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  "Shiva never rides alone." © cover pic by  Geeta "Sonia" Seth



"Namaste, Tashi Delek, Julley, Sawatdee, Ayubovan, Kuzuzampo,…"

And a big biker thumb's up to all of you - here is our Spring newsletter...


Read all  the latest news about our upcoming pilot tours, plus the latest photo shoots from our many, many motorcycle adventure road trips. 



First let's have a look at three new pilot tours for 2016...




Brand new Goa - Kerala "Easy-Rider" Motorbike Tour to Cochin 


This will be a  pilot tour in comfort and style, top notch hotels with the finest mountain climbs, checking out the old colonial hillstations!



We named it the : "The Colonial Trail"- Tour  - First dates are fixed:

Sa 20.Feb  - Sa 05. March 2016.  Tour starts in Goa, and ends in Cochin.

Of course you can add some days in Goa at the end of the tour and stay at the Casa Tres Amigos. We would be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you. 




We had a trial rund last Winter with a demanding Biker group from Belgium guided by Road Captain Willy - to everybody's total satisfaction!

 Link to  Willy´s  Facebook album



Zu dieser Tour gibt es ein ausfühliches Programm, bitte bei uns anfordern.



Finally, after years of friendship it's happening...

Road Captain Peter and Bike guide legend Shankar Nath (former "Asia Bike Tours) have joined forces. Together they cooked up two brand new dream tours through regions of India, up till now unknown to Peter but recommended strongly by Shankar who really knows what he's talking about... image5     image6


Bio of Shanka Nath:

Son to an Austrian mother and an Indian father Shankar was raised in India where he soon discovered and fell in love with the many facettes of this interesting continent.

He finished his education at the University of Vienna, specializing in South-Asia. Shankar speaks fluent Hindi, Urdu, English and German. His hobby as a linguist led him to even speak some of the local dialects.

A traveller by passion, he is fascinated by cultural differences. He has been an independent travel guide since the age of 17. The Vienna faculty for Geography took him on as their travel guide. 

His true love is India and motorcycling. He will never tire of relating culture and stories about his homeland to his fellow travellers. Besides his activities as a professional tour guide he has an academic interest in research and writing books. He also works for a NRO project initiated by his mother.

More about this here :   und






here we go then…


The grand Madya Pradesh "The Heart Of India" Bike Tour  

- by Shankar Nath


Since 25 years the true heartland of India has always just been a dream for we will finally discover the magical places along the famous Trunk Road and Jungle paths including the most important cultural and historical  sites and the impressive flora and fauna in India's biggest "Tiger reservation".

The first tour will be guided by Shankar and Peter together, a follow up is planned - only three bikes left!





New Himachal Pradesh - Himalaya "Dream-Tour", June 2017  

- by Shankar Nath


Himachal Pradesh is known to be the most beautiful and most exciting part of the Indian Himalayas and has much more to offer then just  Manali, Shimla, Dharamsala and the Spiti valley.



Shankar has put together a routing that includes the favourite highlights with new and unknown points of interest. The new tour will be a true biker's delight. We can send you more information about this tour, if you're interested... 



One of the new highlights of this tour will be the wild and hardly known Chanshal Pass!





The next  Sauerland Party will be happening!


The date is fixed : 06.-08. May 2016

The last Sauerland Party was such a blast (June 2014), so we'll be doing it again next year!


Link to pics from last year's party with more then 300 friends

image11    image12


Also the  2009 and 2011 parties bear fond memories...


image13   image14

Please do mark down this event and let us know well in advance if you want to be part of it. 

We advise to do your bookings well in advance, either through or similar portals. The long weekends in Arnsberg are always booked at an early stage. We won't tell you much about the program yet, but there will be a film premiere and all the infos about our tours of course. And then there is our new CBA Scrambler project, our first Custom Bike that will be produced in a limited series, of course built around the carburator version of the new 500cc Bullet. 


Link to the best pics of the last party at the same spot in 2009





"Mongolia on Enfields" we passed up on that...


Our cooperation with the French Vintage Bike group has finished before it even started. 

I won't go into details but I found out just in time that the partner turned out to be a somewhat "shady" character. The French are now trying to poach in the German market, with a German website and a German speaking agent in their office in Delhi. Just be warned, that's all...


 "India Bike Week" in Goa  - not our cup of tea...  


