Our Summer 2018 Newsletter

We’re back – time to fill you in on exciting new developments in the world of Classic Bike Adventures...

We’ve finalized the 2020 tour schedule.

Peter has made his decision, and he’s staying in the saddle for now! Retirement can wait – we’re lining up ten tours for you in 2020:

  • three in Nepal and Mustang (even to Upper Mustang for our dirt bikers and off-road friends),
  • two in Bhutan and three in Ladakh,
  • and not to mention our grand Munich-Lhasa Overland Tour in May and June,
  • and by special request, our 3 Weeks and 7 Valleys – Best of All Himalayas Spiti Tour.

We’re looking forward to your bookings!

Here’s the tour overview:

The new Upper Mustang Tour – are you up for a serious challenge?

Our pilot tour in April 2018 went all the way up the legendary Lo Mantang (3,840 m) and the Kora La pass (4,600 m) at the border to Tibet.

The jeep trail in Upper Mustang is finally ready, and we tackled it with our own 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets.
Plenty of dust, mud, rocks and some serious fords awaited us, as well as spectacular mountain vistas, from Kala Kandaki – the deepest valley of the Himalayas between two 8,000-meter peaks – to dizzying heights. Not for the faint of heart!

Mustang is still a very exclusive destination for bikers – remote and not exactly cheap with its $500 entrance fee. We spent 18 days on this spectacular tour, which left us enough time to kick back and cruise and savor the experience.

We’ve already scheduled the repeat: Oct. 18 – Nov. 4, 2020

Jörg Lohse of Germany’s MOTORRAD magazine will be coming along and publishing a big feature on the tour.

The first bookings are in, and six bikes are still up for grabs...

Peter's Classic Bike Adventures India has added 72 new photos to the “Grand Mustang – to Lo Mantang and the Kora La Pass 4,060 m” album.

Here’s a link to the best shots of the 2018 pilot tour:


Here’s another tasty video on YouTube – an exciting five minutes, unfortunately not of our tour:

We’ve optimized the route of our popular Nepal – Road to Mustang Tour!

After six successful Lower Mustang tours since 2012, we’ve reworked it with some serious improvements: Two overnights at the cosy Yak Donald’s in Kagbeni, two overnights at Begnas Lake Resort, and we’ve decided to take a comfortable, private tour bus for the final, chaotic leg into Kathmandu Valley. Those are the most important changes.

To find out more, shoot us an email. Bikes are still available on these tours:

Here’s the link to the MOTORRAD article (German text, but a mouth-watering photo spread):

And you can find the best photos of our Upper Mustang 2018 pilot tour here!
Check out the best shots from our very first Mustang tour in 2012 here and from 2014 here!
And here is an album from our NEPAL SOLIDARITY RIDE in November 2015!

To get you into the spirit, here’s a video clip of our Road to Mustang Nepal tour by Uli Bree and Martin Soni.

The Yunnan – South China tour is fully booked!

We’re pleased that the tour will be going ahead in April 2019 with 14 participants. We’ll keep you posted, and if this tour is as good as it promises to be, it certainly won’t be our last visit to southern China.

Update: we still have openings on our one-time-only, three-week tour of Myanmar in February 2019

Our three-week grand tour of Myanmar is definitely on, but we’ve moved the dates forward to February for even better biking weather. We’ve put together detailed tour info, and now’s the time to reserve one of the four Kawasaki Versys 650s that are still available.

We’ve finalized the route – we’ll be on the road for 21 days, first riding through the hills of northern Thailand via Pai and Mae Hon Song to the border, then doing a 3,300-km loop through Myanmar with three double overnights in the most beautiful and exciting locations. We’re going to give the chaotic capital Yangon a miss. We’re saving the best roads for last on our return to Chiang Mai. We’re going to ride Kawasaki Versys 650s though this exclusive and exotic country.

Our local guide will be our old friend and partner, Swiss Armin from Chiang Mai. Armin spent six years in Myanmar and knows the country like no other!

We recommend adding a couple days at the beginning and end of the tour – we will as well. For the detailed route, drop us a line.

Peter´s Fun Tours No. 1: Namibia Land Cruiser Tour

A special treat from Road Captain Peter for his friends:

The Real Namibia Adventure is calling! Who’s up for it?

Instead of eating dust all day on boring enduros, this is going to be a 4x4 power tour. We’re going to pair up drivers in 420 hp (!) Land Cruisers and head into the Sperrgebiet – the Forbidden Area of the Namib Desert – to blast up the world’s highest sand dunes in a pristine, empty desert landscape. And we’re going to time it perfectly – in June, winter in Namibia.

