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Newsletter 01.2009

Dear Classic Bike Adventure & Casa Tres Amigos friends,
Kuzuzangpo, Julley, Namaste!

We've just wrapped up our most successful Himalaya and Nepal season ever. We successfully completed nine expeditions and tours, and the countless adventures we experienced are now fond memories.

Martin is back from Nepal and Rajasthan, Peter has returned from Sikkim and Bhutan, and the truck with our crew and 17 bikes has made it safely back to our tropical "home" in Goa. We're ready to roll with our winter program.


Casa Tres Amigos News

We kicked off our Goa season in late October. Here are a few impressions of the first weeks of the season...

Peters new Tower
a cold beer after a dusty tour
December-Group with new 500ccm Bullets
Internet-surfing in the cottage

A number of rooms and cottages are still available in the Casa from 16 February to 18 April. Those of you living in Europe might want to look into Condor's surprisingly economical direct flights to Goa from Frankfurt. Check it out :

We also still have a couple of openings for Harald and Sabine's Yoga and Ayurveda Group at the Casa Tres Amigos from 2 to 16 February. Now being held for the third time, this group is a great way to experience yoga and ayurveda. Beginners and interested bikers are welcome, of course. For more info, please drop a line to

20 Years of Classic Bike India - Party in Sauerland, Germany on 22-24 May 2009

Our Sauerland Party plans are taking shape.

We don't want to reveal too many details at this point, but you certainly can expect a big show of photos taken throughout the last 20 years during our Classic Bike Adventure project in Goa, India and Nepal. Road Captain Martin will be presenting his new CD and playing live, and we've also planned an Enfield tour and biker games. The Husemannkeller and Reiner's friendly crew will once again handle catering, and a cover band and rock & blues DJs will also be there!

If you'd like to come to the party and want to stay in a hotel or guest house in Arnsberg, be sure to reserve a room soon, as Arnsberg is usually booked solid on holiday weekends like this one.

Accommodation tips, photos, addresses ...

CBA Sauerland Party 2007
CBA Sauerland Party 2007

We recommend the following places to stay in old Arnsberg:

Country Lodge - a farmhouse hotel with a rustic restaurant in rural surroundings, as well as horses
Hotel Zur Linde - a midrange hotel and restaurant
Gasthof Ratskeller - a guest house with rooms in the middle of the old town
Hotel - Cafe Altes Backhaus - a romantic hotel with a small restaurant and garden
Gasthof Gambrinus - good rooms, good cooking, central location
Hotel Landsberger Hof - good rooms, good cooking, central location
Gasthof Zum Grünen Haus - a simple guest house, basic rooms, affordable prices

We have room for camping on the meadow around the hall, and there will be plenty of space for camper busses as well. We will be setting up an open-air shower, and a dormitory will also be available. Thursday is a holiday in Germany, so feel free to arrive early!

All we ask is that you let us know in advance that you'll be coming to help us with our planning. Just drop us a line at

Classic Bike Adventure India News :

Our Tropical South tours are really popular again this year.

The second group is on the road right now, and everyone's having great time.

And for the second time, the whole group is riding our new 500cc Machismo Bullets with electric starters and gear change on the left.

We now have a total of 17 brand-new Machismo Bullets on the road!

Our comfortable new Tata pickup is now serving as the backup jeep.
It has AC, room for three passengers and a 220V power point that can handle all of your gadget-charging needs on the road.

We still have a couple of openings for this winter season:

South India:
1 bike available - Thu, 5 Feb. to Thu, 19 Feb. 2009

South India Long Trail:
3 bikes available - Thu, 22 Jan. to Thu, 5 Feb. 2009

Our Rajasthan Palace Tour in February 2009 is fully booked;
in November we still have 3 bikes available.
The date: Thu, 19 Nov. to Mon, 7 Dec. 2009

We still have quite a few openings for Nepal, with bikes available on the tours in March and October (only the first date).
The dates: Fri, 6 Mar. to Sun, 22 Mar. 2009 and Fri, 2 Oct. to Sun, 18 Oct. 2009

Our summer program in Zanskar & Ladakh is almost fully booked.

Ladakh Overland and the first Zanskar & Ladakh are full.

Bikes are still available for the second Zanskar & Ladakh tour. The dates: Sat, 22 Aug. to Sun, 6 Sep. 2009

The "Little Tibet" Spiti tour is also fully booked.

And here's a special opportunity for the experienced Himalayan tourers among you:

Two bikes are still available on our 3-week Ladakh pilot tour covering three lakes, the Nubra Valley and Indo-Aryan villages. For more information on this tour, please contact Road Captain Peter directly at

Coole Classic Bikers in India....
Our new Tata Backup-Jeep
Bikers have morefun...
on the road in nepal
right outfit ?

Sikkim & Bhutan:

Two bikes have become available again on the long tour in April due to a cancellation because of illness.

