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Namaste, Tashi Delek, Julley, Sawatdee!

First, a personal message from Road Captain Peter:

Hello from our winter quarters, the Casa Tres Amigos in Goa. We’re looking back on one of our best years of all time – we’ve never done as many tours, thrown as many parties and experienced as many adventures as in 2011.

The autumn in particular – with its spectacular Spiti tour via Sach Pass, followed by two Bhutan tours – was simply unbeatable for me, as an old hand with 23 years in the saddle as a guide.
Then there was the relaxed Northern Thailand Road Riders Paradise tour in December – it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Since then we’ve done another two Goa & Southern India tours, with two more to follow in January and March, not to mention a Magic Nepal tour in March – and we still have bikes available for all of them.

In February, Tiziana and I will be guiding the Sri Lanka pilot tour (11 bikers), after which I’m going to be spending the following five weeks at the Casa Kath Kuni farmhouse preparing for our two Tibet pilot tours scheduled for April and May.
We’ll be cruising Tibet with 17 bikes on each tour, taking our Nepalese camping crew and our own 500cc Bullets, for the first time – I can hardly wait... ;-))

And then it’s time for our summer program, with five tours hitting the highest passes of the Himalayas.

Our Three Lakes of Ladakh tours are practically booked solid – remaining openings are listed on our website – and we have a couple of bikes left on the Ladakh Overland tour in late June.

We’ve lined up three Nepal and two Bhutan tours for the fall before it’s time to return to tropical biking in Goa, Thailand and Sri Lanka, our focus for the winter.

But until then, we still have a lot of adventures in the saddle in store, and I hope that you’ll be able to share them with us.
Until then, all the best tropical biker greetings from Goa, and I wish you all an exciting, adventurous and accident-free riding season in 2012.

Best regards, RC Peter

Our newsletter topics

All three 2012 pilot tours are fully booked – here are three new pilot tours for 2013!

The Ultimate Laos Adventure Road Tour

After a one-year hiatus, we’re now planning the second pilot tour with an improved route for late January 2013.

The scheduled date: 27 January to 14 February 2013, possibly even 2 days more...

2,900 km and 18 to 20 days of pure adventure on our 650cc Kawasaki ER-6n and Versys (available for a small additional charge).To find out more about the new routing and the tour price, please contact Peter.

Here’s a link to the pictures of the first tour in February 2011.


The Spiti Valley in the Indian Himalayas has been the favorite travel region and insider tip of our Road Captains for many years.
Starting 2013, we’ll have two new tours in the region:

our classic Ladakh Overland Tour
will get a significant upgrade, making it one week longer.

The result is our Grand Spiti – Lahaul – Ladakh Overland Tour in June/July.
The tour date: 16 June – 8 July 2013.

If you’re interested in this pilot tour from Manali through Spiti to Ladakh, please get in touch with Peter at
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The tour will also cover Tsomori Lake and Nubra Valley – 22 days.

The flights from Delhi to Manali and from Leh back to Delhi are included in the price.

And here’s the link to the best photos of the tour.


Grand Spiti – Lahaul – Kangri – Sach Pass – Chamba – Himalayas Tour

in September/October

18 September – 6 October 2013 Spiti – Lahaul – Kangri (Sach Pass) – Chamba PILOT TOUR

The repeat of our fantastic tour of autumn 2011 – this time in the other direction. Definitely our favorite Himalayan tour!

We start by flying from New Delhi to Manali and return by air from Dharamsala to New Delhi (domestic flights included in the tour price):

Spiti Tour via Sach Pass, the Beginning

Here’s a link to the best photos of the tour

Biking, trekking and relaxing – Himalayan tours around Kullu Valley in Himachal and relaxing at Casa Kath Kuni with Peter.

We’ve been living in our new home in the Indian Himalayas for almost a year now. We expanded our farm house, put in some guest cottages, and are working to create a beautiful garden and improve the driveway. We’re still going to need another year, but then we’re going to officially open our Casa Kath Kuni as a new destination and biker’s meeting place for our friends and guests.

