Thailandis the land of smiles. Almost nowhere else are bikers and other travelers treated with as much friendliness as in the Southeast Asian. The Kingdom of Thailand has many other highlights besides the Buddhist culture and the relaxed lifestyle of the locals. Fantastic white sandy beaches lined with palm trees on the island of Ko Samui, the most winding roads of Southeast Asia at the Mae Hong Song Loop, extensive temple ruins at Sukhothai, the endless mountain worlds of the ethnic tribes on the Golden Triangle and of course virgin forests, nature, elephants and beautiful national parks. There is also fantastic Thai food and first-class hotels and resorts that round off the program on our Thailand motorcycle tours and leave nothing to be desired. All of this makes Thailand the perfect destination for bikers who want to combine motorcycling with a dream vacation. On our Indochina overland tour we also explore Laos and Cambodia.

Riding in the Land of Smiles


03.11. – 16.11.2024

02.02. – 15.02.2025 || 02.11. – 15.11.2025

Our Northern Thailand motorcycle tour invites explorers to discover tropical Thailand and a fascinating culture off the beaten track in the mountainous north of the country – and on unique mountain roads that are unparalleled in Asia! Discover sleepy little towns, remote villages and get to know adventurous routes. Marvel at jungle-covered hills and mountains, some covered in fog, rice fields and fantastic landscapes with tea and coffee plantations and of course the Mekong, lifeline of Southeast Asia.

Tour Overview

Indochina Overland Tour


16.11. – 01.12.2024

15.02. – 02.03.2025 || 15.11. – 30.11.2025

Discover Southeast Asia overland in 16 days on breathtaking mountain roads. This one-of-a-kind motorcycle adventure will take you on a journey from Northern Thailand, passing along the banks of the Mekong River, through the stunning karst mountains of Laos, and finally to the largest temple complex on earth, Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. You’ll be immersed in dream-like landscapes as you navigate always-curving mountain roads and gain a unique, up-close understanding of the country and its people, away from the typical tourist routes. This tour offers a one-of-a-kind experience, brand new to our program.

Tour Overview

Lanna Kingdom Tour


Experience a unique mixture of nature, adventure and tradition in the ancient Lanna Kingdom! You will ride along the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar and visit the mystic Golden Triangle and the mighty Mekong River. Experience the diversity of landscapes as you marvel at the breathtaking mountains roads and low-lying plains and meet people from different ethnic groups. If you wan to discover the highlights of the north off the beaten track, its culture and people, this motorcycle tour is the right choice for you!

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Guided Motorcycle Tours in Thailand – The Land of Smiles

Motorcycle tours in Thailand – experience a unique country from the saddle of your motorcycle

Questions & Answers

Do I need a visa for Thailand?2020-07-24T11:02:38+00:00

Most European nationalities do not require a visa to visit Thailand and receive a visa-free stay of up to 30 days upon arrival in Thailand.

Money / credit cards in Thailand2020-07-24T11:01:55+00:00

American Express, Visa and Master Card are widely used in Thailand. Cash is only accepted in baht (Thai currency). However, it is relatively easy to change euros or US dollars at a exchange point in the larger tourist areas in Thai Baht.


The participant has to pay a deposit of € 500 in cash before accepting the motorcycle. The deposit will be refunded after the accident-free journey when the motorcycle is returned. The deposit must also be paid if the participant has opted for limited comprehensive insurance.

Insurance – Thailand2020-07-24T10:59:54+00:00

The motorcycles are covered by liability insurance according to Thai law, but not fully comprehensive insurance. The participant bears the risk of a maximum of USD (ask us)- in the event of total damage to the motorcycle (current value). He is not liable for technical failure or wear of the machine in the event of engine or gear damage.

Which documents do I need?2020-07-24T10:58:35+00:00

With the registration for the Thailand motorcycle tour we need a scanned copy of the passport of the participant with the personal details. A condition for participation in the tour is an internationally valid driving license for motorcycles over 500 cc.

What is the max. and min. number of participants in the Thailand motorcycle tour?2020-07-24T10:57:37+00:00

The tour is guaranteed from a minimum number of 6 motorcyclists. The maximum size of the tour is limited to a total of no more than 14 motorcyclists (plus guide).