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All geared up for the 7th "Classic Bike Adventure Tours India " Sauerland Party 30.05 -01. Juni 2014 …………………….. 
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... today we get back to you with the detailed itinerary for the Sauerland Party 30.05.- 01.06 2014
Advanced arrivals on "father's day" 29th of May are welcome! We will also be there.

Peter, Werner, Thomas, Volker, Stefan and Alex will have arrived with their campers and tents on Thursday afternoon on the party site next to the hall, so there is the chance of a campfire 'warming-up party' on Thursday evening. We have access to the hall on Friday morning and will start setting up. The 'official' door opening will be around 2:00 p.m.
Getting to :
Schützenhalle Muffrika
59821 Arnsberg
near Landstraße L735 to Wennigloh "Im Seufzertal"
(see Google screenshot)
Arriving via BAB 445 take exit 65 „Arnsberg Altstadt“, 1st traffic light go straight, after that just follow our signposts.
Google screenshot showing "Schützenhalle"

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Here the best pics from the 5th Classic-Bike-India-Sauerlandparty May 2009

Link to the best pics from the 6th Classic-Bike-India-Sauerlandparty  May 2011

and here is a link to Google-Maps ...51°24'08.1"N 8°03'04.7"E is the position of the party place.


Some highlights to expect :

Tour movies filmed by Jörg Lefevre - Ladakh 2012 and Sikkim & Bhutan 2013

Short Burma slide show and journal of the scouting tour 2013 - by Berti Kamps.

Roadcaptain Tiziana presents here favourite pics from all her tours with us.

Roadcaptain Peter shows his best Tibet pictures and will be laying out the program for the next pilot tour May 2015.

Info meetings for upcoming pilot tours Vietnam - Burma / Myanmar - Tibet.

Road captain Tiziana shows her best pictures of the Mustang & Nepal pilot tour.

Premier of our Curry Chicken field-kitchen!
For two days we will be serving you "Indian lentil soup" - Dal Makanvala and Chicken Curry" from our field-kitchen, prepared by our legendary party chef  Petra and her team.

Test drive our latest modified Royal Enfield Bullets
We have some scramblers, Cafe Racer and orginal CBA Tourer - Bullets ready for you to take for a spin, maybe some of our Classic Bike friends will start a new love affair...…. All bikes have German TÜV (MOT) and are "ready for the road". Our Chief Mechanic Werner will help you with your individual customisation requests.

Campfire, "Sauerland beer" a great BBQ
and a shot of "Old Monk" Rum as a welcome drink.

Friday evening Road captain Martin playing 'live music' at the campfire
Saturday evening live music by a local Irish Folk Band with a gigantic 3.000 pic slideshow in the background, the best of our tours in South - India, Goa, Rajasthan, Thailand, Nepal, the Himalayas and in Bhutan.


Again there will be a free campsite on a big meadow next to the Schützenhalle, plus a quiet parking lot for campers and RVs.

Those of you who prefer staying in a hotel or B&B, well, your probably too late, since all rooms in Arnsberg are fully booked for this weekend.

This is why we will be offering a second smaller dormitory. Those of you who would like to sleep there will only need a sleeping bag and an air/iso matress and their comfort pillow... Beware: "heavy snoring" not welcome here !

At WWW.HRS.DE you can still find some hotel or B&B rooms but they will be about  6 - 12 km away from the  event site.
Which is still OK. A taxi at night will cost you under 20 € !

If you plan to join the party please shoot me a mail so we can get well prepared. So far we have got over 100 reservations, not even counting our Sauerland friends from nearby.
mail : Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Want to share a ride or looking for a lift to get to the party? 

Please contact me directly!

We will introduce all our new pilot tours at the party.

Our Road captains Tiziana, Martin, Willy, Werner and Peter will be answering your questions all weekend.

Burma / Myanmar  December 2014

Latest news about Burma / Myanmar  December 2014 - We will do a round trip! The tour has become even more spectacular!

It took us some months to work through all the info and data from last December's scouting tour to finalise and optimise the routing and itinerary of our Burma tour. But now we can say it was definitely worth the wait and the tour has become even better!