In April, May and June 2013, we’re going to take time out and invite our Himalayan biker friends to our home in Kullu Valley to relax, hike, ride, and explore the fantastic mountain valleys of this most popular of all Indian Himalayan regions.

We’re certain you’re going to have a great time with us – we have space in three cottages and two double rooms, and at least ten Royal Enfields are ready to go at any time. Quite a few of our biker friends already came to visit during our first year, and here’s an album of impressions of that time:


Biking on the Roof of the World – Tibet

Our two grand pilot tours in spring 2012 have already been fully booked for a long time. We’re very excited about how our new tour concept will be received.

While we certainly intend to continue with the tours, their routes may evolve over time. We’re now taking pre-registrations for the two tours scheduled for 2013 – the exact routes and pricing won’t be finalized until mid-May, though.

The dates: 21 April – 5 May 2013 and 7 May – 22 May 2013.

Check out the next newsletter for more info and fresh pix of the 2012 tours.

Next winter, we’re offering three Northern Thailand Roadrunners Paradise Tours – in November, over New Year’s, and in January.

Optionally available: the popular Kawasaki Versys!

Kawasaki Versys Motorcycle
We recommend it for very tall riders and for touring two-up. The Versys is available for a surcharge of €200.
This tour is now going into its third season, and it’s getting better by the year.

This tour classic has been a blast for everyone who’s taken it. And we’re going to see to it that it stays that way…

Here’s an album from our latest Northern Thailand Roadrunners Paradise Tour in December 2011:


Both 2011 Bhutan tours were a big success – everyone had a great time.

Pictures say more than the proverbial thousand words:
Best of our Bhutan Highlights Tour in October 2011

We’re preparing a new 14-day Bhutan tour for 2013 geared especially toward previous Sikkim & Bhutan tour participants. In this tour, we want to take our Enfields into all the high valleys and mountain roads we’ve always had to leave out – and that’s a lot to explore. We’ll have more info for you in the next newsletter.

Our fundraiser for the victims of the catastrophic Bhumthang fire in October 2011 was a success, and we handed the proceeds over to the royal relief fund in Bhutan.

For 2012, we still have bikes free on both November tours – the 10-day Highlights of Bhutan and the 17-day Sikkim & Bhutan tour. October is already booked solid. ;-))

Our club, the MC Bhutan Dragons (Peter is the President of the German Chapter) celebrated its third foundation day with a party and ride. Here are a few images of the MC Bhutan Dragons 3rd Foundation Day Ride

Pictures of the ceremony in which we handed over our donation to the victims of the great bazaar fire in Jangkar Bhumthang in October 2011, which destroyed 50 historical wooden houses.

We were there the day after the fire and immediately started our fundraiser.
Thanks to the generous support of our Bhutan biker friends, we were able to collect no less than €3,288 within a year, which we handed over to local representatives of the royal relief fund.


Between the two Bhutan tours, our team and a few friends took time out for a 4-day hike on the Drukpath Trek in Bhutan. It was a very different kind of adventure, as you can see from the pictures:


By the way, this trek fits really well with the 10-day Highlights of Bhutan tour, and we only need a minimum of two participants to set it up. Anyone game for a luxury mountain trek in Bhutan? Just get in touch with Peter.
The grand 17 -day November Bhutan tourstarts in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Here are the pictures from the start of last year’s tour:

We simply call the continuation of the tour “Bhutan – Biker’s Heaven”!


Our best Ladakh tour of all time, the “3 Lakes and 7 Passes Tour”, is now entering its fourth season.It’s also our most successful tour – we’ve hosted more enthusiastic Himalayan bikers than ever before over the past three years, and they’re getting more all the time!

Here are a few albums with personal impressions of the 2011 tours:

Peter & Yangs’s “On the roads in Ladakh”...

Impressions of a Tsomori Lake loop – the final part of every 3 Lakes tour:


Peter’s personal Leh album:

The next Germany-India Overland tours are coming soon!