What started as a bike fest three years ago has turned into a Harley Owners Group Show and everybody driving a Harley in India has put down some serious dosh to get one - about three times the price, so you can imagine what kind of "Bikers" use this as their platform to show off. The super rich, trying to be cool... 'nuff said. They just don't know how to party! 

Like most other independant bikers we did not even bother to have a stall there, and we did not regret this one bit. We checked out the scene and that was it. 



We have upgraded our stables with the 500cc Bullets with carburators.

Now we have two fleets with 15 Bullets each and everybody who has ridden one of the new Bullets was totally happy. They truly are the best tour bikes from Enfield ever been built! 

...naturally that does not mean there's no room for improvement...


So we started a new project - realized by Werner, Peter and  "Scrambler - Guru" Uli Bree

(Link to one of the best  Scramber clips : " Raise the Dust"  




The first three Scramblers are under way and we have a logo :




First pics from the CBA = Classic Bike Adventures - workshop :


image18   image19


Our first video project with Uli Bree - in Nepal and Mustang November 2015 with our first Scrambler - Biker Rock Clip with Uli, Peter, Tiz, Sonia and some surprise guests will be shot and afterwards it will be shown at the Triumph Tridays,, the "Waves and Wheels" Festival and at the Classic Bike Adventures Sauerland Party. Those who want to know more, contact RC Peter.




Arkan and Axel from Hamburg will be in Uli´s "on the Road to Mustang" Clip...




All about Uli Bree, the picture above showing his own Custom Triumph, here... :





This Summer four Ladakh Tours will take place, climbing up the highest roads in the Himalayas.

On the first "Ladakh Overland" Tour we will ride for 17 days from  Manali to Ladakh, Start 25. June, and on the last of the "3 lakes in Ladakh Tour" on 15. August there are still two bikes left for each. Go for it! 



The Pilot tours 2015 to East Tibet and to  Uttaranchal in the Indian Himalayas are both fully booked which makes us very happy.

Of course we will report on these tours at our Sauerland Party . 



The new "Bhutan XXL Tour"

- the best Bhutan Tour of all time …!


Having organized 25 tours through Bhutan in the last 11 years, we have decided to "pimp up" our program!

Instead of suffering the increasing traffic and permanent road works in Sikkim, which do take the fun out of riding, we'd rather spend our valuable travel time at places that are the most fascinating and the most beautiful, namely...

In the mountains and the capital of Bhutan.

We are calling our new tour BHUTAN XXL and it will offer 14 days of pure bliss in Bhutan.

Peter himself has been working out the new routing, including all the highlights and plenty of time to relax and savour Bhutan to its fullest...

The tour will start in the "Wild East" of the country, crossing all the mountain passes until reaching the far West with the legendary "Tiger's Nest Monastery" in the Paro Valley. We added three double-nights stays, first in Bhumthang, the so-called Switzerland of Bhutan, where we will be staying at Fritz's place with his Bhutani family in the "Swiss Guest House".

In the capital Timphu we will be staying for two nights right in the city center, at a rather stylish 3-star Boutique Hotel, and in the airport-city of Paro we will rest our heads in a renovated castle of a former member of the royal family, the very impressive "Gangtey Palace Hotel", overlooking Paro Valley. Last not least an overnight stay in the enchanted "Black Forrest" in the Pubjika Valley where the black cranes live in their natural habitat...

There are two options at the end of the tour, either you fly back directly from Paro, thus shortening the tour, or add two more days riding the bikes to the western border town of Phuntzoling, from where a taxi can get you to the nearest Indian airport in Bagdora (160km). From there you fly to Delhi in 90 minutes. Once in Delhi we planned a "farewell visit" at the local Enfield flagship store, followed by our traditional Farewell Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. You will relax at the "Country Suites by Carlson"- Hotel. Return flights are at night or the next morning...

Flights from New Delhi / India to  Guwahati / Assam and from Bagdogra to  Delhi are included in the price.

Now we have planned our new Bhutan XXL trip exactly according to the wishes of our tour guides - to do a "Grand Bhutan Motorcycle Tour". No compromises - India only in taxis and buses...







Sri Lanka Tour 2016 ? -  really???

 At the moment we are re-organizing the whole tour and we are looking out for new partners.

The reason is very simple, we had some problems there in 2015.

