21: Goa and South India Classic Tour (Guide: Tiziana)
June 30 to July 14, 2018: 3 Lakes of Ladakh Tour (Guide Team: Peter and Julian)
July 14-28, 2018: 3 Lakes of Ladakh Tour (Guide: Martin)
October 18-31, 2018: Bhutan Intensive Ride (Guide Team: Peter and Swiss Peter)

Nepal Mustang Tour – Summer 2017

The “Road To Mustang” Nepal group in November 2017 – happy arrival at Nirvana Garden in Kathmandu.

Nepal Mustang Tour – Summer 2017

Upper Mustang Pilot Tour 2018

An update on our next pilot tour: Nepal’s Rough Road to Upper Mustang

For the first time, we’re going to head up the legendary Lo Mantang (3,840 m) and the Kora La pass (4,600 m) at the border to Tibet.

The dates: 25 Mar. – 1 Apr. 2018 – 18 days is enough time to take things at a relaxed pace and have fun…
The jeep trail in Upper Mustang is finally ready so that we can tackle it with rented 400cc Royal Enfield enduros.

Look forward to plenty of dust, mud, rocks and fords and spectacular mountain vistas from Kalakandaki – the deepest valley of the Himalayas between two 8,000-meter peaks – to dizzying heights. A true adventure!

Mustang is still a very exclusive destination for bikers – remote and not exactly cheap with its $550 entrance fee.

Upper Mustang Pilot Tour map Classic Bike

Road Captains Tiziana and Peter will be leading the tour.
Five biker friends have booked so far and three enduros are still available.

Upper Mustang Pilot Tour Upper Mustang Pilot Tour
Upper Mustang Pilot Tour Upper Mustang Pilot Tour

Good news: Tiziana and Sonia will be be on the Upper Mustang tour!

Upper Mustang Pilot Tour price

Classic Bike

Lo Mangtag Upper Mustang

Lo Mangtag (3,840 m) in the Upper Mustang valley has only been accessible via a jeep track for the past two years. Previously, you could only get there on foot or on the back of a yak or donkey.

Classic Bike

To see more of our bike tours, check out our photo galleries and albums at

bhutan peter

Happy cruising in the Dragon Kingdom We’ve lined up the greatest Bhutan pilot tour of all time!

Since 2004, we’ve run more than 20 bike tours through Bhutan, delving ever deeper into this amazing happy kingdom. For the past five years, we’ve been travelling westward from Bhutan’s wild East, covering all of the passes and valleys on the way and hitting all of the highlights of the single National Highway.

Our 12-day Bhutan Intensive Tour is simply the best! Work has been progressing on the highway over the past two years – soon everything will be smoothly paved. As of 2019 at the latest, the highway will be fairly “boring”, and increasing numbers of bikers and tourists will be on the road in Bhutan.

The modern world is encroaching on the Tantric Buddhist kingdom, but we love wild, dusty trails and lonely valleys high in the Himalayas. New tracks have been built into the most remote valleys.

We can now get permits to explore three of the most spectacular mountain valleys – and that’s the plan for our next pilot tour in the Dragon Kingdom.

Classic Bike Classic Bike

New: We will be visiting MERAK, LHUENTSE and GASA – 15 days of the finest Bhutan has to offer – a new route with all of the best highlights and plenty of time to enjoy the country. From the remote, wild east of Bhutan to the far west and the Tiger’s Nest monastery, with five double overnights:

  • in Trashi Gang, from which we’ll be heading up to Merak, into the nomad region of the far east
  • in Mongar, and from there we’ll ride up to Lhuentse to fantastic temples and the house monastery of the royal family
  • in Bhumthang, the Switzerland of Bhutan, where we’ll be putting in a stop at the Swiss Guest House with its brewery and distillery
  • in Punaka Valley, where we’re going to cruise to the hot springs of Gasa and stay with the Old Tiger at the Y.T. Hotel


Peter Bhutan Sikkim 2013


  • and in Paro, where we’ll be staying at the historic Gangtey Palace Hotel and trekking up to the Tiger’s Nest monastery


We’ve set the prices and date, so if you want to join both RC Peters for this unique pilot tour, reserve your bike now!

Bhutan Pilot Tour 2018 price

Our happy Bhutan group in front of the Gangtey Temple in the valley of the black-necked cranes in October 2017

Classic Bike Tours 2018

Myanmar and North Thailand – Vietnam – Yunnan/Sichuan –

Three tours back-to-back – it’s like one long tour!
And that’s why we’re calling it...

