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Spring/Summer - Newsflash ...

* Riders wanted! We still have some open slots for our Magic Nepal Tour in October and for the Nepal - Lower Mustang Pilottour in November - We only have five confirmed bookings for both tours, which is very odd since both tours are quite spectecular. We will definitely do both tours but it would be nice to add some more Nepal bikers. Those of you who decide to come in at the "last minute" will receive a special tour-memory gift from us. But we will keep that as a surprise....In our last Spring Newsletter we introduced the pilot tour in detail (LINK HERE). Here is the Link for the regular " Magic Nepal Tour" in October.

* New: Pilot tour URRARAKHAND (Western Indian Himalayas) in September 2014.

We have planned a tour for middle of September 2014 which in this form has not been done before: Uttarakhand - Garhwal - Western Himalayas - roundtrip (15 - 17 days)

Uttarakhand (until 2006 named Uttaranchal, both meaning "northern region") is situated in the Southwest Himalajas and covers an area from the Ganges flats in the South all the way to the foothills of the Himalayas leading up to its highest mountain regions. Uttarakhand consists of two mountain regions Garhwal in the West and Kumaon in the East, as well as the small strip of the Ganges flats in the South. Uttarakhand is one of the youngest members of the Indian confederation of states. 
Garhwal is one of the most important holy regions in Hindu India. Tens of thousands of faithful Hindus are gathering at the four main religious centers of Garhwal during pilgrimage season: Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.
Most roads are metalled and apart from the odd bus and some jeeps transporting pilgrims, almost without traffic. They lead into the innermost areas of the Himalayas, alongside gushing mountain rivers, through lush green rice paddies or barren rocky landscape. Every once in a while when the forces of nature get the upper hand, when water, ice and snow result in a landslide some parts of the roads can dissapear overnight; then our trusted Enfields have to work their way through some rough terrain.
We will stay well below 3.000m during the whole trip, so the dreaded altitude sickness will be of no concern to us... but we will be flanked constantly by the snow capped majestic peaks of the six-, seven- and eight thousand meter giants looking down on us basking in bright sunlight. Here is the birthplace of India's holiest rivers. The Yamuna and the Ganges  spring from here amongst other rivers.
Our overnight stays are typical for the region, sometimes in a hotel or a resort, some of which are privately owned. 
The food will be mostly North Indian style, but because of the "holiness" of the locations, according to religious beliefs, only vegetarian dishes are being served, which is no problem, because Indian veg meals are very delicious and are rich in variety. Alcohol is sometimes hard to come by, but for those of you who cannot go without their evening beer or rum, we can accommodate you...
The tour will start by flying in from Delhi to Dheradun and will end at Corbett National Park, from then on there will be a bus ride back to Delhi.

Six friends have already reserved a bike for this tour and we want to keep the limit at 12 bikes for this tour. Infos and reservations directly at: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

The dates :      Sa.13. Sept - Tue. 30. Sept. 2014
The price :         2.400 € for biker in double room,
                           1.990 € for pillion or jeep passenger and 390 € for single room. 

* The second "India Bike Week" comes back to Goa on 17. + 18. January 2014. Extensive coverage of this year's event in our Spring newsletter  (LINK HIER)

The venue site is close to our Casa Tres Amigos in Assagao, only 3 km away. How about combining this very special Biker Festival with a Bike & Beach vacation at our place? We still have plenty of rooms and cottages for rent. There are daily flights by QATAR AIRWAYS from different airports in Germany, but also from Vienna and Zurich.
Arrival in Goa next morning at 03:30 Uhr.
Departure daily Goa at 04:30 Uhr. Arrival in Europe same day.

Once a week charter carrier CONDOR flies from Munich to Goa.
From 3rd of November from Frankfurt always on Sundays Flight number: DE 7344.
Start : 12:10, Arrival in Goa 01:00 on Monday. 14:40-04:00+
Return flights, always on Monday at 03:00 local from Goa, Flight number: DE 7345, Arrival in Munich, same day at 08:00. Last return flight Flug 24th of March 2014. Infos and bookings at directly.
More Infos from us if requested: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

* Previously cancelled Tibet Pilot Tours are back in 2015. Thanks to the Chinese and their restrictive and wildly erratic policies on Tibet we were forced to cancel our two big Tibet tours in April and May this year. All of a sudden in mid-March the permission for groups of foreigners to enter came through, although the "Everest Base Camp" and the Rongbuk monastry are still "off limits".
We hope that the situation will stabilize all through this and the next year. Anyhow, we will keep a close eye on the developments and if there is any chance of doing any bike tours in Tibet we plan two pilot tours in Tibet in 2015 with extended routing and many highlights. Most certainly we will conduct those tours on our own Enfield Bullets and our Nepali tent and kitchen crew. We will keep you posted!

* The Ladakh Season starts! Four tours are already fully booked, these dates have availabilities... 10.08. - 25.08.2013 

Details on this here Ladakh Tours Web.

An overview of all prices and dates: her

Next Winter we will again have five Goa & South India - Classic Bike Adventure "Cruises" in our program.
All tours except the one in November have available bookings, even the New Year package. All bookings and infos here MOTORRAD Action Team.

All Winter tours in North Thailand can still be booked, although in November and around New Year there are only a few bikes left.

In February our next Sri Lanka Tour starts. Next to the usual 250cc Enduros we offer some small 250cc und 400cc street bikes which are a bit mor comfortable especially for pillion riders. There are still bikes left to be booked...
Infos here :

Royal Enfield finally comes back with a 500cc Bullet with carburator!
After years of unsuccsessfully experimenting with fuel injection Royal Enfield is bringing back its good old carburator, albeit with electronic ignition, (they can do that by now!). It comes with the pretty useless "Twin Spark" ignition. 
Since 2010 we kept to our trustworthy 500cc "Machismo" models, which has not been an easy task, since for three years no 500cc,  5-gear "Lean Burn" engines with E-starter has been built. To get spare parts has never been easy but now it has become a nightmare. We have bought some well kept Machismos to strip and have spare parts and wherever we can find spares all over India we buy them up...

So now the 500cc FI Classic with carburator instead of fuel injection hits the market. We will check this baby out and give it a thorough testing in the rough terrain of the Himalayas, and then we will decide if this model can replace the Machismo in the future.

We got many requests about our next big Sauerland Classic Bike Adventure Party.
Actually in 2013 a party should have taken place but since in 2014 we can celebrate our 25th anniversary we will schedule the party on to 2014! 
The date is set and the hall is booked, keep you schedules open for that weekend. 

Sauerland Party taking place on 30.05-01.06.2014.

We are on TV, next episode of "The most dangerous roads of the world" will be featuring us!
A film team will accompany us as we load our pickup, the bike truck and some bikes and start the season with riding from Manali to Leh. 

The show will be aired on the German TV car program "automobil" on VOX. We will give you the exact date as soon as we hear about it.

We have some other exciting tours lined up for this year. I myself am going to guide the last Ladakh tour with 14 friends and probably also the Bhutan tours in October and the Mustang tour in November 

All other tours in South India, Sri Lanka and Thailand will be guided by our reliable and proven road captains Tiziana, Martin, Go, Armin and Willy, so many good things are about to happen... 

I am sending you all the best biker greetings from Kullu Valley in the Himalayas, and wish you all an exciting, adventurous accident-free season 2013.

Your Roadcaptain Peter & his Friends


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