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Hey everyone,
Welcome to our news flash – no in-depth reporting and tons of pictures this time.
We just successfully wrapped up four South India tours, with Goa-Kerala as the final high point. We’re now on the road in Nepal, and on the second tour we’re heading up to Lo Mantang in upper Mustang for the first time – an adventurous pilot tour. We can’t wait to go and we’re wishing ourselves luck already...

We’re taking a long, well-deserved tour break in May and June, and then it’ll be time for another fat, juicy newsletter.

So here we go – the short and sweet version:


Our three-week grand tour of Myanmar is definitely on, but we’ve moved the dates forward to February for even better biking weather. We’ve put together detailed tour info, and now’s the time to reserve one of the four Kawasaki Versys 650es that are still up for grabs.

We have 9 firm bookings for our one-time-only tour of Yunnan, heading up to Shangri-La and on to Sichuan and eastern Tibet, so it will definitely be happening. For a detailed tour description, just drop me a line.

The BMW 800 GSes are all booked, but four new BMW 310 GSes will be available. The Chinese Shineray XT 400cc enduros are fine for solo riders.

These two tours will be one time only.

If you’re still up for an adventure this year, we have just the thing:

July 14–28, 2018: 3 LAKES AND 7 PASSES OF LADAKH TOUR (Guide: Martin)
November 25–December 9, 2018: MAGIC NEPAL “GOLDEN AUTUMN” TOUR (Guide: Martin)

We have only one South India tour slated for winter 2018-2019, our “Best of South India – Goa to Kerala” tour from February 16 to March 4, 2019. Road Captain Willy will be guiding and it’s almost fully booked.

If there’s enough demand, we’ll offer a second tour from January 30 to February 15, with Tiziana at the helm.

Here are some fantastic impressions of the tour we just wrapped up...

A very special TIP: we’ve scheduled a BHUTAN PILOT TOUR for autumn 2019 covering the remote MERAK, LHUENTSE and GASA valleys for the first time. The dates: October 18 – November 1, 2019

bhutan peter

15 days in Bhutan, with dirt biking in remote regions off the beaten path – from the wild East to the far West, to the Tiger’s Nest monastery, five double overnights in Trashi Gang, in Mongar, in Bhumthang (the Switzerland of Bhutan, where we are going to stay, as always, at the Swiss Guest House with its brewery and distillery), in Punaka Valley with the “Old Tiger” in the Y.T. Resort, and in Paro, where we will be staying at the historical Gangtey Palace Hotel.

Happy cruising in the Dragon Kingdom – We’ve lined up the greatest Bhutan pilot tour of all time!

Since 2004, we’ve run more than 20 bike tours through Bhutan, delving ever deeper into this amazing happy kingdom. For the past five years, we’ve been travelling westward from Bhutan’s wild East, covering all of the passes and valleys on the way and hitting all of the highlights of the single National Highway. Our 12-day Bhutan Intensive Tour is simply the best! Work has been progressing on the highway over the past two years – soon everything will be smoothly paved. As of 2019 at the latest, the highway will be fairly tame, and increasing numbers of bikers and tourists will be on the road in Bhutan. The modern world is encroaching on the Tantric Buddhist kingdom. But we love wild, dusty trails and lonely valleys high in the Himalayas, and new tracks have been built into the most remote valleys. We can now get permits to explore three of the most spectacular mountain valleys – and that’s the plan for our next pilot tour in the Dragon Kingdom.

New: We will be visiting MERAK, LHUENTSE and GASA – 15 days of the finest Bhutan has to offer – a new route with all of the best highlights and plenty of time to enjoy the country. From the remote, wild east of Bhutan to the far west and the Tiger’s Nest monastery, with five double overnights:

  • in Trashi Gang, from which we’ll be heading up to Merak, into the nomad region of the far east
  • in Mongar, and from there we’ll ride up to Lhuentse to fantastic temples and the house monastery of the royal family
  • in Bhumthang, the Switzerland of Bhutan, where we’ll be putting in a decompression stop at the Swiss Guest House with its brewery and distillery
  • in Punaka Valley, where we’re going to cruise to the hot springs of Gasa and stay with the Old Tiger at the Y.T. Hotel
  • and in Paro, where we’ll be staying at the historic Gangtey Palace Hotel and trekking up to the Tiger’s Nest monastery
  • for more info, drop Road Captain Peter a line. Five bikes are still available...


Bhutan Pilot Tour Bhutan Pilot Tour

The “regular” Bhutan Intensive Tour is slated for November:

Bhutan Tour Bhutan Tour

The first (and only) Munich-Tibet/China Overland Tour will be hitting the road in May 2020!

Riders will be taking their own bikes with support by the Classic Bike Crew, and Hendrik of Tibetmoto will be organizing the tour!
The details of the tour are coming together, and here’s what we’ve planned so far:

We’ve set the dates: May 5 to June 20, 2020

We’ve expanded the tour to 47 days, including six days in Tajikistan on the Pamir Highway and the old Silk Road. We don’t want to miss out on these Central Asian biker’s highlights.

We’re only going to be doing this tour once, so we want to fit in all the highlights we can – and take the time to enjoy them. So we’re also scheduling a few decompression days during the tour.
We’ve added ten additional days to enjoy, relax, explore and take care of any bike servicing and repairs that may be needed.