Peter’s great Southeast Asia Farewell Tour in spring 2019

These three stages will be happening in March and April 2019. A serious adventure is taking shape.

Classic Bike Classic Bike

For all of our friends who want to head out for a real experience with Road Captain Peter, this is could well be your last chance to do so in Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and southern China.

We’ll be using a variety of bikes, cruising the dirty roads and tracks of exotic Asia together with our experienced crews, local guides and partners of the last 20 years.

We’re going to take it easy, stay in beautiful places and take the occasional day off to kick back and relax...

The route consists of three stages that you can book a la carte – or as one complete tour of a lifetime. We’re going to keep the group small, with twelve bikes at the most. Check the full tour info for more details on the routes of the individual sections. We already have our first bookings and a lot of interest, so we’re confident that all three legs will be happening.

Grand tour of Myanmar with all of the highlights and the best of northern Thailand – starting and ending in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Date : Sat. 02 - Thu 21 FEB 2019

We’ve finalized the route – we’ll be on the road for 21 days, first riding through the hills of northern Thailand via Pai and Mae Hon Song to the border, then doing a 3,300-km loop through Myanmar with three double overnights in the most beautiful and exciting locations. We’re going to give the chaotic capital Yangon a miss. We’re saving the best roads for last on the return to Chiang Mai.

We’ll be taking Kawasaki Versys 650s though this still rather exclusive and exotic country.
We recommend adding a couple days at the beginning and end of the tour – we will as well.

For the detailed route, drop us a line. We have fixed the tour prices :

Bikerstaying in Double Room :   6.350 EUR – 7.830 USD     
Pillion in Double Room :              5.550 EUR – 6.840 USD
Single Room Surcharge :                 790 EUR –     980 USD
Exchange Rate : 1 EUR = 1.24 USD / 24.2.2018
Our local guide will be our old friend and partner, Swiss Armin from Chiang Mai. Armin spent six years in Myanmar and knows the country like no other!

Minimum number of participants needed:  10 bikers.  So far we have seven bookings, and we need another three for the tour to happen. We are optimistic....
You can get the Thai visa at the airport, and we’ll take care of the Myanmar visa for you.

Classic Bike

Classic Bike

On March 22, we’ll be putting in a free day to relax in Chiang Mai.

On March 23, we’re going to take THAI LION AIR from Chiang Mai to Hanoi, departing 1:30 pm and arriving 7:20 pm local time. The cost will be around €150. So we’ll be reaching Hanoi the day before the actual arrival day and start of the tour.

And on we go...

Vietnam Tour

2) North Vietnam Big Mountain tour on well-maintained 250cc enduros – starting and ending in Hanoi, Vietnam
(Sun., Mar. 24 to Sun., April 7, 2019
– plus an optional 2-night Halong Bay extension until April 9)

Vietnam Tour

Organized for the third time, this tour is a first for Peter, who wanted to experience the 15 days and 1,700 km through Vietnam at least once. As always, we will be riding proper 250cc enduros – bikes that previously weren’t readily available in the country.

The usual bikes in Vietnam are either primitive Russian Minsk 2-strokes or clapped-out 100cc mopeds of unknown provenance. We now have access to next-to-new 220-250cc Japanese enduros that were acquired by a Dutch-Vietnamese joint venture. And it goes without saying that we’re going for the highest mountains, the most rugged gorges, the most beautiful valleys and quaintest hill stations of the far north.

The tour wraps up with two nights and a full day in Hanoi.
Optionally, you can take a 40-hour cruise through picturesque Ha Long Bay with two nights onboard the ship. The cruise costs around $250, including the return trip to Hanoi by taxi.

Depending on the weather and the group’s inclinations, we can take the tour off-road on several days.

Tour prices: €3,300 – passengers pay €400 less (and can take a seat in the jeep whenever they like). Single-room surcharge: €350.
Minimum number of participants: 12 bikers

Vietnam Tour

The visa for up to 15 days in Vietnam is available at the airport. Tourist visas for longer stays can be obtained online easily.

Here’s the rough route of the tour:

Vietnam Tour

April 10 is transfer day, going from Hanoi to Dali, Yunnan, southern China – the flight departs Hanoi at 4:30 pm, arrival on April 11 at 8:30 am local time, with an overnight stop in Kunming.The flight will cost around €200. We’ll organize the overnight stay en route, but it’s not included in the price.

