Our knowledge of our destination countries is unmatched – we plan, test and select the routes personally, and choose hotels, restaurants and sights with just as much care.

Our own fleet of motorcycles is ready for you! We maintain the bikes professionally in our service centers and equip them with plenty of accessories such as crashbars and saddlebags.

All of tours are accompanied by experienced mechanics. If they can’t fix your bike on the spot, you can keep riding on a replacement bike. A comfortable service vehicle is available for luggage and pillion passengers who want to take a break from the saddle.

Western, English-speaking tour guides accompany you on their own bikes. Thanks to their many years of experience, you can rely on them through thick and thin. In addition, a reliable local team has your back while on the road.

Our tours comply with the acclimatization times for high altitudes recommended by medical professionals. If need be, you can depend on the first-aid training of our team and our service vehicle.

With every tour, we support charitable projects in India, Nepal and Bhutan. You can be a part of it: Book a tour and help out!

Classic Bike Adventure – Asia’s Motorcycle Pioneers

Driven by our passion for riding and the desire to explore exotic India, we founded Classic Bike Adventure in Goa in February 1989. After a short startup phase in southern India, we launched our first tours in the Indian Himalayas – in Himachal Pradesh, and shortly thereafter in Ladakh, the majestic highlight of the Roof of the World. Nepal soon followed, then Tibet, Bhutan and the newly created Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Classic Bike Adventure was one of the first motorcycle tour operators in India – and with its professional travel organization, it not only broke new ground as a pioneer, it also set standards. In the late nineties, we added other Asian countries to the Classic Bike Adventure travel program, experiencing unforgettable adventures on the road on tours through Tibet, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos and Vietnam. Over the past 30 years, more than 5,000 enthusiastic riders have been on more than 600 Classic Bike Adventure tours, making us one of the largest operators of guided motorcycle tours in Asia. The world, and with it Asia, has changed a lot since we set out to discover India in the wild 1980s. Our routes have evolved over time as we strive to keep them up to date and constantly adapt them to local conditions and our own high standards. ...

If there’s no other way, we’d rather put a tour on hold for a while – for example until massive road construction projects have been completed – and not resume until the route is once again truly a joy to ride. Operating a tour in chaotic conditions just because there’s a market for it won’t make us – or you – happy. Our fleet has changed as well: in addition to our 35 classic Royal Enfield Bullets that we mainly ride in India, Nepal and Bhutan, relying on them in rugged mountains, deserts, forests, steppes, valleys, gorges and crossing the world’s highest passes, we also deploy enduros such as the BMW GS series and other makes, depending on the country and the specific challenges of the tour. The one thing that has always stayed the same over the years is our urge to travel: our passion for discovery, adventure, spectacular landscapes, and meeting new people and experiencing their cultures and customs. And all this, of course, while meeting our strict criteria for safety, service, good overnight accommodations, excellent routes, technically flawless motorcycles and experienced guides. With this outlook on work and life and our decades of experience, we want to give you the adventure of a lifetime! Are you ready?

The Classic Bike Adventure Travel Concept

Our Travel Concept begins with your travel wishes and booking.

You can rely on us to field all of your questions by email or phone. Dependable information and prompt answers, as well as transparent terms and conditions, are a matter of course for us. We live in India and China and have our offices there, so our advice is founded on our day-to-day local experience.

As a direct organizer, we’re your one-stop contact for advice, booking, tour management and local services. Our presence on the ground guarantees the same high standards on all of our tours and in all of the countries in which we operate. Let us know what you you’re looking for and we’ll set you up with the perfect experience.

To make the decision easy, we’ve classified our motorcycle tours.

Our four travel styles give you a frame of reference on the number of points of interest and unpaved roads that await you, how challenging the tour will be, and how many hours in the saddle you can expect every day. This will help you to book the tour that’s right for you. More information about the individual icons and our concept can be found here.

Four Ways To Travel

Perfect for adventurers: our adventure tours are carefully prepared, yet they still have scope for unforeseen events. Rugged, high-altitude terrain, the forces of nature or the remoteness of the region can always pose challenges. The journey is the destination: team spirit, stamina, off-road experience and a positive attitude toward unforeseen situations are the best ingredients to ensure a successful tour. Simple overnight stays in exciting, remote places and rides on rough tracks add to a real sense of adventure.

Discovery tours offer a good balance of daily mileage, beautiful scenery and the sheer joy of riding on carefully selected country and mountain roads. Experience a country and its people, customs and cultures, as well as sights such as temples and the ruins of half-forgotten cities from the saddle of a motorcycle – without sacrificing the comforts of a beautiful hotel or resort at the end of the day.

Motorcycling and leisure go hand-in-hand on our laid-back tours. We leave plenty of time to unwind in selected hotels, mountain resorts with spas, or beach bungalows. Relaxation is a priority – as is riding, of course. The daily distances are manageable, the terrain less demanding and there’s more time for activities, checking out the sights, or simply kicking back and enjoying life.