First of all it rained there for over a week on our last tour, that was a bummer. Then we were unfortunate with some of the hotels offered by our local partner Walkers Tours/Nature Odysse which were below our standards, and two of the alternatives offered were disappointing, to say the least.

Plus there were some problems with the bikes rented from Mr. Hanees/Yellow Fleet Sri Lanka, although we have worked with this rental company for over 12 years and they should know our demands what the bikes are concerned.

 At least on this group pic everybody seems to be looking happy :




Anyway, it was not a tour that  pleased us and not even the guide could turn the mood around.  

Most guests went back somewhat dissappointed and we have to shoulder the blame. We will apologize to each and everybody and send them a travel voucher. I am personnally annoyed that after 25 years in the business something like this could happen. 

All the more reason for us to take a "creative break" in Sri Lanka. There are more fish to fry in Asia, meaning, there are lots of other interesting tours to do for us. And maybe one day we will be able to get some real Enfield Bullets in Sri Lanka...

The Enfields that we were offered in the past were old 350cc "Electra Bullets" and all past their prime, and too expensive on top of  that.

But of course we will not give up on the idea. Together with Shankar Nath who is married to a Singalese and is living and working there for several months during the year we will work out a new tour. He knows all of the island very well, even the "wild North" that was hardly travelled before. He has new partners there and is working on the hotel requirements. So all is looking well for 2017 and we will be back, offering you one of the all-time best Sri Lanka Tours again....that's a promise!



The second Vietnam Tour is happening in 2016 !


Admittedly it was rather cold and wet on our last Pilot tour in February, it was just bad luck that they had the coldest Winter and the most rain for ages in North-Thailand. 

Nevertheless the spirit was up and the group tried to make the best of it. You can get the reviews from the tour directly from me, everybody was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people and the beauty of the country.  

Therefore we will do this tour again, but instead of February we will do it in the second half of March. 



The  Vietnam group at the starting point in Hanoi.  -   Link to TIZ Facebook Album





Also of interest  Peter Hacks Facebook Bilder from the "wet and cold" Vietnam :







Our fourth grand Burma/Myanmar Tour in December 2015 


The last tour in December 2014 was a complete success, everything went smoothly... 

That is why we continue to offer this tour under the guidance of "Swiss-Armin" and his company "Impulse Touristik".

The tour can be booked through us, all infos directly from me.



image31   image32







In February 2016 we have planned something special, for all Sauerländers and special soul mates we will be doing an exquisite round through biker's paradise North-Thailand followed up by a visit to our friends Peter and Rosi in their new house in Amphoe Bang Saphan in South-Thailand by the sea, this without bikes!


Dates: 31.01. til 16.02.2016



01. FEBRUARY 2016 / MONDAY             MAE SAA VALLEY - CHIANG DAO (180 KM)




05. FEBRUARY 2016 / FRIDAY             CHIANG KHONG - NAN (280 KM)


07. FEBRUARY 2016 / SUNDAY            NAN - PHRAO (286 KM)

08. FEBRUARY 2016 / MONDAY              PHRAO - CHIANG MAI   (90 KM)

09. FEBRUARY 2016 / TUESDAY           CHIANG MAI 


11.- 15. FEBRUARY 2016                        BANG SAPHAN (5 DAYS FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT)

16. FEBRUARY 2016 / TUESDAY           BANG SAPHAN - BANGKOK, ABFLUG (2 flights )


Tour price is fixed and it is a special "friends" price...

Costs :

Per person  double room  :

8 - 11 guests 2.660 € 

12  and more  2.470 €

single room surcharge  :    400 €


Whoever feels inclined to participate in this tour please contact Peter a.s.a.p.


The routing of the "Sauerländer Thailand Tour" :








image37   image38   image39


We have a new Tour guide in our team,

welcome Road Captain Andreas !


Andreas has been a close friend of the house for many years and has been on four tours with us. He is also translating all of our Info texts and newsletters. Now he has become a succesful Captain of the Road, so far on two South India tours.

A warm welcome into the team, Andreas !






Infos about the new India VISA-application procedure

The official press release states, "a more easy way to visit  with the electronic visa", falsly called "Visa on Arrival":

"DELHI – Last week, India loosened its electronic visa policies for visitors from 43 nations including Australia, Brazil, Germany, and the U.S.  Although the changes are chiefly aimed at boosting international tourist visits to the country, the new e-visa can also be used for a “casual business” visit and should encourage more businesses to travel to the country.

