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Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet at 5,200 m!
The Classic Bike Adventure group in May 2016 at Everest Base Camp in Tibet at 5,200 m!

 June 2016 Newsletter

A few personal words from Road Captain Peter: We just returned from Tibet, the land on the roof of the world. It was our final pilot tour there, and it was tough going – full of risks and Chinese harassment, and yet a complete success.

Still, this Tibet tour marks the end of the line for now. On our Enfields at any rate, the trip there is too long and the risks too great.

The tour also confirmed what we already knew: if you want to get to know the real, pure culture, landscape and way of life of Tibetan Buddhists, the only places where you can still find it is in Ladakh, Spiti and Mustang. And we’ve got plenty of tours going there every year...


Tibet Tour

Tibet Tour

This summer we’re going to party with our friends and attend a movie premiere in the Alps:

Tridays 2016

Our friend Uli Brée (photo below)...

Tridays 2016

...and his cameraman Martin Stoni documented our Nepal Solidarity Ride in November 2015, the bike tour for Peter’s Biker Charity Project.  

The film will premiere at

Triumph Tridays, 23-26 June, in Neukirchen, Austria: 

We’re really excited…

Tridays 2016

Nearly all of our Road Captains will be there, and we’re even setting up our own info stand as a meeting point.

Come along and hang out with us and find out first-hand about our tours and projects.

Our master mechanic Werner will be showing his Custom Enfield Bullets and filling us in on his plans for the next Germany-India Overland Tour. We just loaded our brand-new Enfield Scramblers into a shipping container in Goa – they’ll be on show if they get there in time.

Tridays 2016

Road Captains Tiziana, Werner, Willy, Wolfgang, and Peter are looking forward to seeing you. It’s going to be totally different than our legendary Sauerland Party, but we’re pretty certain we’re going to have blast...

Here’s a link to the party website:

and the party program download:

Tridays 2016

We don’t know exactly where our stand is going to be on the Dealer’s Boulevard, but we’re confident that you’ll find us. ;-)

Tridays 2016

Admission: Thursday is free, Friday to Sunday €18, Saturday and Sunday only €15

Royal Enfield riders are also more than welcome. In fact, one of our very own has worked out a special program for all Enfield riders:


Royal Enfield Club Royal Enfield Club Switzerland

Our old friend and Royal Enfield Club Switzerland member Werner Spitz (shown here with his co-pilot Heidi) has offered to to guide short, laid-back tours especially for TRIDAYS visitors with Enfields and classic bikes.

Here are three of the five proposed TRIDAYS Enfield/classic bike tour routes for Friday/Saturday.

Tour 1 would be on roads with a fair bit of traffic. My favorites are Tours 3 and 4, and in any case we would always have the Gerlos Pass as a special highlight.

If you’re interested in any of these rides, drop us a line at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!– we’ll coordinate the tours and let you know about our plans in good time.

Tridays Tour

Tridays Tour

Tridays Tour

One small request: please let us know in advance if you’re coming to the TRIDAYS. We want to make sure we’re well-stocked with Old Monk. Just drop us a quick email.

  Our 2016 is almost fully booked:

All five Ladakh Tours, our grand Spiti tour, the Nepal and Mustang Tour and the Bhutan Intensive Tour are booked solid. We still have a couple of bikes here:
South India - two in November and January
Nepal - one in October
Bike tours in 2016

Bike tours in 2016

Our 2017 tour program will be a mix of our classics

 Nepal – South India – Ladakh – Bhutan:

Visit for detailed info on these tours.

And here are a couple of tasty new tours we’d like to recommend today:

The new Colonial South India Tour from Goa to Cochin...

A bike tour with comfortable hotels, the finest mountain roads, hill stations and colonial-era flavor!

Goa-Kerala Tour price

The next date has already been set: Saturday, 25 Feb. – Saturday, 11 March 2017. The tour starts in Goa and ends in Cochin.
Optionally, why not spend a few days with us at Casa Tres Amigos in Goa to decompress and get used to the climate before we hit the road? We’ll be happy to send you a quote.


We’ve done two pilot runs of this tour in previous winters, with discerning groups led by our Road Captains Willy and Martin. It was a great experience for riders and guides alike. We’ve refined the route further and added a day, and it’s now part of our regular tour program.Here’s Willy’s Facebook photo album of the first tour in 2015.


Flights to Goa from Frankfurt

Flights to Goa from Frankfurt

Flights to Goa from Frankfurt

A detaile program is available for this tour – just drop us a line.

Here are a few impressions of the 2016 tour with Road Captain Martin:

Classic Bike Classic Bike

Goa-Kerala Tour

The first part of the route:
Goa Kerala Tour route

And the second part:
Goa Kerala Tour route

Uttarkhand – the new Himalayan biker’s paradise

Uttarkhand Himalaya Biker’s Paradise Tour price

Our first tour of Uttarkhand in October 2015 was a great ride and a complete success for everyone involved. Some were even lucky enough to see a live tiger in Corbett National Park! We’d love to show you everything we experienced there. We were so taken by this new Himalayan biker’s paradise that we’ve added the tour to our regular program with a few small improvements. But first, here’s a link to the FB album of Sonia’s and Peter’s best photos:

Uttarkhand Himalaya Biker’s Paradise Tour price

Uttarkhand Himalaya Biker’s Paradise Tour price

And this very special tour will be up first, from 2 to 18 February…

Madhya Pradesh Tour

Madhya Pradesh – The Heart of India Tour

The Heart of India has been a dream for us for 25 years. Now, finally, we're experiencing mystical places on selected trunk roads and jungle trails, visiting major heritage sites and experiencing nature at its best in India’s largest tiger reserves.