Vietnam Tour

3) Tour from Yunnan up to Shangri-La and to Szechuan/eastern Tibet
starting and ending at
Dali/Yunnan airport
– 19 days – Thu., April 11 to Sun., April 28, 2019

Classic Bike Classic Bike

This tour will be taking us through breathtaking landscapes of southern China and Tibet. We are going to travel from the banks of Erhai Lake in the heart of Yunnan Province high up into the mountains of Tibet, crossing high passes and grasslands inhabited by nomads. We’ll ride through Tiger Leaping Gorge – one of the world’s deepest – and experience the untamed Jinsha river, one of the Himalayan tributaries of the Upper Yangtze. We’ll be riding through the land of the Mosuo and Yi people on the banks of Lugu Lake and visit the Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on our way back to Dali. We’re also going to give the chaotic and polluted city of Chengdu a wide berth.

Highlights / route: Dali – Tiger Leaping Gorge – Shangri-la – Xiangcheng – Litang – Ganze – Sertar – Aba – Danba – Ya´an –Liangshan – Lugu-See – Lijiang – Dali
Difficulty: Challenging due to the altitude and climate conditions. You must feel completely comfortable riding on winding mountain roads.

Duration / distance: 19 days total / 14 riding days / approx. 2,700 km
Longest riding day: eight hours, 350 kilometers / Average riding day: 5.5 hours, 200 kilometers / Style: motorcycle tour through China with overnight stays in hotels and guest houses. The roads on this tour are mostly well-paved. Dirt/asphalt ratio: 10/90.
Motorcycles: Shineray 400 / Yamaha YBR 250 / BMW F800 GS! OK!
The tour price with a BMW F800 GS is 5,600 USD in double rooms.
With a Yamaha 250 (only suitable for lighter riders), the price is 4,500 USD in double rooms.
With a Shineray 400 XT, the tour will cost 4,770 USD in double rooms.
Passengers pay 3,450 USD.
Single-room surcharge: 470 USD.
We’ll help you obtain the visa for China.

China Tour

Classic Bike

If you’re interested in the whole tour or one or more stages, shoot an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!!

China Tour

Classic Bike

This is the swing arm of our Royal Enfield Himalayan after 17,000 km. JUNK!

This is far from the only problem with these bikes, and we’re just one of many unhappy RE Himalayan customers. Royal Enfield is no help in keeping these bikes on the road.
There’s really nothing good to be said about them, and there are no spare parts to be had anywhere. What a colossal disappointment. To check out the whole drama in its epic dimensions, just google:

Google Search for Enfield Himalayan Google Search for Enfield Himalayan

And here’s how to do it right, with a bit of determination...

Classic Bike

The three Bullet enduros were built by our workshop crew and are used by our guides (not the tractor Bullet, though).

In the mean time, we’re waiting impatiently for the delivery of our first Indian BMW enduros. We’ve ordered two GS BMWs. In the meantime, you can still book our Himalayans. We’re going out of our way to keep them in TOP condition, even if it costs us an arm and a leg...

Classic Bike

We don’t expect miracles from the little GS. But we did recently have the chance to check out all the things that BMW gets right, like here on the F800 GS!

Winter is finally here! Our four South India tours are nearly fully booked. One bike is still available on our classic Goa and South India Tour.It’s your chance to beat the winter blues with tropical biking in an exotic wonderland. Here’s what’s available:

After that, you’ll have to wait until next winter. So if you can plan that far ahead, don’t let it go too long...

New: As of autumn 2018, our South India Tours will start from a romantic beach resort in Asvem in northern Goa and end at Agonda Beach in southern Goa.

The Goa – Kerala Colonial Mountain Trail tour is booked solid, but we’ll be offering it again in February 2019. We already have eight bookings – four bikes are still available.

And if you’re not up to a South India tour, you’re more than welcome to decompress at the Casa Tres Amigos in Goa. We’re open with a new pool and pool bar this season – and everything else just as welcoming and laid-back as ever.

Our new appetizer clip:

We have the best Royal Enfield Bullets ready for our house guests for short or long rides to the many idyllic beaches in the south and north, the jungles and hills of the Western Ghats and the ruins of old forts and temples. There’s a lot to discover, and we’re always happy to point impromptu biker groups in the right direction with our routing tips.

Latest News: The Casa Tres Amigos will be closing for good in late March.

The resort has been sold, and villas for rich Indians will be built there over the next five years. Nothing will remain – except the memories of twenty magical, unforgettable years in a tropical bikers’ paradise.

Finally: The BIKERS SUPPORT NEPAL project TV feature is online!

Don’t miss 25 minutes of beautiful, evocative images of Nepal and our solidarity ride
(narrated mostly in German, but still a must-see):

We’re gradually wrapping up our BIKERS SUPPORT NEPAL project. One part is still incomplete – the health post in Dubachaur, the project of the FORE bikers from Kathmandu.

