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Namaste, Tashi Delek, Julley, Sawatdee


... we are happy to announce our Winter 2012 newsletter. Here we go...

First, like always, a personal message from Roadcaptain Peter:

The year is coming to an end; we have moved down to our  Winter-headquarter, "Casa Tres Amigos" in Goa.

With pleasure we are looking back on last year, being the most successful ever. Never before have we done this many tours, partied that hard and had that many adventures!

The awesome Mustang Pilot Tour in autumn requires a special mention here, as well as the two regular Magic Nepal tours, thre Bhutan and three Goa & South India cruises and of course, last not least the spectacular Thailand tour.

All those tours have been managed and overseen from my farm house Casa Kath Kuni in the Kullu Valley….

My operational freedom of movement was temporarily limited, due to a certain tree, that I did not cut and I certainly did not snatch up the wood. 
The Blog to this bizarre story

Meanwhile my passport has been returned to me and I am enjoying my regained freedom of moving about…

For this winter there are some exciting tours in our program like South- India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

You will find an overview of "available" bikes right here:

I would like to specially point out to you two adventurous tours:

Our third Tibet pilot tour from  Tue. 28.05.- Wed. 12.06.2013 (16 days):
Cruising through Tibet with our touring Bullets, together with our own excellent Nepalese camping crew and...

The second Mustang / Mukthinath pilot tour in November:

Just recently the Mustang pilot tour has reached their final destination point, the holy tempel city of Mukthinath. Here is the Link to the first impressions of that tour! The tour will be repeated in 2013, with a slightly different but improved routing. Date: 27.10.- 10.11. 2013

Additionally back in our program and still open to bookings: The  "Magic Nepal" tour in October:
Link :

The tours for next summer are almost completely booked out; except one date: 10.08. - 25.08.2013, we have four bikes left for this one.
Five tours climbing up to the highest passes of the Himalayas are to be planned by our Himalaya crew for 2013. This year we will limit the amount of bikes to 15 per group.

And there is good news from Goa:

Our Casa Tres Amigos in Goa will be fully operational for the  P1000592season 2013-14 by our staff and crew.
We just made this decision to everone's delight.

For this winter we have very good occupancy, many old friends will visit again and we are going to have a great time, relaxing and cruising around on our Bullets in beautiful Goa.
There are still some romantic cottages available for the time between 20. of February until mid-April.
Two cottages and rooms will be upgraded to AC standard.






RC Peter In Goa in Dezember 2012

Over 3.000 visitors in three month, 35 Posts, and always a personal insight: 
RC Peter Blog !
Funny and sexy Bikes, bold comments, strictly for adults only ...

Peter's Blog


Peters Blog (1)

Here as well, there are some bikes still available: the grand South-India "Long Trail"- tour from 27.02. - 13.03.

We can proudly announce that placed us at number four in the hotel ranking in Goa and that with over 500 hotels and guest houses all over Goa!

I hereby send you all the best biker greetings from Goa! Wishing all of us a relaxing, acident-free winter season for 2012-13

Happy Trails! 

Your Road Captain Peter

Mustang Group on the to of  uktinath-the Annapurnas in the backMustang-Group on the Top of  Muktinath - The Annapurnas Range with 8.000m peaks are in the back

ANOTHER SOUTH INDIA GROUP AT THE CASA TRES AMIGOS IN DEC 2012The 3rd Goa &  South-India-Group of this season at the Casa-Tres-Amigos in Dec 2012

More newsletter items :

Our special tip for 2013:

The 2. Mustang pilot tour in November

The first Mustang pilot tour reached their final destinationthe holy temple city of Mukthinath.

Link to first pictures of the tour !

This tour will be repeated in 2013, with slightly different but improved routing. Date : 27.10.-10.11. 2013 (in Nepal in November)

We got very lucky this year:

Despite severe road, or better off-road conditions the first Mustang pilot tour reached the mountain plateau of Kalakandakhi, nestled among the peaks of  8.000 ms of Daulagiri and Annapurna.

This tour defenitely will become a new highlight in the Himalayas, before it will become a standard tour for 2014, we want to try a different "version" in 2013 with an improved routing.

Dates : 27.10.-10.11. 2013

This tour is for experienced bikers only and somedays pillion riders will have to ride in the jeep.

Those of you who want to know more, please write directly to Peter. 

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Tourp price will be: 

2.690 € for bikers, 2.090 €  for pillion riders and 550 € for single room requests.

The ultimate Laos road adventure tour

The 2. pilot tour with altered routing will be coming soon, at the end of January 2013.
27.01. - 14.02.2013 ... one bike and one room left!

2.900km / 18 days of pure adventure on our Kawasaki 650cc ER-6n and Versys (for a small surcharge).

For more information on this tour an the routing and prices, please write to Peter. 
Link to pictures of the first tour February 2011



The November edition of (German) magazine MOTORRAD features a grand North-Thailand-Story.

It exactly describes the tour that we we have in our program for over three years  Hereis a link to the feature story

Thailand Story MOTORRAD on FB 11 2012





Some impressions of...

The best pictures of 
Mustang - Mukthinath - Nepal
of October 2012 







Biking, Trekking and Relaxing

Tours in Indian "Tyrol", Himachal Pradesh
and relaxing at Peter's  Casa Kath Kuni

For almost a year now we are residing in our new place in the Indian Himalayas.

We have made extensions to our farm house, added some guest cottages and are momentarily busy putting up a nice garden and improving road access.

We will be needing another year, after that we would like to offer our  "Casa Kath Kuni" officially to our friends and guests as a holiday destination.