We’ve further optimized the route based on the experiences of the last pilot tour, and we can safely say that our Madhya Pradesh Tour is the best possible way to enjoy the Heart of India, with great roads and super (palace) hotels and lodges. Road Captain Shankar will once again be guiding this tour with great expertise and love for his country.

Madhya Pradesh Tour Madhya Pradesh Tour

Madhya Pradesh - The Heart of India Tour price

Here are the best pics of the 2016 pilot tour.

Madhya Pradesh - The Heart of India Tour

Madhya Pradesh - The Heart of India Tour

Madhya Pradesh - The Heart of India Tour

Contact us for a detailed tour itinerary with the complete routing and list of all of the hotels.

Save the date:

Fri. the 16th to Sun. the 18th of June, 2017
The next big Sauerland Party in Arnsberg, Germany!

Sauerland Party in Arnsberg, Germany

A bit of internal news:

Wolfgang Schulte Wolfgang Schulte Wolfgang Schulte

We tapped our old friend and partner, Wolfgang Schulte from Spain/Brazil/Germany as a new Road Captain. With 19 (!) Classic Bike Adventure tours in 25 years under his belt, he now has the personal and professional freedom to guide several tours a year for us.

He’ll be kicking the season off with two Ladakh tours in August, after which he joins RC Peter for the grand Spiti tour.

Road Captain Shankar

Road Captain Shankar completed his first Classic Bike Adventure tour with flying colors and is now a full-fledged member of the crew. He’ll be guiding tours in Ladakh in the summer and Madhya Pradesh in February.

The new Himachal tour originally planned for October 2017 – which was scouted and will be guided by RC Shankar – has been postponed by one year. We are going to announce the new dates in the autumn. The dates below are NO LONGER correct!

Himachal Pilot Tour

Himachal Pilot Tour Price


Andreas Liese

Andreas Liese, a Road Captain apprentice in recent years, has left our team by mutual consent.

Peter Völk

Peter Völk has reason to celebrate!

Last winter it occurred to me that some of our most faithful bikers have been on more than ten tours with us. That kind of dedication really calls for a reward, so I decided that the first to hit twenty tours will get the next tour on the house.

I touched base with our pilot-tour regulars, and some had already logged 14 or 15 tours (!)

Then along comes our “Big Peter” Völk and gives me this list:

Peter has been on twelve pilot tours and eight tours from our regular program.

1. 1996: Spiti
2. 1997: Ladakh
3. 1999: Magic Nepal Pilot Tour
4. 1999: Golden October
5. 2000: Magic Nepal
6. 2000: Trans Nepal Pilot Tour
7. 2001: Spiti
8. 2002: South India Pilot Tour with Action Team
9. 2003: Sikkim-Bhutan Pilot Tour
10. 2004: Sri Lanka Pilot Tour
11. 2005: South India
12. 2006: Rajasthan
13. 2006: Zanskar Pilot Tour
14. 2007: Tibet Pilot Tour
15. 2008: Sikkim-Bhutan
16. 2009: Ladakh Three Lakes Pilot Tour
17. 2010: Thailand Pilot Tour
18. 2011: Spiti via Sach Pass Pilot Tour
19. 2012: Nepal-Muktinath Pilot Tour
20. 2015: Uttarakhand Pilot Tour

Peter tops our ranking, and his next tour is on us! Congratulations!!

Casa Tres Amigos, Goa – history

The Casa Tres Amigos in Goa will remain open until April of next year, and after that our traditional home base will be history. Peter is going to sell the Casa and finally settle in the Himalayas. Our bike tour company is already on its way to its new headquarters in the Kullu Valley.

Casa Tres Amigos, Goa

We still have one shared season ahead of us – Peter, Ranjita, Werner and the whole team will once again go the extra mile for you until the end of March. Our South India tours will will start and end at the Casa one last time, and we’ve already found a new base in Asvem for the post-Casa era. All will be revealed soon...

Our room rates are now significantly lower, on average by nearly 20%. We streamlined our price list with fewer rates and better prices – also during peak season over Christmas and New Years.

So, that wraps up all the latest news from the worlds of Classic Bike Adventures and Casa Tres Amigos – we’ll be back with another newsletter in the fall.

Have a great summer and keep the shiny side up!
And keep dreaming of your next adventure with us!

See you soon – cruising in the Himalayas, in Goa and the South of India, in M.P., “the heart of India”, in Vietnam, or just relaxing in Goa…

Your Road Captain Peter, with Aslam, Hubert, Joe, Martin, Raju, Raja, Ramesh, Ranjita, Shekar, Sonam, Sonia, Sonu, Sunny, Tiz, Werner, Willy, Wolfgang and the whole Casa Tres Amigos Crew

And finally, a few more photo impressions:
These were taken in Tibet in June 2016:  

Himachal Pilot Tour

Tiziana sent us the link to the FB album of the North Vietnam Tour in March 2016

North Vietnam Tour

The next tour in March 2017 is fully booked.
We’ll be back in 2018, though!

North Vietnam Tour price




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