Our Winter News Flash, the most important news in a nutshell

It’s going to be a while before I can put out our next full-length newsletter, so I just want to touch base quickly with the latest news from the world of Classic Bike Adventures.

At the moment I’m spending a few days relaxing with friends at Bang Sapan Beach in southern Thailand, and our grand Myanmar tour will be starting soon from Chiang Mai – after the tour I’ll be be back with a proper newsletter.

For now, I just want to let you know that we’re all looking forward to our big Sauerland Party from 24 to 26 May. More than 80 friends have confirmed that they’re coming so far, and you’re welcome to join us if you register in advance. We’re busy fleshing out the program, so stay tuned for more in our next newsletter.

This year we’re going to be celebrating my 60th birthday. The party will also double as the preparatory meeting for the 2020 Munich-Lhasa Overland Tour. And we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Classic Bike Adventure Tours in India and elsewhere.

Our new party concept:

We need a firm registration from you.
We also need you to put a little something in the kitty:
€44 for one party day – either Friday or Saturday
or €77 EUR for both days.
The party is officially over on Sunday morning after the (cleanup) breakfast.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

A two-day open bar with typical Sauerland drinks (as well as wine and Old Monk), great food, a DIY BBQ, a small Indian buffet on Saturday, two evenings of acoustic live music, a big campfire, our best tour videos and a few of Peter’s slide shows of our best bike tours!

What’s more, we’ve earmarked €20 from each participant as a donation to our Nepalese aid project, the Conscience Primary School near Kathmandu. Read about it here:
Please note: We NEED your advance registration – we won’t be admitting anyone on a cash basis on the day.

Preparatory meeting for the 2020 Overland Tour at the Sauerland Party

My partner and the operator of the tour, Hendrik of Tibetmoto, is organizing the meeting. So far we have 17 confirmed participants. The planning is taking shape and we’re going to cover the details in future newsletters. If you want to know more about the current status of the project, contact Hendrik Heyne directly.

2019 and 2020 Nepal tours

We’re going to put Nepal on hold in autumn 2019 and spring 2020 and use the time to check out new routes and hotels – and also to wait until the biggest road construction projects have progressed to the point that we can access our favorite places again.

We’re working out an improved route that bypasses the inner Kathmandu Valley, and all will be revealed on our new Nepal Tour in autumn 2020! Booking is open now for the autumn tours.

Our Goa and South India Classic Tours will feature a new route in November 2019. We’ve discovered, tested and and added some great new roads, sights and hotel resorts.

Now that our Casa Tres Amigos is history, the tours will start from Asvem, the most beautiful beach in northern Goa, and end at the idyllic Agonda Beach in southern Goa. We’re going to have more time for the cave temples of Badami and also spend the night at Om Beach in Gokarna. And a surprise highlight is still in the works...

Five bikes are still available for the first new tour starting in late November, and there are still openings on various dates in 2020:

It’s official: Peter’s Classic Bike Adventure Tours is on its way into a successful future under new management.

As of 2020, my valued partner and friend of many years, Hendrik of Tibetmoto, will be at the helm. My longtime partner, company director, friend and “brother” Vinod from Nagar in Kullu Valley will be joining me and managing the tours in the Indian Himalayas and in South India, as well as being involved in organizing the tours in Nepal and Bhutan. The entire crew of road captains, mechanics and other supporters will remain unchanged, and I myself will continue to support the development of the tours for at least another two years in the background as Senior Road Captain and “éminence grise”.

Hendrik will be contributing fresh ideas and his experience of working in Tibet, China, and on the overland tours, and as a savvy partner of BMW and MOTORRAD action team.

His “family” and crew will also support him on the many new tours, which he will now organize and promote through his office. I have no doubt that he will contribute to modernizing our marketing and thus opening our tours to new circles of bikers. He understands why we have so many friends and regular tour participants, and he will certainly continue to run the company in the same spirit as I do my Classic Bike Adventure tours.

