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Autumn/Winter 2007 Newsletter

Dear Classic Bike Adventure friends,


Just a brief sign of life from us, as we don't have very much downtime between the many Himalaya tours in this season.
Summer is winding down - not only in Europe and North America, but in Ladakh as well.

We took a total of four biker expeditions through the Indian Himalayas so far this year.

Our destinations were Ladakh and Zanskar, and once again we had no shortage of adventure, cruising "over the hills and far away..."
The golden autumn is now coming up, and with it a string of fully-booked tours in the Indian Himalayas, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan! We're really looking forward to them.

We're also gearing up for winter - with five tours in southern India and two in Rajasthan. Bikes are still available for all of our winter tours.

The dates:

Goa and Southern India
Thu. 15 Nov. - Thu. 29 Nov. 2007
Thu. 6 Dec. - Thu. 20 Dec. 2007
Thu. 10 Jan. - Thu. 24 Jan. 2008
Thu. 7 Feb. - Thu. 21 Feb. 2008
Thu. 28 Feb. - Thu. 13 Mar. 2008


Thu. 22 Nov. - Mon. 10 Dec. 2007
Thu. 31 Jan. - Mon. 18 Feb. 2008 (almost fully booked).

7. Local Kidas at Suru Campground (Small)

Please check our website for tour details.
For more information and booking, please contact us directly.

Tibet Gruppe vor dem Potala in Lhasa 2007

Our ever-popular CASA TRES AMIGOS - simply the best address for a relaxing Bike & Beach vacation in tropical Goa - will soon be opening for the season. We still have quite a few openings in our romantic cottages and rooms, and as always, our classic 500cc Bullets are available on request.

CASA TRES AMIGOS will be open from 1 November through April 2008.
For more information, please visit and

Gruppe in Südindien (Small)

Tibet Motorbike Tours - no thanks!

In June, we traveled Tibet for the first time with a group of eleven bikers.

It was a great adventure, but also a very sobering experience.
Our conclusion: Tibet Motorbike Tours - no thanks!

Together with our tour participants, we decided that despite the best possible preparation and the use of our own 500cc Bullets, the joy of traveling, insights into the country and experiences with its people simply didn't outweigh the high cost and inevitable stress of the tour.

We therefore want to concentrate on the Indian Himalayas, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan, where we can be certain that our tours will be a joy for everyone, with plenty of adventure, fun in the saddle, value for money, an atmosphere of freedom and the independence to organize our tours as we please.

If you'd like to experience Tibetan Buddhists and their centuries-old monasteries and culture in liberty, it's possible here.


Tibet Gruppe vor Potala3 (Small)
Tibet 125
Tibet 095
Tibet 191

New: Classic Bike Revival Tours in Southern India and Spiti Valley

Two of our most popular tours are now back in our program.
We've organized so many different tours in the past 18 years that the occasional favorite was bound to fall by the wayside.

We're going to revisit two of our personal top choices from the 1990s, and if the routes are still as good as our memories of them, we'll add them to our regular program. For now, let's call them "Classic Bike Revival Tours".
Both are essentially pilot tours, so they can only be booked directly through us. The number of participants is limited, so don't wait too long.

South India Scouting Tour
(with the original routing from 1995, last run in 1999!) )

Date: 24 Jan. - 7 Feb. 2008

Three days in the tropical paradise of Goa, followed by a 12-day tour of southern India - a classic route that we rode about 20 times from 1995 to 1999, adding new points of interest from year to year.

The tour features one highlight after another: Starting in Goa, with its gorgeous, palm-fringed beaches and unique Portuguese flavor, we'll take the coastal road south along the Arabian Sea.

 The tour will take us through bustling harbor towns and peaceful byroads to the Nilgiri Hills (and the highest peak in southern India, Dottabetta with its 2,780 meters). We'll be visiting the hill stations and cruising through endless tea and coffee plantations of the Coorg Region and riding elephants through the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, where we'll be staying in a jungle farm.

The Maharaja City of Mysore with its bazaars, temples and palaces is a high point of the tour. The Jain temples and monuments of the ancient Hoysala Empire are as much a part of this classic tour as the holy cows and working elephants along the road.

You can look forward to nearly 2,000 action-packed kilometers on the road. RC Peter will be doing the honors, and we'll be testing new routes, hotels and resorts - a real pilot tour. We want to keep the group small and manageable, so to take part, please contact Peter directly at .

Here's the map of the route.

Classic Bike Revival - Little Tibet Tour 

The Spiti/Sutlej/Kullu Valley Tour with the route featured in the DSF TV report tour in 1995! )

Date: Fri. 12 Sept. - Sun. 28 Sept. 2008

Himalayas - our touring tip for insiders

We promise you nearly 2,000 km of cruising fun and outdoor adventure in the most exciting part of the Indian Himalayas. T

o find out more, check out our DVD with DSF's coverage of our first successful tour of this route in 1995. Just contact us to order a copy. The audio is in German, but the visuals speak for themselves.

