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OverlandTours are motorcycle tours that go beyond the usual vacation time frame. They are made for people who feel the urge to follow rivers all the way to their source and have the time to immerse themselves in a great adventure. On our Overland Tours, borders and other obstacles are simply challenges to be overcome as we cross whole continents and explore the most diverse landscapes and cultures. Load up your bike, cast your eye toward the horizon and get ready for your next adventure. The key to your bike can unlock the whole world. Are you ready to roll?

Munich – Tibet


26.04. – 11.06.2024 (with extension: until 17.06.)
07.06. – 23.07.2024 (with extension: until 29.07.)

24.04. – 10.06.2025 (with extension: until 16.06.)
05.06. – 22.07.2025
(with extension: until 28.07.)

Riding the Silk Road to the Roof of the World – The Silk Road Motorcycle Tour is a superlative adventure follows ancient trade routes from Munich to Lhasa, through 14 countries, over 12,500 kilometers, and across the continents of Europe and Asia. This spectacular tour traces Eurasian caravan routes to Tibet, the Roof of the World, and links numerous highlights of the historical and modern Silk Road.

Tour Overview

India Trans Himalaya Tour


09.06. – 07.07.2024

This unique motorcycle journey takes us from the foothills of the Himalayas along the holy river Ganges to the highest heights of the Indian Himalayas and across brand new roads and tracks to Zanskar and Ladakh. Our adventure begins with a domestic flight from Delhi to Dehradun, from where we take a private transport to. Rishikesh is the undisputed yoga capital of the world and a spiritual point of longing for entire generations. It all started with the Beatles meditating in an Ashram here in the late 1960s, bringing their fans closer to India.

Tour Overview

Indochina Overland Tour


16.11. – 01.12.2024

15.02. – 02.03.2025 || 15.11. – 30.11.2025

Discover Southeast Asia overland in 16 days on breathtaking mountain roads. This one-of-a-kind motorcycle adventure will take you on a journey from Northern Thailand, passing along the banks of the Mekong River, through the stunning karst mountains of Laos, and finally to the largest temple complex on earth, Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. You’ll be immersed in dream-like landscapes as you navigate always-curving mountain roads and gain a unique, up-close understanding of the country and its people, away from the typical tourist routes. This tour offers a one-of-a-kind experience, brand new to our program.

Tour Overview

A new Adventure is waiting for you!

Motorcycle Tours in India: Discover India for yourself!

Overland Tours are a new adventure series in the Classic Bike Adventure program. Each tour lasts at least three weeks and covers multiple countries. Our Overland Tours are unforgettable adventures that combine the most spectacular landscapes and sights off the beaten path – at an unhurried pace and supported by an experienced team on the ground. A succession of local guides share their expertise and language skills to give you insights into their respective home countries, while your English-speaking motorcycle tour guide accompanies you for the duration of the journey. Our Overland Tours are adventures where anything can happen, and we say: bring it on! We take ferries, paved roads, trails, switchbacks and rugged mountain roads. We ride through high-altitude valleys, over alpine mountain passes, through steppes, deserts and salt flats. We spend the nights in unusual places – in caravanserais, yurt camps, monasteries, with local families and even in tree houses. We’re always looking for that very special experience. And we always go the extra mile to find it.

On our Munich-Tibet Overland Tour, we travel more than 12,500 kilometers. We follow the ancient Silk Road, ride to Everest Base Camp, and cross the Roof of the World on our way to Lhasa – a journey that has a prime place on the bucket lists of many riders. And while adventure is at the heart of the journey and part of the package of every Overland Tour, safety is a major priority. A support vehicle with a mechanic is always nearby, so we can stay cool and flexible – no matter what might arise. If you’re free to embark on the journey of a lifetime, adaptable when faced with the unforeseen, and interested in exploring different cultures and adventures, then you’ve come to the right place.

Questions & Answers

Can you help with the visa applications?2020-04-27T19:23:05+00:00

In the course of your travel preparations, we’ll send you detailed information on obtaining visas and recommend agencies that will take care of the applications for you.

Support vehicle2020-04-27T19:22:23+00:00

The tour will be accompanied by a support vehicle that can carry a motorcycle for a limited time in case of emergencies such as technical failures or illness of the rider. It also offers seats for pillion passengers.

How much baggage can I put in the support vehicle?2020-04-27T19:21:50+00:00

The support vehicle can accommodate one carry-on size item weighing up to 10 kg per person. Other items, especially things that you may need during the riding day such as additional clothing, snacks, drinks, etc., are better stored in your cases or waterproof bags on your bike.


The journey is suitable for pillion passengers. Our support vehicle offers a limited number of seats for passengers to use as they please in bad weather or other situations.

Altitude sickness and availability of oxygen2020-04-27T19:16:16+00:00

Please contact a physician who can prescribe Diamox, a medication that can be taken in advance to prevent altitude sickness in Tibet.
Groups taking Diamox experience little or no symptoms of altitude sickness. For the smooth operation of the tour, your personal health and wellbeing, and for a pleasant travel experience in Tibet, we strongly recommend that you consult your physician regarding Diamox.
We can supply medical oxygen for emergencies from Kashgar onwards.