In April, May and June 2013 we will be inviting our biker friends for the first time to stay at or new residence in the Kullu valley and to roam around the surrounding mountain roads.

We'll make sure you have a good time!

Here is an album with some impressions from our first year 
CKK FB 10.2012


Grand Tibet motorbike - round trip - pilot tour

Dates are fixed: Tue 28.05.- Wed 12.06.2013 (17 days)

An extension of our pilot tours of 2012 - with a side trip to south-eastern central Tibet, a partly forested Kham at just under 3.000m (highlights are Draksum lake, Tashi Gang and the Serkym pass, plus Chongye, the "Valley of the Tombs of Kings".
Eight overnight stays at hotels in Tibetan heritage hotels and seven campsite overnight stays in tents are planned. We have our own Nepali camp crew that cooks our lunches. 

Thus we can really stop and camp out at the nicest of places. On this tour we will be visiting the wild Khara valley, right at the foot of Mount Makalu for the first time. The tour ends in Kathmandu.

From there we will be cruising downwards from Mount Everest base camp to the Tibet-Nepal border where we stay overnight at "The Last Resort".

As always we do this tour exclusively with our trusted Bullets 500cc.

This will be the best Tibet routing ever! Flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa are already included in the price.

We will have more time to get aclimatized this time, climbing up to 4.000m only after eight days, which makes it comfortable for everybody, even for the "flatlanders", no dizziness or headaches...

Tour price for bikers 4.950 € and 4.450 € for pillion drivers who can always choose to ride in the jeep for a change.

Flights from Europe to Kathmandu are extra.
Facebook album here.

Next Overland Tours Germany - India !!Ankunft In Goa von Werners Overland Tour 2012

The picture is proof enough: The latest big Overland Tour with 9 XT 600 and one BMW GS as well as 5 passengers in the 12m long Mercedes bus has arrived at the Casa Tres Amigos in Goa in November and has been a great succes.
All stop-overs  have been scouted and the route has been covered succesfully a couple of times. 
This is the definite biker tour for adventurers, who for once in their live would like to do the classic overland tour to India. 

Next dates:
Spring 2013 - from April in 6 weeks from New Delhi to Germany, (fully booked!)
Autumn 2013 - mid-September - till beginning of November -  6 weeks from Germany to Delhi
Spring 2014 - from April in 6 weeks from New Delhi to Germany

Extension program Goa - Delhi, as per request.

New website here:



Here you can earn good "Karma points"

Peters Blog (3)


Latest news about our project to help seven orphaned siblings in Nagar, Kullu valley.

Their mother died giving birth to her seventh child, the kids are now between four and 14 years old, all are attending the local primary school, their grandparents taking care of them. 

Recently their father died in a working accident in the forest, of course he was uninsured. The family is in dire straits.

What to do? The children need regular support so that they can still attend school, otherwise the eldest would have to leave and look out for a job in the "unskilled labour" sector to feed his younger brothers and sisters.

I took it upon myself to get them through the first couple of months. By now we have found four partners, who in a combined effort, will make sure there will be 200€ coming towards them per month to guarantee the family's well being and survival and give the kids an education to become self reliant at some later stage.


Here is a link to Peter´s Blog

Those of you who feel inclined to support project that is genuinely making sense, do write to Peter to get more information about this.


Latest News

The project: "Help those that they can help themselves" can start as scheduled next February. 

Between September until December we have received well above 2.400 € in donations.

Myanmar (Birma) get ready, we're coming!

Our first scouting tour to this "land of dreams" is in the planning stage, the first international biker group on big Enduros has reached the capital for the first time in December. You will here more about this in our next news letter... 




VIDEO: Ladakh 2012 ( 10. - 26. August)

By Marcel & Anita a 20 minute Video of the tour der Tour. Thanks!




Video-preview  Flash_Film

Ladakh Video

We have received some questions about our next big Sauerland Classic Bike Adventure Party.

Originally in 2013 the next big party would be due, but since  2014 we will be celebrating our 25 year jubilee, we decided to postpone the party to Summer 2014. You can bet on that!

Die Rueckseite des Party T-Shirts

Peters Pick Up in Goa 12 2012

New : Our latest addition Nr 7 in our stable - Peter's new Mahindra Pickup -
joined the family in Goa in December 2012

Still happy: Susanne after a small crash :-)

STILL HAPPY-Susanne after the small crash

Spirit of biking in india:


And also some funny pics at the end ...
Some Funny Pics At The End (1)  Some Funny Pics At The End (2)
enjoy TOP PIC 2
TOP PIC 1 Peters Blog (2)


Well, that's about it with the latet news from "Classic Bike Adventures", next newsletter will be coming to you Spring/Summer 2013.
We wish you all a relaxed, accident-free winter, keep your socks warm and have a happy start into the coming biker season. 
See you soon, cruising in the South of India, the Himalayas, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or just relaxing in Goa …

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      Peter, Yangs, Martin, Tiz, Hubert, Willy, Werner & die ganze Classic Bike Adventure - Crew


Text and fotos :  Copyright by Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours (P) Ltd. India.
Pictures in this newsletter taken by : Yangs Yangden,  Tiziana Warmerdam, Peter Paulo Dos Santos and other friends.
 ... Link to dates and prices!


 Peter´s Casa Kath Kuni in the Himalayas in autumn 

CKK FB 10.2012

... and: Casa Kath Kuni - Life at the Farmhouse.

CKK FB 10.2012 2

While our busiest autumn season was under way, with seven tours in Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand and South India, Peter, due to lack of passport, "enjoyed"  managing operations from his new farm house in Kullu Valley aus. He, together with friends, did not seem to bee "suffering" too hard...





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