Cyprusis the birthplace of Aphrodite – the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire. Not a bad prerequisite for a relaxing vacation! The island’s natural wellness package includes the three Cs – climate, cuisine and culture. With its location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa and 300 days of sunshine a year, visitors can look forward to an exciting mix of food and sights. Moreover, the mountainous Cyprus is Europe’s third largest Mediterranean island, so there’s wealth of bike tours waiting to be tackled. We’ll take care of everything else – your team of island specialists who know every road and track like the backs of our hands. Classic Bike Adventure has put together the most spectacular routes for you. Cruise with us up the almost 2000-meter high Mt. Olympos and across the rugged Akamas Peninsula, experience places that aren’t in the guide books and enjoy some of the best taverns and wineries on the island. Yamas!

Cyprus Motorcycle Tour


A lush lap across the sun-drenched island of Cyprus with its ancient culture. Suitable for all bikers with some experience and enjoy riding through mostly untouched nature. Start and base is the original Chrysochous Bay near Polis. We are planning three day tours as well as a three day round trip to the mountain forests of the Troodos and to Nicosia. Criss-cross, up and down, the small roads and tracks lead us through the mountains and hills back to Polis. Finally, an adventurous day on small trails in the National Park on the Akamas Peninsula.

Tour Overview

Guided Motorcycle Tours in Cyprus

7-Days Enduro Pure!

We scheduled this seven-day Cyprus Enduro tour for spring and autumn, the best times of year in Cyprus. We’ll go for long stretches with hardly any traffic, weaving our way up lonely roads through the mountains that’ll put grins on the faces of even the most discerning cruisers. We’re not going to neglect the cultural sides of the island, either, delving into the history of Cyprus, getting to know its village life and exploring the urban vibe of the divided capital, Nicosia.

The guided Cyprus motorcycle tour is an easy ride that becomes a bit more demanding as we go along. Due to the small share of unpaved stretches, we can recommend this tour to virtually any rider, but some enduro experience will give you a bit of an advantage. We’ll be riding 250cc Honda enduros. I’m putting the route together with my old biker friend Hans. A Dutchman who’s been living in Cyprus for more than 40 years, Hans knows every track and twisty mountain road like the back of his hand.

By the way, we’re also working on classic bike adventures in Cyprus with our own new Royal Enfield Bullets, as well as laid-back 14-day tours with overnight stays in heritage hotels, visits to the six best wineries and relaxed short hikes. Stay tuned for more info.

Three-day Mountain Motorbike Tour

An escort vehicle and a mechanic will be accompanying us on the three-day mountain motorbike tour.

Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss, and possibly Condor, Easy Jet, Eurowings, Transavia and Wiz Air offer direct flights to Paphos and Larnaka from various European airports for around EUR 200-500. It’s best if you take care of the flight tickets yourself, but I can give you a hand if you like. Booking a flight to Paphos instead of Larnaka would shorten the transfers quite a bit. From Larnaka it takes a good three hours, for almost 200 km mainly on the highway.

By the way: Nikki from the supermarket in Latchi provides us with everything we need, while the other. Nikki treats us to fantastic, relaxing Thai and oil massages after our rides. All our needs are

Hiking in the Akamas Nature Reservat

The Akamas peninsula, named after a hero in Greek mythology, is ecologically extremely valuable and at the same time culturally significant. Its interior is rugged and wild, with remote bays and crystal-clear water along the coast. The vegetation and wildlife are also remarkable: sea turtles nest on the beaches, and around 500 plant species – of which more than 30 are endemic – have been documented. The peninsula is particularly beautiful in winter and spring, when it is covered by a green carpet and numerous wildflowers blossom.

And last but not least, the area is steeped in mythology: legend has it that Aphrodite had her way with Adonis in a rock pool on the north coast. Our partner Manuel, who organizes excellent day tours for us, is the best German-Cypriot hiking guide. For more info, just drop us a line.