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Winter Newsletter 2016 


Bikes near Casa Tres Amigos Goa, India Last Sunday in Goa – Peter with his “Happy Biker Family” – Viola, Raja and Sonia.

BREAKING NEWS: MOTORRAD Magazine published its Mustang story with a fantastic photo spread – get the PDF here:

Nepal Mustang Solidarity Ride 2015

MOTORRAD Magazine’s story about our “Road to Mustang” Nepal Solidarity Ride in Nov. 2015 is available for download as a PDF. Enjoy the drool-worthy photo spread!

We’re going to be running the tour again in November 2016. Contact us for more info or to book. We’ll be checking in on our projects again as well...

The dates: 14-28 November 2016 / 15 days / 1,500 km

Check out the best photos of the 2012 pilot tour here. And of the recent 2014 tour here! And here are the pix of our NEPAL SOLIDARITY RIDE in November 2015! 

With Jomsom and Mukthinath, Chitwan, Bandipur and the Begnas Lake Resort  –

Here’s our Biker Support Nepal - Solidarity Ride group in the village of Dubachaur in November 2015

That’s it for now with regard to the situation in Nepal. Check the end of the newsletter for an overview of your donations to date (€52,000 !!) and what we’ve achieved so far...

Here’s an overview of the Nepal tours we have planned for 2016 and 2017:

USD 4.250 !! It’s a one-time deal for our Bhutan Intensive Pilot Tour...

We’re going to be testing Peter’s new Bhutan routing for the first time in November 2016 at a very special introductory price – get it while it’s hot!

For more info and booking, contact us directly.
Or check out our tour page:


The fifth South India tour of this season just set out from Casa Tres Amigos in Goa!

We have two pilot tours on the roads of India lined up this month:

The Colonial Trail Tour – from Goa to Kerala on the most beautiful mountain roads of South India... 15 days – 1,950 km    

A bike tour with comfortable hotels, the finest mountain roads, hill stations and colonial-era flavor!

We call it the Colonial Trail Tour – full details are coming up in our next newsletter. The next dates are already set:

5 Feb. – 19 Feb. 2017  and 21 Feb. – 7 Mar. 2017

The tour starts in Goa and ends in Cochin. Or vice versa.

Here is the link to Willy’s Facebook album.




We also recently kicked off our Heart of India Madhya Pradesh pilot tour.

Peter, Shankar and ten bikers are exploring new routes through the ancient heart of India. 

Here's the link to the latest pictures from the ongoing Madhya Pradesh tour:


We’ve already set the date for the next tour:

Madhya Pradesh Pilot Tour

We ran four successful pilot tours in 2015 – everyone who came along had a blast. Here’s the first group in front of the Tikse monastery: 

Group in front of Tikse monastery in Ladakh

The 2016 Ladakh Season

is going to be intense.
We already have six tours scheduled – that’s all we can handle...
or let’s say that’s all we want to handle!

Bikes are still available on two tours:

9 – 24 Jul. 2016
27 Aug. – 11 Sep. 2016

New: we're the only international operator to have its own fleet in Ladakh, and we’ve even established our own company: Classic Bike Ladakh.

For the past two years, bikes from other Indian states can no longer be used to reach the Kardungh La Pass, Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake, so riders in all other groups have been forced to switch to bikes from local rental companies. 

The quality of the rental bikes is hit and miss, so if you’re really out of luck, you could find yourself wheezing up the highest and wildest passes of the Himalayas on a clapped-out piece of junk.

But not with us! We have a whole fleet of brand-new 500cc Bullets, fitted to our specs.

We even bought a new, dedicated backup jeep and registered it to our new company, Classic Bike Ladakh.

Ladakh Bikes

Here’s our FB album with the best shots of our first Ladakh tour in 2016:

Ladakh Facebook

This is the second group before the start of the tour at our Bijoo hotel in Leh:

Ladakh tour group at our Bijoo hotel in Leh

We also organize custom Ladakh tours for private groups of two or more. Find out more here!