One co-pilot slot is still open!
Fellow Sauerland native Kurt Weidner – the operator of Bike Tours Australia – is the promoter. We’re calling it “the sandbox for grown men”. It fits, don’t you think?

Needless to say, women are also welcome to sign up and take the wheel in this unique desert adventure!
The tour is slated for June 2019, and optional extensions will be available for exploring Windhuk and other Namibian highlights. For more information and to apply, contact Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!!

Update on MUNICH – LHASA, TIBET Overland Tour in MAY and JUNE 2020:


We’ve already released the tentative route and detailed tour description. For more info, drop us a quick line and we’ll send it to you. It would be a bit much to put the whole description in the newsletter again. Tiziana is slated as the guide, since she knows all of the countries on the route from a number of tours. By then I’ll be just over 60, but I’m going to be riding on this tour as well – as it turns out I’m going to be able to get a driving license in China after all! Officially, anyone over 60 is not eligible for a temporary Chinese motorcycle driving license, and China does not recognize national and international driving licenses.

We’ve found a way for riders aged 60 and up who have a valid international driving license to obtain a temporary Chinese driving license. It’ll cost us a full day in the first Chinese city of Kashgar and around $400 per biker, but it IS possible!

We now have ten firm bookings, at least five who are seriously interested, and our tour doc Andreas has signed on as well. The Overland Tour preparatory meeting will be at the Classic Bike Adventure – Sauerland Party in Arnsberg, Germany on one of the last weekends in May 2019. So, the tour is definitely happening!

This meeting is a mandatory precondition for taking part in the Overland Tour.
We’re also going to introduce our German tour mechanic and have a closer look at the Overlander’s bikes.
At the moment we’re hoping that Marcel Schmidt of Triumph Rheinhessen will be the backup mechanic, so Triumph Tiger riders will have a clear edge! Needless to say, Marcel can provide professional support for other makes of bike as well... 

We don’t have a final decision yet, though, because Marcel is in charge of a major dealer’s service center, so it could be difficult for him to take such a long time-out in the middle of the riding season. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that things will work out for him. 

Minimum number of participants: 10 riders. We reserve the right to cancel the tour in well in advance if we do not reach the minimum number of riders. Hold off on booking flights until June 2019, twelve months before the start of the tour.

May 2019: the 8th Classic Bike Adventures – Sauerland Party!

Pictures say more than a thousand words, so here are a few impressions of the 5th, 6th and 7th Sauerland Parties.

I’m sure many of you have fond memories of our past Sauerland shindigs. It’s truly a blast – every time!

The next party in May 2019 is going to be a bit different.
We will not only be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Classic Bike Adventure Tours in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, but also Peter’s 60th birthday. What’s more, the party will also double as the preparatory meeting for the 2020 Overland Tour.

We want to keep things within reasonable limits, so the party will only be open to those who give us advance notice or are invited. In other words, we’re going to make it a “private party”.

Stay tuned for more in our autumn newsletter.
We’ve put together the best pics of the 7th Sauerland Party in 2014 from various photographers in our Facebook album!

This Bhutan pilot tour is especially close to my heart!

Happy cruising in the Dragon Kingdom

Since 2004, we’ve run more than 20 bike tours through Bhutan, delving ever deeper into this amazing happy kingdom. For the past five years, we’ve been travelling westward from Bhutan’s wild East, covering all of the passes and valleys on the way and hitting all of the highlights of the single National Highway. Our 12-day Bhutan Intensive Tour is simply the best!

Work has been progressing on the highway over the past two years – soon everything will be smoothly paved. As of 2019 at the latest, the highway will be fairly “boring”, and increasing numbers of bikers and tourists will be on the road in Bhutan.

The modern world is encroaching on the Tantric Buddhist kingdom. We love wild, dusty trails and lonely valleys high in the Himalayas. New tracks have been built into the most remote valleys. We can now get permits to explore three of the most spectacular mountain valleys – and that’s the plan for our next pilot tour in the Dragon Kingdom.