Here the latest mail from my partner Achim :
"Well, first of all I have been informed that the road from Myawaddy to Kawkareik (that is an awfull stretch of road we had to do twice in the past) is almost finished. I can't believe it myself but I've been assured over and over again that now there is no comparing to what we've seen last December.  This definitely is a piece of good news, but even better news is that apparently it is possible to go from Taunggy (north of Inle Lake) in an easterly direction to Kengtung. Top Gear (BBC) did this just a couple of months ago in three old trucks. My Burmese partner did the route last month and showed my photos of the actual road. It is definitely motorable although quite narrow. Now that this is made possible we can do proper loop on this journey, going from Mae Sot, Myawaddy into Burma and then leave it via Tachilek / Mae Sai.  A big plus is that the road from Inle Lake to Tachilek along the border is way more interesting than leaving Burma to the South on its state highways. The tour will also be one day shorter that way and the distances towards the end become shorter as well, since we don't have to do the detour via Chiang Mai...

On my last visit in Mandalay I have been looking at hotels and I reckon that the Ayeyarwaddy River Hotel is more suitable to our tour. (Dinner on the roof terrace restaurant overlooking the Irrawaddy River). I am waiting for reservations to be changed and confirmed accordingly. Personally I think the tour has become much, much better and I hope I can add some more riders from my side side as well. (Taunggyi - Kengtung is a highlight that a lot of people have been waiting for)."

Three days have been added to the tour and every day is an added bonus. We have upgraded the general standard of accommodation, and we plan to use a service vehicle as a back-up. Also a specialised agency has been contacted to take care of all the border formalities.

Understandably this has led to an increase in the pricing of the tour. Burma still is a very exclusive travelling destination, especially for a motorcycle experience it will be something extra ordinary... We re-negotiated the price with our Burmese partners and the price came down by a whopping 700 € !
4.990 € for biker double room incl. Kawasaki ER6-n, 4.090 € for pillion (or Jeep passenger) double room, 690 € surcharge single room, and 200 € surcharge Kawasaki Versys 650 (optional) 200 € insurance against engine failure, 1.000 € retention/deductible (optional)

The tour is calculated to need at least 10 travellers to become feasible, max. 15 bikes, 2 guides, RC Peter and Swiss RC Armin plus a local guide and our mechanic. A good crew, to say the least!
More info in the tour itinerary.

The best Tibet motorbike tour of all times!

Tibet Tour Only in Tibet: Our biker group 2012 in front of Mt. Everest !

Now with an added trip through East Tibet. "The best Tibet motor bike tour ever" is coming May 2015.
Starting from Lhasa on our 500cc Power-Bullets, with a Nepali camp & kitchen crew and our Road captain Hubert, who is an excellent Tibet expert, with the experience or twenty trekking and mountain bike tours in Tibet. We are collecting reservations already and after consulting with our local agency in Kathmandu we decided to start the planning of the tour. There is a lot of organising involved since we would like to discover East Tibet for the first time. Obtaining the necessary permit from the Chinese has again become a reality, at least that is what we have been told by our agency in Lhasa/Tibet, although there is no guarantee....
The extension of the pilot tours in 2012 - with a detour into South-East central Tibet, part of which is situated below 3.000m in the forest region of Kham (highlights are Draksum Lake, Tashi Gang and the Serkym Pass, Nedong and Chongye, the "Valley of the Tombs of Kings").

We are planning for eight nights in Tibetan Heritage Hotels and seven nights at camping sites with our Nepali camp crew, who will also prepare our lunch, thus enabling us to pick and stay at the most beautiful spots.

For the first time this tour will be visiting the wild Kharta Valley beneath Mt. Makalu. The tour will end in Kathmandu, we will be cruising down from Mount Everest Base Camp to the Tibet-Nepal border and stay overnight at the "Last Resort" in Nepal. 

As always we will be riding our own trusted 500cc Power-Bullets to do this "Best Tibet Routing of all Times". Flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa are included in the tour price. We will have more time to get acclimatised, since we will only be going above 4.000m after 8 days. This will make it more agreeable for "flatlanders" - less headaches and nausea...

Although the exact costs for bikers are not quite fixed yet, we can give you an estimate:

4.950 € for bikers, and 4.450 € for pillion riders, who can also choose to ride in the Landcruiser. Flights from Europe to Kathmandu are on top.
Here our Facebook album with the best pics from the second pilot tour 2012 hier klicken.
Dates are set: 05.05. - 20.05.2015 - we have 8 reservations already!
The price for bikers 4.990 € and for pillion (also as Jeep passengers) 4.450 €, single room surcharge (wherever possible) 790 €.