Here’s the completely new website:

The individual tour sections have been fully scouted out, and we’ve ridden the route successfully several times.

This tour is designed for adventurers who are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the classic overland route.

The next dates are

Autumn 2012 – starting 29 September from Germany to New Delhi in six weeks
(we already have four confirmed participants!)

Spring 2013 – starting in April from New Delhi to Germany in six weeks.
Tour extensions from Delhi to Goa are available on request.


For all of you who want more pictures!

Here is a selection of Facebook photo albums by our Road Captain and crack photographer Tiziana, with links for direct access by non-Facebookers:

Ladakh Overland – June 2011

Magic Nepal Tour – March 2011

Deserts and Dream Palaces – Rajasthan Tour – February 2011

Deserts and Dream Palaces – Rajasthan Tour – February 2010

Magic Nepal Tour – March 2010

It also holds true in India and Nepal:

A good education is the key to future opportunity!

We’re looking for people to sponsor the education of selected children:

Tuition, school lunches, the daily bus ride, books, and the obligatory school uniform cost Rs. 40,000 (€590) a year.

For parents with three or more children, a good education is often no longer affordable. Even our old Nepalese and Indian friends with Indian middle-class incomes are feeling the pinch.

That’s why we would like to help.

Classic Bike is already providing three school scholarships. Three more kids of our friends, all around ten years old, now also need assistance so that they can go to a good private school.

If you’d like to support a truly worthy cause:

Contact Peter for details.

Only in India: here’s a truly innovative motorcycle development. Soon we’ll be able to offer tours with up to three pillions per Bullet! Brilliant, isn’t it... ;-)))))).


A few words about our Bhutanese trainee guide Mr. Tashi / DJ Baila:

Our Bhutanese trainee guide Tashi was not able to complete his intensive one-year training successfully.
Even after ten tours as a trainee and two months at the Casa, he was still far from being able to assume sole responsibility for a tour group.
Personal issues and disappointment over the Bhutan tour that was to have been his final exam in October affected his performance and dedication to the point that we saw no alternative to letting him go in the middle of an ongoing Sikkim & Bhutan Tour.

Please note that we are no longer associated with Tashi.

More news

  • A glimpse of the future...

    - Grand Sri Lanka tour on Royal Enfields in February 2014
    In February 2014, we’re looking forward to our first three-week Sri Lanka tour on our own Enfields. The trip will start and end with an eight to ten-hour ferry ride from India (Tuttucorin, Tamil Nadu to Colombo) to Sri Lanka. We’re still working on the exact date, routing and logistics. If you’re interested in this project, please get in touch with Peter.

    - Peter’s grand overland trip from Nepal to Europe via Tibet, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey.

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Classic Bike Adventures India®, Peter is planning a once-in-lifetime, eight-week journey from Nepal to Germany in spring 2014.
    This tour project is a cooperation with Werner, his crew, and his Yamaha XT 600 bikes.

    Tiziana is also part of the team, and the tour will be leaving Kathmandu in late April.

    It goes without saying that the tour will only be open to good friends, and that we want to keep the group to a nicely manageable size. If you’re seriously interested, please let Peter know.

    We’ll be revealing more details soon.

  • The next big Sauerland Classic Bike Adventure Party is coming up in time for the 25th anniversary in summer 2014.

So, that was the latest news from the world of Classic Bike Adventures – we’ll be back with our next newsletter in early summer.

Have a relaxed, accident-free winter, stay warm, and enjoy the start of the biking season wherever you may be. See you soon – cruising the South of India, the Himalayas, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, or just relaxing in Goa.

Text and photos: Copyright by Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours (P) Ltd. India. Das_Land_des_magischen_Kinderlaechelns_Indien
The photographers in this newsletter: Yangs Yangden, Helmut Neubauer, Tiziana Warmerdam, Peter Paulo Dos Santos and other friends.

... and here’s the link to our current schedule and prices!

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