New: We will be visiting MERAK, LHUENTSE and GASA – 15 days of the finest Bhutan has to offer – a new route with all of the best highlights and plenty of time to enjoy the country. From the remote, wild east of Bhutan to the far west and the Tiger’s Nest monastery, with five double overnights:

  • in Trashi Gang, from which we’ll be heading up to Merak, into the nomad region of the far east
  • in Mongar, and from there we’ll ride up to Lhuentse to fantastic temples and the house monastery of the royal family
  • in Bhumthang, the Switzerland of Bhutan, where we’ll be putting in a decompression stop at the Swiss Guest House with its brewery and distillery
  • in Punaka Valley, where we’re going to cruise to the hot springs of Gasa and stay with the Old Tiger at the Y.T. Hotel
  • and in Paro, where we’ll be staying at the historic Gangtey Palace Hotel and trekking up to the Tiger’s Nest monastery
  • For more info, drop Road Captain Peter a line. Four bikes are still available...

Our Classic South India tours will now be starting from Agonda Beach.

We’ve set the dates for the 2019-2020 winter season:


Almost fully booked in spring 2019, now back in the program in February 2020:

Goa – Kerala – The Colonial South India – (17 days, 2,050 km)

Jungles, palaces, plantations, temples and the most beautiful mountain roads in South India!
Von Goa to Cochin, with all of the most famous hill stations of the South – Madikeri, Belur, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Tekkady, Munnar...

We’ve added a full day for sightseeing in the old harbor town of Fort Cochin at the end of the tour.
The tour also includes a full day each for Periyar National Park and the Maharaja’s residential city of Mysore.

Here’s the link to the best shots of the 2018 South India tour:

Karl-Heinz von Lackum let his creative juices flow and put together an illustrated online ode (great pix, German text – sorry!) to the Magic Nepal Tour in March 2018.

“It was just meant to be a gag. I registered the domain for a year and built the site myself. Anybody who loves Nepal or Peter’s tours should check it out.”

The time has truly come:

I’m putting my company PETER’S CLASSIC BIKE ADVENTURES up for sale.
2020 will be my last season, and I’m looking for a successor.
I’m going to head up to my farm in Kullu Valley in the Himalayas. After that, I’m only going to organize two or three tours a year for the sheer fun of it – just for myself and my friends.

I’m turning more and more into a Himachali and feel totally at home in my Casa Kath Kuni farmhouse in Kullu Valley in Himachal, in the Indian Himalayas.

2020 will be my last year of organizing and running the regular tour program – thirty years is enough.
I’m now looking for a successor who is willing and able to go forward with my project in the future, either as a sole proprietor or in a team. It will take experience, the will to succeed and the necessary financial resources. I’ll be there for one year to help during the transition.

My successor will also have the opportunity to take over my marketing company of the same name in Cyprus – the local crew in India and Nepal will remain a team. If you’re interested, please contact me for the details.

And finally: we’ve wrapped up BIKERS SUPPORT NEPAL

But we intend to keep supporting our favorite project in Nepal...

The most important project that we have been backing continuously since the 2015 earthquake through BIKERS SUPPORT NEPAL is still in need of ongoing support. I’ve pledged four donations of 2,222 euros each for 2018 in the name of our company. The first donation has been received with deep gratitude!

To find out more about the project, visit

-------- Forwarded message --------
Re: Respect and thanks
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 11:09:31 +0200
From: gabrielabaumann < Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! >
To: Peter Paulo Dos Santos < Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!>
(CC): EINFACH MACHEN e. V < Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!>

Dear Peter,
Thank you for the final report of the Bikers Support Nepal project.
I personally want to take this opportunity to express my thanks and respect. What you, as the driving force, managed to accomplish on a “part-time” basis deserves to be acknowledged and honored. We know what it means to be dedicated to a cause, and how much time and effort it takes to have such an impact. You helped many and achieved a lot for individuals and entire projects in Nepal. With your network and dedication as a volunteer, you made a big difference after the catastrophic earthquake. Without the concerted international effort, the government of Nepal and the victims of the quake would probably still be sitting on piles of rubble.

Thank you once again for having confidence in our work and your past and present support for Conscience Primary School in Kathmandu through our organization, Einfach Machen e.V. Working together is the key to a better future. We’re so glad that you’re there for us!

Big hug,

Have an amazing summer riding season.
And keep dreaming of your next adventure with us!
See you soon – cruising in the Himalayas, in Goa and the South of India, in Bhutan, or just relaxing with us in Goa…

Your Road Captain Peter, with Ana, Aslam, Chandor, Hubert, Joe, Julian, Martin, Swiss Peter, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shankar, Shekar, Sishu, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Subash, Tiziana, Vinod, Willy, Wolf...

And if you haven’t had enough yet: the Biker Support Nepal TV documentary by Uli Bree and Martin Stoni is well worth seeing:
Here it is on YouTube:

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