Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc – Our Bikes

With the Royal Enfield Bullet through India, Bhutan and Nepal

With its classic charm and cult status, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc is a unique riding experience. Tough enough to handle anything the subcontinent can throw at it, the Bullet is at home on highways and in deserts, in steamy rainforests and on breathtaking mountain passes at up to 5,600 meters. Relaxed cruising is the thing – speed is never a priority. The Bullet rider’s motto is simple: stay cool, no matter what the circumstances. After all, the legendary Bullet isn’t meant to be thrashed, but to be savored by laid-back riders with a sense of adventure.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc – feel-good factor and pure riding pleasure

If you’ve never ridden a Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc, you’ve been missing out. With a Bullet, cruising is always the order of the day; actual performance is more or less secondary. On a Bullet, you don’t merely ride – you’re enthroned like an English aristocrat, relaxed but with perfect poise and the typical right-angled knees.

Unforgettable touring experiences on a Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc

We currently have 35 Bullets in our fleet, all featuring electric starters, carburetors and gearshifts on the left. The bikes are maintained in our own service centers by our qualified, well-trained, full-time mechanics. We retire the bikes after 50,000 kilometers or five years at the latest. Fully comprehensive insurance (500 euros deductible) is always included.

With the combination of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc and the backdrop of the Indian subcontinent, every tour makes a lasting impression. You can count on us for genuine adventures – never one size fits all, but extraordinary and unique experiences.

The Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc with touring kit – fun in the saddle guaranteed

We rely on the carburetor version of the Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc. The 27 hp bikes have all been specially equipped for tours in India, Bhutan and Nepal. Our touring kit includes rugged leather saddlebags, butterfly crash bars, optimized touring handlebars, twin horns and exhaust systems that liberate the Bullet’s authentic deep thump. The effective front disc brake and the two large 19-inch wheels with all-terrain tires add to your riding confidence and safety.

A moving history – nearly 120 years of Royal Enfield motorcycles

Royal Enfield was founded in 1893, and the company launched its first motorcycle in 1901. This makes Royal Enfield the oldest motorcycle make in the world with uninterrupted production. For almost 70 years, the design and production facilities of this legendary make were located in England. In 1970, production in England ceased due to lack of demand – a fate shared by all major British motorcycle manufacturers around that time.

Meanwhile, production of the Royal Enfield Bullet machines continued to this day in Madras, India. Bullets are considered a luxury-class people’s bike, combining adventure with traditional values and feel-good character, so Indians place great value on the “Royal” moniker. The popularity of the Bullet and its special place in riders’ hearts has not changed to this day.

From tropical Goa to spectacular tours in the Himalayas

Speed may not be the objective, you can be sure that our exciting tours of India and the unique Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc riding experience will get your adrenaline flowing. Our tours take you directly from tropical Goa to the mountainous landscapes of southern India, for example.

And you won’t spend the whole time in the saddle of your Bullet: we provide additional kicks with activities such as white water rafting and jeep safaris. We take time for the legendary beaches of Goa and show you mystical Hindu sites. Or would you rather reach for the sky in the spectacular landscapes of the Himalayas? We offer you the best Himalayan tours on the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet.

Beyond India – riding experiences with BMWs and touring enduros in Tibet and China

Royal Enfields are not available everywhere – and they don’t necessarily fit every road in the world. In Tibet and China, we deploy on our own fleet of 18 motorcycles, consisting of the BMW F 800, R 1200 and G 310 GS models and the Chinese-made 27 hp, 400cc single-cylinder Shineray X5 Adventure.

All of our bikes in China and Tibet, whether BMW or Shineray, feature premium touring equipment with aluminum cases.
The Shineray has a seat height of 82 centimeters, while the 800 GS is available with a low seat at 78 centimeters.