The new visa is part of an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Scheme which requires visitors to apply online at least four days before leaving for India.  The visitor can then print a copy of the authorization and take it directly to immigration authorities.


Further restrictions include:

  • It is valid for 30 days and can only be obtained twice per year;
  • The ETA will only be accepted at the following international airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Thiruvanathapuram, Kochi and Goa.

Additionally, persons must pay a  US $60 fee and upload a passport photo and scan of the their passport."

The online register process is very complicated, it requires some internet savviness, patience and trust in the Indian bureaucracy.

What you need to know about this ETA Visa: It is valid for 30 days and can be obtained twice a year. Your India trip has to happen within 30 days of receiving the Visa! You can only come twice in one year! 

 Link :

This Visa does NOT include: Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, Britain, Netherland and Belgium. If it will it work at all,  we are very doubtful...

Therfore our recommendation: Get your Visa well in advance and have it stamped into your passport BEFORE you come to India!

 Casa Tres Amigos Goa




Our CASA TRES AMIGOS in Goa, according to Tripadvisor, still ranks among the 10 best liked hotels in  Goa, and that is from 500 ranked hotels! 

We will undertake some major renovations and therefore the season will end 10th of April. We will reopen on the 1st of September. 






We had some interesting visitors from the international bike scene as our guests at the Casa Tres Amigos :



                              image44   image45









Group pic of the  first Goa + South India Long Trail Tour in Feb. 2015 with Roadcaptain Martin.


Martin will be guiding the first two "3 lakes of Ladakh Tours" in July and August, plus "Magic Nepal" in October and the November "Goa & South India Tour" in November. 




A new portrait from our Dutch Road Captain Tiziana, she is one of the most popular and busiest guides in our team. Here is her itinerary for the next 12 months with us:


01.08. - 16.08.2015 -  3 Lakes of Ladakh 

15.08. - 30.08.2015 -  3 Lakes of Ladakh

02.10. - 18.10. 2015 -  Uttarakhand - Pilot Tour  (together with RC Peter)

18.10. - 01.11.2015 -  Nepal privat group

30.10. til 13.11.15   - "Roads to Mustang  Video Shooting Tour " (together with  RC Peter)

February 2016             -  Thailand privat group (together with RC Go and RC Armin)

March 2016                 -  Vietnam Pilot tour, the second !



Latest News from RC Tiziana from the ongoing "Magic Nepal" Bike Tour, first time with 9 Lady Bikers in a group of 14 !! 





And last but not least: The best of all Himalaya Tours is coming back again:


September 2016 we will be doing out 10th Spiti Tour, including the Sach Pass for the third time, again with Road Captain Peter and our own Camping Crew. Our last  3 weeks  Himalaya Tour, the real big adventure. And there are still some free bikes, but this is "for friends of the house" only....;-))

The new  "MOTORRAD Abenteuer" magazine from Tourenfahrer Verlag writes about it:

















That's all my friends, all the news from the world of  "Classic Bike Adventures" and the "Casa Tres Amigos Goa" in Goa,


We'll be back with our next Summer newsletter.


Enjoy coming Spring get off the couch and on to your wheels...










See you soon, cruising in the the Himalayas, Thailand, Bhutan, Vietnam, Burma, or just relaxing in Goa and South India…

Your Roadcaptain Peter with Andreas, Armin, Aslam, Go, Hanees, Hubert, Joe, Martin, Raju, Raja, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shekar, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Tiz, Werner, Willy, and the whole Casa Tres Amigos Crew



News from the world of Royal Enfields …


image52   image53   image54


Royal Enfield is working on a new model bike and the appropriate biker's gear! 




If you missed the pictures from the wedding...

here's your last chance :


Here Link for Sonia + Peter Wedding Puja Album on Facebook



Here the Link for Sonia + Peter´s Wedding Party Album on Facebook :




….and on that bombshell we're signing off!  How to become a BAD GIRL in India !




Text und alle Fotos :  Copyright by Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours (P) Ltd. India.

Fotografen : Peter Paulo Dos Santos, Heike und Uwe Trosin, Sonia Seth, Tiziana Warmerdam, Thomas Räse, Berti Kamps und viele andere..



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