Our Royal Enfield Bullet fleet is the newest in India!

We use our own electric-start 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets with the gearshift on the left for all of our tours. All bikes are equipped to our touring specs, including rugged leather saddlebags, crashbars, all-terrain tires on 19” rims and classic pipes with short silencers for the proper Bullet thump! Dual horns, touring bars and everything else you need to have a blast – lowered suspension on request! Our fleet consists exclusively of new 2014-2016 Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets with carbs and comprehensive insurance with €500 deductible. 

All of the bikes are maintained in our own service centers by our well-trained full-time mechanics. We currently have 35 Bullets in our fleet for our tours.  We now only rent bikes in Goa and Delhi to friends and regular customers.

NEW: We now replace all of our bikes after 25,000 km or three years of service.

As of this summer, we will also be testing the first Royal Enfield 400cc Himalayan enduros in Ladakh, and later in Nepal.

Hope they fit the kickstarter by then.
It looks like they forgot them on the debut bikes.
Or could it be intentional? ;-)

Classic Bike Classic Bike

Last week in New Delhi: RC Peter managed to sit on the new Enfield Himalayan, but could not ride it. Bookings open maybe in mid-March, but no price tag so far. We will go for two of them…


And here are our own enduros...

Classic Bike Classic Bike

Classic Bike

Six years and 15 tours in Thailand, Laos and Burma were enough for us.

Peter has decided to call it a day in Southeast Asia and give up his stake in the bike fleet in Chiang Mai.
In future, we’re going to focus on our own tours in the countries and regions that we can cover with our own Enfields and crews: the entire Himalayas, from Ladakh to Spiti, Uttarkhand, Nepal, Mustang, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim. And then there’s South India, Goa, Madhya Pradesh and a bit of Rajasthan – that suits us just fine.

That also means that we’ll be saying goodbye to Sri Lanka and Vietnam, although we haven’t decided on the timing yet.

In January we were on the road again in Northern Thailand with 23 riders, and it was a great group – Falko’s friends from the mountains with the many pines once again had a great time!

Classic Bike

And Peter and Sonia as well...

Classic Bike

The next pilot tour has been set:

2017 – The grand Himachal tour with Shankar and Peter – pilot tour fans, save the date:

Join us in autumn 2017 for a PILOT TOUR in Himachal Pradesh, starting with a visit to the GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar. We worked out this route together with Road Captain Shankar Nath:


Here is another highlight of the route, Chanshal Pass:


The tour map – here's the first part of the route...


The second part of the route, here...


Another advance notice for 2018:

Peter absolutely wants to ride through Yunan (South China) and up to the legendary Shangri La in the Himalayas...

More in the next newsletter!

We are going to be on the road in Vietnam in March, on Cyprus in April and in Tibet in May.

Our next newsletter will be coming out just before the big TRIDAYS party in June. Until then, all the best from Road Captain Peter and the crew of Classic Bike Adventures.

Werner's service bus

And here’s another snap from Peter’s illustrious past, as well as the colors of “the world’s smallest MC”:

Nepal Nepal tour

An important addendum:

For breaking news on what’s really happening in Nepal following the boycott and earthquake, check out our Bikers Support Nepal Blog:

And here’s the current status of your donations (over €52,000) and how we’ve used them so far...

Bikers support Nepal

Bikers support Nepal

Latest news from Nepal: The construction of a new, permanent school building is finally set to begin in Listi in the spring. We’re chipping in 1,2 million Nepalese rupees (€12,000) toward the construction costs!

We’ll keep you posted – and plan to visit the school on our upcoming Nepal tours...

Bikers support Nepal

A little flashback into Peter’s past: in 1990, together with Sascha the “surgeon” – then and now President of the MC Night Wolves on a Dnieper in the wild days of Moscow’s counter-revolution...

Bikers support Nepal




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