In April, we’re heading out on the China Himalaya Tour together, after which he will be coming to the Sauerland Party and accompanying tours in Ladakh and Bhutan as a guest guide this year as we slowly grow together.

It’s crucial to us that everything stays just as great for you as it has been, or gets even better if possible. Vinod has been working with me on all of our tours for over 25 years, he belongs to the family, just like the entire crew. In the future, he’ll be spending more time on tour as a road captain and organizer, and he definitely has what it takes to keep our tours as uniquely cool and well-organized as they have been in the past.

The first tours to be reworked by Hendrik and Vinod with my support in the background will be the new “Goa and South India Classic”, as well as the “Magic Nepal” and “Nepal and the Road to Mustang” tours.
We’re all looking forward to them...

Peter with Hendrik Peter with Hendrik

Peter (with his Sonia), Hendrik and Vinod in December, preparing the big “takeover” of his company.

Peter with Hendrik Peter with Hendrik

We have two new major pilot tours planned in the Indian Himalayas, both of which will be run for the first time in 2020. Here’s the preview:


For the first time from Padum, Zanskar to Darcha, Lahaul – over the newly opened Shingo La Pass (5,091 meters) – 148 km of off-road riding at its finest!
The tentative dates: 6-19 September 2020, or possibly in October, depending on how the scouting tour goes.
Only for experienced off-road and dirt bikers and friends of the house! We will be flying in from Delhi to Leh and returning on a flight from Dharamsala to Delhi. We will be scouting this great new route for the first time in October 2019 – it’s still a bit too early to send out a pilot tour group.


The new romantic Himachal autumn adventure

14 days of cruising at its best when the lower Himalayas are at their most beautiful...
15–28 November 2020 – pilot tour 
The highlights:
The Dalai Lama’s home at Dharamsala – Bir – Kandi Pass – Jalorie Pass – Sangla Valley – Kalpa – Mandi – Rewalsa Lake – Pong Lake – Dalhousie – the Golden Temple in Amritsar (1,400 km)

Start:Sunday, 19 November:  Flight from DELHI to DHARAMSALA
Finish:Saturday, 28 November: Flight from AMRITSAR to DELHI – the farewell dinner and visit of the Royal Enfield showrooms in Saket, Delhi are part of the package; an overnight stay in Delhi can be arranged.

For more info, contact me personally at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

We’re still testing new bikes – the new Royal Enfield 650 Twins and the BMW GS 310 – for their touring qualities. Our first impressions of the new Royal Enfield are promising – genuine classic bikes with a great engine and gearbox and solid handling. We’re currently setting the BMWs up for touring – we have to import the parts from Germany because Indian BMW dealers don’t offer cases or saddlebags. We’re also testing the Akrapovic silencer in hopes of improving the bike’s rather modest high-altitude performance. So far, we haven’t found any other way to give the BMW enough oomph to make it a fun and really usable alternative to our tried-and-true Bullets at altitudes of 3,500 meters and more on our Ladakh tours.

In any case, we’re doing everything we can to bring the BMWs into play in the Himalayas this summer. However, we have higher hopes for the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor, which will soon also be launched in India. It’s the touring version of the 650 GT that we’re already testing. We’ve ordered an Interceptor and want to see how it holds up in the Himalayas this summer.

bike bike

We’re mighty proud and happy that all our 2019 Himalaya tours are fully booked – the only openings left are on the great Bhutan Intensive Tour in November.

If you’d like to join us for a Classic Bike Adventure tour in Ladakh, Spiti or Nepal, we’re already taking bookings for 2020.

In the mean time, have a great winter – and keep dreaming of your next adventure with us!

See you soon – cruising in the Himalayas, in Goa and the South of India, in Bhutan, or just join us at the Sauerland Party, after relaxing and cruising in Goa…

Your Road Captain Peter, with Ana, Aslam, Chandor, Hendrik, Joe, Julian, Martin, Swiss Peter, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shankar, Shekar, Sishu, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Subash, Tashi, Tiziana, Vinod, Willy, Wolf...

Current pictures, clips and stories from our world can always be found here:

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