The dates: Thu, 4 Nov. to Sun, 26 Nov. 2009

The 11-day Bhutan tour from Wed, 21 Oct. to Sat, 31 Oct. 2009

This new tour will be taking place for the first time in October - four bikes are still available.

with 17 Bikes in Bhutan on Tour - November 2008


Northern Thailand on 500cc Royal Enfield Bullets

Peter is kicking off a new project, cruising the wild northern reaches of Thailand and into Laos. So far, it promises plenty of new adventures. It's still too early to go into detail on the tour. You can expect more information and photos at the Sauerland Party, and we'll be accepting reservations for the pilot tour after the party - we'll be hitting the trail in December 2009 at the earliest!

The Darjeeling School - an aid project in India that deserves our support...

Andy, our popular local guide in Sikkim & Darjeeling, introduced us to a charitable organization in Dortmund, Germany, that intends to set up a school in Darjeeling for disadvantaged children (orphans, kids from single-parent households or poor families).

school in Darjeeling

As you may know, Darjeeling has a number of good schools. However, many families can't afford the tuition they charge.

Andy comes from such a disadvantaged family, and he had the great fortune to receive financial support to attend a good school from the fifth grade onward.

He would now like to give children from poor families the opportunity to receive an affordable yet high-quality education to break the cycle of poverty. We're convinced that he is an absolutely reliable partner and talented organizer, and want to support him in his project.


Our motto is "give a gift of education".

We would like to provide financial support for the following tasks:

Non-recurring expenditures

Setting up a school in Darjeeling

  • construction of a single-story school building suitable for expansion, initially with six classrooms
  • purchase of school furnishings, educational materials and toys

Recurring expenditures

School resources

  • annual registration fee
  • monthly tuition
  • basic necessities (school uniforms, shoes, writing materials)
  • "school books

Parental guidance

  • parent-teacher meetings to discuss hygiene, preventive healthcare and nutrition
  • promotion of ecological awareness

Provision of healthcare to students

  • regular physical exams
  • medical attention in case of emergencies
  • coverage of treatment costs
  • coverage of pharmaceutical costs
kids on the way to school
Andy & friends

We also intend to cooperate closely with our Indian partner association and the teachers for our mutual benefit and to jointly develop our shared ideas.

We are currently in the process of founding an association. We expect to attain official recognition as a non-profit organization in December 2008. We will then be able to issue official donation receipts recognized by the German tax authorities. If you would like to make a donation, please contact the tax authorities of your home country regarding its status as a tax deduction. We'd be delighted to send you our account number and bank code for donations, of course. Andy will be founding an NGO in Darjeeling as a counterpart to our organization.

To ensure that we can start building in 2009, we're looking for people who are willing to support our idea with donations. We hope to open the school in spring of 2010. We are also seeking people willing to act as personal sponsors of individual students from poor families by covering the entire cost (approx. €250.00 a year) of their education.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call me at +49-231-178537.

Season's Greetings from Steffi Lücking in Dortmund, Germany :


we want you Welcome to Rajasthan
Kids in Bhutan

So, that's all for now.

Tashi Delek and Happy New Year

See you soon,

Peter and the Classic Bike Adventure Crew


Welcome to India !

Crew of 12.2008

Overview of All Tours & Groups in 2009





Thu, 8 Jan. to Thu, 22 Jan. 2009

Goa & South India

fully booked


Thu, 22 Jan. to Thu, 5 Feb. 2009

Goa & South India Long Trail



Thu, 5 Feb. to Thu, 19 Feb. 2009

Goa & South India



Thu, 26 Feb. to Thu, 12 Mar. 2009

 Goa & South India

fully booked


Fri, 20 Feb. to Sun, 8 Mar. 2009

Magic Nepal

fully booked


Fri, 6 Mar. to Sun. 22 Mar. 2009

Magic Nepal



Thu, 9 Apr. to Sun, 26 Apr. 2009

Sikkim & Bhutan



Thu, 25 Jun. to Sun, 12 Jul.

Ladakh Overland

fully booked


Sat, 11 Jul. to Sun, 26 Jul. 2009 

Ladakh & Zanskar

fully booked


Sat, 1 Aug. to Sun, 23 Aug. 2009 

Pilot tour: The Three Lakes - Ladakh



Sat, 22 Aug. to Sun, 6 Sep. 2009

Ladakh & Zanskar



Fri, 11 Sep. to Tue, 29 Sep. 2009 

Little Tibet

fully booked


Fri, 2 Oct. to Sun, 18 Oct. 2009

Magic Nepal



Fri, 16 Oct, to Sun, 1 Nov. 2009 

Magic Nepal

fully booked


Wed, 21 Oct. to Sat, 31 Oct. 2009

Bhutan Tour



Sat, 10 Oct. to Sat, 24 Oct. 2009

Goa & South India

fully booked


Thu, 5 Nov. to Sun, 22 Nov.

Sikkim & Bhutan Group



Thu, 19 Nov. to Mon, 7 Dec. 2009




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Namaste´- Yulley - Kuzuzangpo - Tashi Delek - Happy Biking !
Peter and the Classic Bike Adventure Crew

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