RC Peter will be leading the tour, and we'll be testing new routes, guest houses and resorts - a real pilot tour. 

We want to keep the group small and manageable, so for more information or to take part, please contact Peter directly at

Here's the map of the route.


10. Yangs from Bhutan in her local dress

Full house in Bhutan and Sikkim - our next tours to the magic kingdoms of Buddhism are already fully booked.

Our fourth and fifth tours in the exclusive, rarely visited Buddhist mountain world in the eastern Himalayas in November 2007 and April 2008 are currently booked to capacity.

The tour in April is going to take us through eastern Bhutan and into the Indian tea-growing region of Assam - a pilot tour that will be decisive for the routing of the next Bhutan tour in November 2008.

RC Peter's Bhutanese friend Yangden will be complementing our guide team on both tours. Peter and Bhutanese local guide Dawa will also be supporting all of our Bhutan tours.

We're convinced that Sikkim and Bhutan offer some of the tastiest routes for bikers in the entire Himalayan region, so you can count on us to return there often with our classic Royal Enfields.


bhutan1 bhutan2 bhutan3

Mark your calendar now:

Summer 2008: We have two Ladakh and Zanskar Himalaya Tours each with Willy and Martin at the helm. And once again, we've scheduled the first tour pair so that they can be combined for the ultimate, 4-week Himalaya experience.

The dates:
Thu. 26 Jun. - Sun. 13 Jul. 2008   Ladakh Overland Expedition
Sat. 12 Jul. - Sun. 27 Jul. 2008    Zanskar & Ladakh Expedition
Sat. 26 Jul. - Sun. 10 Aug. 2008   Zanskar & Ladakh Expedition
Thu. 21 Aug. - Sun. 7 Sept. 2008  Ladakh Overland Expedition

Book the Ladakh Overland and Zanskar tours together for a discount of €500.00!

2009: The return of our extended three-week tours

You've requested it time and again, and we're making it happen.
In 2009, our big three-week tours will be back.

In February, we'll be kicking things off with a tour of southern India, and a Bhutan and Sikkim Tour is scheduled for April.

Our Little Tibet tour through the Spiti, Sutlej and Kullu Valleys in September is still our "insider secret".

We'll fill in the details in our next newsletter and on our website in 2008.



Enfield Bullet 500cc - Bike Fleet News:

The new 500cc Enfield Bullet Machismo features a five-speed gearbox with the gearshift on the left, electric starter and low-emission engine.

This model, which has been marketed in Europe as the Bullet 65, is now available in India.

We've ordered two Machismos and are going to put them through their paces next year before deciding on further purchases to freshen up our fleet of over 30 Enfield Bullets.


Peter und seine 4. Enduro Bullet (Small)
Die neue 500cc Bullet (Small)

We also have two new 250cc Honda Touring Bikes, a lightweight, easy-to-ride alternative to the classic Royal Enfields.

Our bike pool also features four custom Enfield XT 500 enduros.

These very special Enfields are available free of charge on selected tours.

We can only provide them if they're free at the start of your tour. If you're interested, please request one as early as possible, and we naturally can't guarantee their availability.

Latest news - Germany-India Overland Tour 2008-2009

Our Overland Tour organizers Marco and Werner have decided that the Overland Tour from Europe to India in autumn 2008 will not be open for public booking.

Instead, it'll be an essentially private scouting tour for a small circle of friends, and we won't be taking Royal Enfields, but classic Yamaha XT 600 enduros. The bikes will have German registration and carnets de passage.
Werner is currently organizing the bikes and equipping them for the tour.

Based on the experience of the scouting group, Marco and Werner will then decide whether we'll offer commercial overland motorcycle tours in future.

In spring 2009, Peter and Marco will be driving the big blue bus from Goa to Arnsberg, Germany.
Nothing speaks against a select few regular customers and friends joining them - either as bus passengers or in a convoy on their own motorcycles - but we still have to work out the details.

All that's certain at the moment is that they'll be leaving Goa in late March and arriving in mid-May, in time for the big
The tour is slated to last six or seven weeks, and if you're interested, drop Peter a line:

Email :


Classic Bike Adventure 20th Anniversary Party in Germany from 22 to 24 May 2009.
(Pencil in those dates right now!)

Here's a small selection of photos of our Biker Party in Germany in May 2007. 250 visitors turned up, and over 90 partied with us over the entire long weekend. Two biker clubs dropped by to see us, and we all had a great time, indoors and out.
On Saturday, we put together our veteran Touring Bullet - a bike with over 100,000 km on the clock that we transported from India to Germany in bits - and took it out for an initial test scoot.

CBA Sauerland Party 2007 (21) (Small)

So, that's all for now. Next week, we're off to Spiti...

See you soon,

Peter and the Classic Bike Adventure Crew

 om “ Shanit Om “ ..

Peter & die Classic Bike Adventure Crew

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