  • Day 7 Istanbul
  • Day 13 Baku
  • Day 14 Ferry across the Caspian Sea
  • Day 19 Bukhara
  • Day 23 Dushanbe
  • Day 31 Kashgar (buffer day – possible 100 km ride from border to Kashgar)
  • Day 32 Kashgar
  • Day 38 Mt. Kailash
  • Day 41 Mt. Everest Base Camp (not quite, because of 100 km ride up to camp in the morning)
  • Day 45 Lhasa

The tour breaks down into:

  • 7 days from Germany to Istanbul
  • 4 days in Turkey
  • 2 days in Armenia
  • 2 days in Azerbaijan
  • 2 days in Kazakhstan
  • 4 days in Uzbekistan
  • 6 days in Tajikistan
  • 3 days in Kyrgyzstan
  • 17 days in Tibet/China

THE ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP – from Bavaria to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet, the Roof of the World.
We will be travelling through the Balkans, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. Our destination: Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.


We kick off the tour in Munich, riding through the wild Balkans to Istanbul, the pearl of the Orient on the Bosporus. We’ll then ascend through the Anatolian highlands and reach the Turkish and Georgian Black Sea coast on winding roads. Continuing through the wooded mountain world and the hilly steppes of Georgia, we’ll reach Tbilisi – the Caucasus awaits us.

The desert begins in Azerbaijan. Mud volcanoes and eternally burning mountain slopes bear witness to the country’s oil reserves. A new horizon opens up when we reach the Caspian Sea, which we will cross by ferry from Baku. After leaving the Kazakh steppe behind us, we’ll follow the Silk Road to Samarkand and Kokand. We’ll continue through rugged Kyrgyzstan and over the Torugart Pass to China. Two hot days of riding through the Taklamakan Desert – the “place of no return” – will bring us to the foothills of the Kunlun mountain range. Here we can sense the 7,700 meter high Mt. Kongur before reaching the Tibetan plateau.

We’ll cross the Roof of the World from west to east and stop at the sacred Mount Kailash for good karma before riding along the seemingly infinite shores of Lake Manasarovar and continuing to Mount Everest Base Camp at the foot of the highest mountain in the world. At an altitude of 5,200 meters, we’ll have one of the most spectacular views on the planet and the most winding roads and passes to be found in Europe or Asia ahead of us.


The journey will end in mystical Lhasa, where we will explore the old city with hundreds of Tibetan pilgrims and visit the former seat of the Dalai Lama. A unique journey of superlatives.

We are going to vouch for the realization of the tour, and Tiziana is slated as the guide, since she knows all of the countries on the route from a number of tours. I will be over 60 by then and no longer eligible for a Chinese driver’s license.

But there’s no question that I want to be a part of this unique trip, possibly as a backup vehicle driver or co-organizer.
A note about the age of the participants: This tour is only suitable for riders up to the age of 60, as anyone over 60 will not be eligible for a temporary Chinese motorcycle driving license (China does not recognize national and international driving licenses).

If you agree to “officially” ride in the support vehicle from the Chinese border to Lhasa and stow your bike in the truck, you may be still be able to ride your bike on legs of the tour where we don’t anticipate police checks. We have 10 interested riders who will be 60+ by the summer of 2020, and we’re working hard to find a solution to make the tour feasible for them as well. For details, please get in touch with me personally.

It’s virtually impossible to calculate the price of such a tour more than two years ahead of time – but we’ll stick our necks out anyway:

We’ve officially set the price:

Tour price per rider (own motorcycle) EUR 13,150
Passenger EUR 7,980
Single-room surcharge EUR 1,190

Minimum number of participants:  at least 10 riders. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in well in advance if we do not reach the minimum number of riders. Please be sure not to book your flights until you get the green light from us. So far, 7 riders have registered.The tour price includes return shipping of your bike to Bremerhaven. To find out more, please get in touch with us. We’ve already put together very detailed info on the route and all important questions about the tour. We already have an experienced tour doc onboard: Andreas Buske, emergency surgeon and orthopedist from Berlin.

The first bike mechanic to sign up will get a special discount if you’re willing to help the crew if needed.

The date: May 5 – June 20, 2020. This tour will be a one-time-only project for our friends and regulars.


Nepal Mustang Tour – Summer 2017

The “Road To Mustang” Nepal group in November 2017 – happy arrival at Nirvana Garden in Kathmandu.

Upper Mustang Pilot Tour 2018

Lo Mangtag (3,840 m) in the Upper Mustang valley has only been accessible via a jeep track for the past two years. Previously, you could only get there on foot or on the back of a yak or donkey – we’re heading for the top in early April!

We wish you all a great start to your season.

And keep dreaming of your next adventure with us!

See you soon – cruising in the Himalayas, in Goa and the South of India, in Bhutan, or just relaxing with us in Goa…

Your Road Captain Peter, with Ana, Aslam, Chandor, Hubert, Joe, Julian, Martin, Swiss Peter, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shankar, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Subash, Tiziana, Vinod, Willy, Wolf...

And finally: I’m putting the nearly new 500cc Enfield Bullet Scrambler (with carb) that I imported to Germany up for sale. I haven’t been able to organize the German registration of this beefy custom, so I’ve decided to let it go. I’m open to any offers.

Kardungh La Pass in Ladakh

And here are 14 happy bikers atop the 5,640-meter Kardungh La Pass in Ladakh!

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