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Everybody knows, there’s no better advertising then mouth to mouth!

We have asked our “satisfied customers” from all over the world if they would be
willing to answer any question about our bike adventure tours that you might want to ask.

All were happy to be added to our list of contacts. 

The list includes the information which tours they have booked with us and how many.
Upon your request we will send their email addresses to you.


P1070671 (Small)Sorry, but for reasons of respecting our friend’s privacy we do not want to publish any email addresses on our website.


So who ever would like to directly contact any of these people and get first-hand information, you are most welcome to get in touch with these bikers and ask your questions...









 8. Group at  Karsha Monastery (Small)
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 Gruppenbild vor dem Kloster Spittuk im Indus Valley, auf  einer von- 4 Ladakh Touren im vergangenen Sommer (Small)
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Mr. John & Jen Plate Australia - 2nd tour with us  
Mr. Martin LaBand & Mrs. Marina Morgan Australia - 2nd tour with us
Mr. Fred Daniel Freshley  USA
Mr. Noah Fleischmann   USA
Mr. Jan Christian Karssiens  USA
Mrs. Maureen Richardson & Mr. "Shorty" Halfacre    Tasmania
Mr. Anton Bullmann UK & Switzerland - 9th  tour with us
Mr. Kurt Hannig Switzerland
Mr. Kurt Gøran Andersen Norway - 3rd tour with us


Mr. Tomas Jorge Hinrichsen Argentina
Mr . Rodolfo Bluthgen   Argentina

BHUTAN 2011 

Mr. René Urbany & Mrs. Monique Lorang Luxembourg - 3rd tour with us
Mr. Julian Rivett UK 
Mr. Chokspit, Arin                                                    Thailand
Mr. Cunningham, Ian                                             UK
Mr. Timmis, Nigel                                                      UK


Mr. Anthony Overton &. Chris Overton Australia - 2nd tour with 
Mr. David Nuttall& Geoff Nuttall Australia
Mr. Ulrich Bree   Austria - 2nd tour with us 
Mr. Kari Wilska Finland
Mr. Ruben Ramirez jr. USA
Mr. Buergi, Stephan & Mrs.  Hannah Foxall Buergi Switzerland
Mr. Paul Comyn + Mr Duncan Stone Australia
Mr. Albert van Nunen Karioen Netherlands
Mr. Wolf F. Schulte  Brasil /Spain  - 9th  tour with us 
Mrs. Ana Cordón Alvarez Spain
Dr. Axel von der Wense  Germany
Mr. Daniel Schmid Switzerland
Mr. Iwo Steiner Switzerland
Mr. Werner Dieringer & Mrs. Daniela Dieringer  Austria
Mr. Mick Koellner Australia
Mr. Mark van Domelle Australia
Mr. Geoff St. Claire Australia
Mr. Neil Hardyment Australia
Mr. Andreas Liese  Germany - 4th tour with us

NEPAL 2013 

Mr. Glenn Pound & Mrs. Sue Pound Australia - 3nd tour with us 
Mr. Steve Roys Australia
Mr. Paul Walker  Australia
Mr. John Powell   UK
Mr. Daniel Marti & Samuel Marti Switzerland
Mr. Jason Melchner USA - 2nd tour with us 
Mrs. Everyn Seth Germany
Mr. Kurt Gøran Andersen Norway - 3rd tour with us


Mr. Robert Kampf USA  - 3rd tour with us 
Mr. Bernhard Fuerter Germany - 3rd Tour with us 
Mr. Wolfgang Oberlik  Austria - 2nd tour with us 
Mr. Peter Robinson   New Zealand - 4th tour with us 

SRI LANKA 2013 & 2014

Mr. Bernhard & Birgit Meyer-Jordan  Germany - more than 10 tours with us
Mr. Jürgen Heinze & Marita Heinze  Germany
Mr. Hamit Yildiz  Turkey
Mr. Richard Young  UK
Mr. Fred  Stanyer  UK
Mr. Jason Melcher USA - 2nd tour with 
Mr. Gerard Cawley Australia
Mrs. Kay Bryant Australia
Mr. Rainer Hellberg  Germany - 5th tour with us  
Mr. Frans van Driessche  Holland
Mr. Kurt Martz Germany - 8th tour with 
Mrs. Shelly Kapfhammer USA
Mr. Steve Morefield Bhutan  - more than 10 tours with us 
Mrs. Tiziana Warmerdam  Holland  - more than 10 tours with us 

Goa & South India 2012-14

Mr. Neil Preston  UK
Mr. René Henzen  Switzerland  - 2nd  tour with us 
Mr. Rene Honegger Switzerland  - 2nd  tour with us 
Mrs. Karen & Denis McLaughlin Canada
Ms. Toyya & Wendell Craze UK
Mr. Tim & Erin Robertson Australia
Mrs. Lola & Randall Tinney Australia
Mr. Roman Plachy Czechia 
Mr. Josef Melzer Czechia
Mr. Zdenek Klucina Czechia
Mrs. Jolanta & Adrzej Pietrzak Polland
Mr. Anthony Harris  UK
Mr. Adrian Kalinkiewicz   Poland  -  5th tour with us 
Mr. Altan Dayakac Turkey  -  2nd tour with us 
 Mr. Glenn Pound & Mrs. Sue Pound  Australia - 3rd tour with us

Tibet 2012

Mr. Peter Scheuble Switzerland  -  2rd tour with us
Mr. Bruno Kunz Switzerland  -  2rd tour with us
Mrs. Astrid von Viebahn Germany  - 3rd tour with us
Mr. Estaphoulos Agoropoulos Greece
Mr. Axel Riecke Germany - 4rd tour with us 
Mr. Anthony Bullman Portugal / Switzerland - 6th tour with us
Mr. Hubert Neubauer Austria  - 8th tour with us 
Mr. Eric Mattucci Luxembourg  - 3rd tour with us
Mrs. Stephanie Bley   Luxembourg  - 3rd tour with us
Mr. Michael Witko Germany  -  5th tour with us
Mrs. Anita Mr Südhaus Germany - 2nd tour with us
Mr. Wolf F.  Brasil / Spain  -  9th tour with us 

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