As soon as we can call the health post a success, we’ll send out a final report to all of the project supporters.

Here’s the link to our project website:

We’ve had a few changes in our team – here are the details:

Our Road Captains would like to welcome a new team member: RC Julian from Dharamsala.

Julian was born in Dharamsala, India, to European parents. Growing up in the Indian community and attending the Tibetan school in the Dalai Lama’s residence-in-exile, he absorbed Indian and Tibetan culture. He speaks English, Tibetan, Hindi and German fluently.

Julian earned a bachelor’s degree at the London Film Academy. Two years ago, he took over the management of the popular Café Illiterati in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala.

He will now also guide our bike tours whenever he can. Julian is happy to share his profound knowledge of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet with anyone who’s interested.

Julian will be guiding groups through northern India, Ladakh, Spiti and Rajasthan. RC Peter awarded him his Road Captain patches in December 2017, and his first deployment will be the Ladakh tour on June 30, 2018, together with RC Peter.

Our Bhutanese Road Captain “Swiss Peter”

Swiss Peter writes about his story in Bhutan: I was born in Switzerland spent most of my early teen years on two wheels – the rougher and more adventurous, the better. I studied construction management and architecture in Zurich, Switzerland, and traveled extensively.

In 1990, the Swiss government sent me to Bhutan for a major project – planning and building the teacher training college in Paro. I finally moved there in 1996. I work in Bhutan as an architect with my own planning office and have done extended deployments to crisis regions, including Iraq, Sudan and Somalia, for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

I married my Bhutanese wife Sonam Wangmo in 2001, and was granted honorary Bhutanese citizenship by the Fourth King in 2011. I spend a lot of my free time riding, and like RC Peter, I’m a member of the MC Bhutan Dragons.

I’m always happy whenever I can show visiting bikers my exotic Bhutan. My wife runs one of the oldest travel agencies in the country and works together with RC Peter to organize his Classic Bike Adventure tours here.


our master mechanic in Goa, has left the team.

An unexpected illness, the closing of the Casa Tres Amigos and our company’s withdrawal from the motorcycle rental business in Goa prompted his decision. We would like to wish him all the best for the future.

German-Brazilian Wolfgang, our old friend who briefly worked as a Road Captain,

will be riding all of our exciting new tours as a friend of our company. He will be saving the rigors of guiding for special occasions in future.

Raja has chosen to go his own way in the future. After four years of working for his “stepfather”, we can understand his decision. Raja learned a lot – first in the workshop, then in management, intensive German language classes, and as an assistant guide on numerous tours.

He was planning to manage the pool bar at Casa Tres Amigos, which did not work out because of the sale of the resort. He’s now looking for new challenges, and we wish him good luck and all the best for his future endeavors.

Impressions from Nepal: two Magic Nepal groups in October
and the last Road to Mustang tour in November 2017

Nepal tour

Nepal tour

Above: our first Magic Nepal group in the autumn 2017 season with Road Captain Willy.
Ten happy bikers cruising in the shadows of 8,000-meter Himalayan giants!

Nepal tour

We hope you have a toasty winter with hot grips and a seat heater.

Keep dreaming of your next adventure with us!

See you soon – cruising in the Himalayas, in Goa and the South of India, in Bhutan, or just relaxing with us in Goa…

Your Road Captain Peter, with Ana, Aslam, Chandor, Hubert, Joe, Julian, Martin, Swiss Peter, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shankar, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Subash, Tiziana, Vinod, Willy, Wolf and the whole Casa Tres Amigos Crew

Kardungh La Pass in Ladakh

And here are 14 happy bikers atop the 5,640-meter Kardungh La Pass in Ladakh!

 Trucking crew with our two Classic Bike Adventure trucks

Here's our trucking crew with our two Classic Bike Adventure trucks – our tours would not be possible without them.

For the past 20 years, Aslam and his men have safely and reliably transported our Bullets to the most remote regions of the Himalayas, crossing every pass and every border.

The trucking crew also carries spares, and if necessary, our fuel. They are truly our “business angels”!

Classic Bike

One last quick wave goodbye... Sonia and RC Peter in front of the Annapurna Massif, with Fishtail Mountain in the middle, as seen in Pokhara last November


Peter and Sonia in Nepal

And last but not least, Roxy and Tiziana!


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And here a little clothing tip:
No matter how hot and humid things become, always wear your protective gear – especially good, solid BOOTS!

And a rain suit in your saddlebag will keep you nice and dry...

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