New tour in our program : "Through Nepal to Mustang and Muktinath"

From now on we will be going regularly into the high valley of Jomson and to "Lower Mustang" to the holy temple town of Mukthinath high up behind the Annapurna massif. Motorbiking between impressive 8.000m peaks and going through the world's deepest gorge, the "Kali Gandaki" valley. Two scouting tours have been done succsessfully, a fascinating adventure indeed. For all our 'Nepal fans' this will be a new experience riding among the majestic 8000m mountains. Here is our tip:
Tour price for biker 2.990 € and for pillion (also as Jeep passengers) 2.390 €, single room surcharge (wherever possible) 680 €.

Next dates for the grand tour of Nepal and Mustang :
27.03. - 12.04. 2015 - to be booked at MOTORAD action team.
01.11. - 15.11. 2015 - to be booked at MOTORAD action team.
All info and tour itinerary here: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

North - Vietnam Pilot Tour February 2015 :

Our first Vietnam Tour into the mountain region in the North on almost new Japanese Enduros 220-250cc.


This 17 days pilot tour is quite a surprise, this is because so far Vietnam had only two kinds of bikes. The infamous Russian Minsk or some beat up two-wheeler of disputable origin. A Dutch/Vietnamese joint venture has got hold of almost new Japanese Enduros with a 220-250 engine, and we have secured those for our tour. It goes without saying this means we picked the highest mountains and deepest gorges, gorgeous valleys and prettiest Hill Stations in the North. And we added the world famous Ha Long bay where we will have a 24 hour cruise...

We also added 3 nights in so-called „Homestays“ with local farmer families in an isolated country region, plus 3 nights in the city of Hanoi.

The Crew: RC Tiziana and RC Peter plus a local guide , one mechanic and backup bus or Jeep
Dates : 01.02. – 17.02.2015
Cost per biker 2.790 € and for pillion rider (seat in Jeep optional) 2.290 €, single room, if possible, 590 €.

We still have some bikes available. There will be only 10 bikes + two guide bikes! Don't hesitate for too long!


Original "Classic Bike Adventure ®"- 500cc Enfield Bullets for sale in Germany !  
NewsFlash NewsFlash NewsFlash NewsFlash

Seven bikes have been sold over the last few years and the new owners are delighted to get that unique "Bullet -Feeling" in Germany. This summer we have shipped some more of our 500cc Tourer Enfields complete with original parts by container to Germany.

Our chief mechanic and Road captain Werner has modified the bikes, two became real scramblers (see fotos). Alle bikes have been completely refurbished, new bearings, cables, rubber parts, tires, wearing parts, chrome and paint job, all new.

Here some pictures and details

More infos to be had from or Chief Mechanic and Roadcapatin Werner at our party!

Release of the 2nd edition! The great India biker novel "Golden Biker" is available again. (German and English version)

The German reprint is bigger and better, easier to read and no typos. You can order it with us or buy it at the party for a special price. 5€ instead of 15€ .

The English version is available at Amazon as a print version or Ebook.

Info for the German edition :
and a funny picture from Bhutan:NewsFlash

Still one of the best Motorbike tours: Our "Magic Nepal Tour"

Featured in our program since 15 years, always in March and October. There are still some bikes left for the October tour. Guide Martin will answer all your questions at the party. All info and itinarary as always at our partner from MOTORRAD Action Team.
 direct link here

Entry to our party is free!

...but we would like to ask you for a small contribution covering our expenses for the rental of the music PA, video facilities, the Irish Folk band and the rent of the hall, plus cleaning up.
We will be giving out a welcome drink of OLD MONK" (as long as supplies last) and a copy of GOLDEN BIKER book or a MARTIN CD :-) This is what we would like you to consider :
20 € donation for the whole weekend 
10 € donation for a day or evening visit on Saturday.
Classic Bike Adventure 25th Party Tickets Brand new online service: If you transfer 10 € in advance you can print out your personal "Enfield Party Dollars", worth 12 €.
Now if that's not a fair deal !!
There will be, as always, a party "Special Guest" T- Shirt, sizes available in S - XXXL. price : 10 €

Party info telephone of RC Peter : 0173.64.55.345 !!

We hope for a great get together at the party, buckets of fun for everyone! Lot's of sunshine and a warm, accident-free motorbike season.
See you soon on the Party in Sauerland, cruising in the Indian Himalayas or relaxing in Goa...

Your Roadcaptain Peter & all the good friends

Peter, Martin, Tiziana, Werner, Willy, Stefan, Thomas, Rainer, Petra & the whole Classic Bike Adventure - Crew

Text and all photos :  Copyright by Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours (P) Ltd. India.

Here the detailed itinerary of the 5th Sauerlandparty 30.May - 01.June 2014

  • Friday day : around 2:00 p.m. we should be ready with setting up, we await our first guests...
  • Always during the day :
    Kick the Diesel Bullet and have a spin...
    (only if one manages the kick…)
    Normal 500cc Bullet test drive .
    Watching the slide shows of Goa & South India, Indian Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan and other tours.
    Check out the info stand, pick up interesting stuff.
    The Party T-Shirts are there !!!
    Ask our tour pros Martin, Peter, Werner, Willy and Tiziana for a personal chat and let them answer all your questions about our tours.
  • Friday evening :
    BBQ and a fresh Veltins beer at the beer stand...
    Premier: Firing up our "Dal & Chicken Curry field-kitchen" !
    Martin presents his new songs and old favorites, live, and if the weather permits at the campfire.
    Peter's  Tibet picture show, Tiziana with her best tour photos… she will also talk about the new Mustang - Mukthinat Tour in Nepal.
  • Friday night :
    As a premier Stephan's edited video from our tours and his best biker videos...
    Always a treat, the half-hour Indian biker-movie "The Bullet" and the best clips about us by VOXTOURS.
    (repeat showing on Saturday evening )
    Open end at the campfire with Road captain Martin on guitar and mike...
  • Saturday morning :
    Breakfast from 9 o'clock (Indian Massala-Chai upon request), for lunch there will be "grilled specials".
    Shared "Cruising Roadtrip" through the Sauerland with indigenous Sauerländer "local guides".
    We will split up into 2 or even 3 groups (one for Enfields und Classic Bikes only ), meet-up for lunch in the "Hochsauerland"
    Back around 3:00 p.m - 4:00 p.m…
  • Saturday afternoon :
    Prep-meeting of attendees and interested parties for the pilot tours in North Vietnam, Burma/Myanmar, Tibet and Uttaranchal in the Indian Himalayas, get it from the 'horses mouth', asking our respective Road captains.
    Werner & Andrea will talk about their upcoming Overland Tours 2014+2015 and will tell you about their adventures from past Overland Tours.
  • Saturday early evening :
    Berti Kamps will present her slide show from the Burma Scouting Tour in December 2013.
    Hot Curry Chicken und spicy Dal Makhani (Indian lentil soup) from the field-kitchen!
    ... prepared by our long-time party chef Petra and her team.
  • Saturday evening :
    Unplugged - Live Musik with an Irish Folk group from Arnsberg…
    Later : RC Martin sings and performs his songs at the campfire for us.
    Again there will be Peter's 4.500 best pictures on the backdrop screen, pics from all tours over the years, from Goa, South-India, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan, Nepal, and the Himalayas to Bhutan &Tibet.
    Inside the hall we will be showing Jörg Lefevres' tour movies from Sikkim & Bhutan and from one of the  "3 Lakes of Ladakh Tour" in the Indian Himalayas.
    After that again showing of the CASA TRES AMIGOS short film by Alexander Flucht, the best  TV Clips we did together with VOXTOURS and the Biker Comedy "The Bullet".
  • Sunday morning :
    Breakfast from 8:30 a.m with Massala Chai , coffee, scrambled eggs, sausages and cheese and fresh rolls...
    Farewell meeting and from noon onwards, "clean-up-after-show party"!
NewsFlash NewsFlash

Want to bring something to the party?

Bag-pipe playing or table dance performance are always an added attraction! Just let us know what you would like to add to the event. Every presentation will be rewarded with plenty of applause and drinks vouchers, to be sure. Of course we also show your movies or pictures from the tours you did with us. If you plan to show your travel impressions, please check with Peter in advance.


Party info telephone of RC Peter : 01736455345 !!

Nothing left but to wish you a great time, plenty of sunshine...see you there!

Road Captain Peter & all his friends……

A farewell greeting from our Bhutan group in April 2014 - what a fantastic tour this was, the Swebes are something else...


For all of you who cannot get enough from the "Land of the Thunder Dragon", the kingdom of Bhutan - our biker's paradise in the Himalayas: A link to our Facebook album:


For November 2014 there are still some bikes left ….

 Link to all tours, dates and prices here:  ist hier !

The best at the end : Photos of previous CBA Parties

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