Interested in a private trip with good friends or family? Are you looking for luxury, or a ride on the rugged side? We’ll be happy to advise you in detail, as all private trips can be shortened, extended and adapted to your wishes with regard to the route and hotels. This icon indicates that we can tailor the tour to suit you.

What to Expect on the Guided Motorbike Tour

All of our guided motorcycle tours be they in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, elsewhere in Asia or on our Cyprus motorcycle tour, are led by guides with a minimum of several years of experience. With up to 15 years under their belts, our most seasoned guides are at home on the most demanding tours and can handle the most adverse circumstances with confidence.
You’re in the very best hands – our guides are pros!

Our guides all have their own styles, of course, but one thing they all have in common that they like to encourage “free riding”. In other words, the guide doesn’t lead the way, but arranges meeting points ahead for the group. This has the advantage that you can pull over for a photo at any time and aren’t stuck following the tour guide – unless that’s your preference.

Every motorbike tour is escorted by a support vehicle to carry your bags and offer pillion passengers a comfortable alternative. That way you can easily visit places of interest – a special restaurant in the evening, for example – after reaching the day’s destination and parking your bike for the night.

All of our tours are accompanied by experienced mechanics. If a bike can’t be fixed quickly by the roadside, the mechanic will repair it in the evening after our arrival at the hotel.
We always carry a spare bike, so you can keep riding right away without missing a thing.

And if for some reason you can’t ride or don’t want to, our mechanic will gladly take over your bike until you’re up to riding again.

Comfort is an important aspect for us. Wherever possible, we like to stay in beautiful, hand-picked hotels and guesthouses that have their own unique charm. Of course, this is not always possible in remote areas, in which case we always choose the best available option. But even a simple camp of wooden huts with a fantastic view – like the one at Lake Pangong on our Ladakh tour – can be a real highlight.

Whichever tour category you choose – Adventure, Discovery, Laid-Back or Custom – one thing is certain: you can count on our travel concept for true adventure and unforgettable Royal Enfield motorcycle tours.

Guided Motorcycles Tours in India on a Royal Enfield Motorbike

The Classic South India and Goa Motorcycle Tour is a 15 day discovery holiday package with 11 riding days on a classic Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet Motorcycle, accompanied by an English speaking German tour guide and a bike mechanic with a support vehicle for pillions and luggage. You can enjoy all the highlights of South India, including temples in Hampi, whitewater rafting through the jungles of the Western Ghats, two nights in the Kali River Jungle Lodge, the 200 meter deep Jog Falls which are surrounded by dense jungle, an elephant safari, Dandeli National Park and mystical Hindu cave temples at Badami. Besides this, four days of biking and enjoying beaches (and perhaps party!?) in Goa. To top it all, Malwan Fort as well as an evening in the bustling bazaar city of Belgaum is also included.

For those wanting still more we have the Goa to Kerala Motorcycle Tour with a longer route covering more than 2,100 kilometers.

Besides the places described above, you can savour the grace and charm of a bygone era when you visit beautiful hill stations of British colonial era, ride through endless tea and coffee plantations in the Coorg region, cruise through enchanted places and ride atop elephants in the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary.

In addition, several Himalayan Motorcycle Adventure Tours offer you the best of Indian Himalayas.

The 3 Lakes and 7 Passes of Ladakh and Nubra Valley Himalayan Motorcycle Tour covers all of the highlights of the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Ladakh, as well as the three most beautiful Himalayan lakes in the border region to Tibet. All are located at altitudes of more than 4,500 meters – including the highest motorable road in the world.
This guided Leh Ladakh motorbike trip includes rides across several passes that are extremely high by western standards including 5,608 meters altitude at Khardung La pass – it’s the ultimate challenge for bikes and bikers and is sometimes rather appropriately referred to as the “Highway to Heaven”!

The Spiti Valley “Little Tibet” Motorcycle Tour offers you the opportunity to witness the enchanting landscape of Tibet in the Indian Himalayas, which is just as spectacular as in Tibet proper – and perhaps even more adventurous and challenging due to the road conditions in this remote valley which hosts some of the oldest monasteries, spectacularly built on top of windswept mountains.
Beside our well established adventures, we also offer new rides. Our brand new Himalayan Motorcycle Tour, Into the Wilds of Zanskar & Ladakh Tourwill be inducted for the very first time in 2020. This amazing tour will feature some of the most breathtaking gravel roads of India and some of the most dangerous roads on the planet. We have also conducted Rajasthan Motorcycle Tours in the past, and hope to have one again in our itinerary.

But see for yourself which other adventures in India we have to offer. We have guided motorcycle tours to suit every rider, regardless if you look for a laid-back tour, a discovery tour or a mind blowing adventure.

Guided Motorbike Tours in Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam

Not only India is our key destination on the Indian subcontinent. Since many years, we successfully conduct tours in Nepal and Bhutan. In Nepal we are an active tour operator since 1998 and had 880 bikers from 15 countries on tour with us. Great numbers, and we sent each and every one of our bikers home with great biking experiences.
In Nepal, one of our adventures bring you all the way into Mustang near the border of Tibet. On our Nepal Motorcycle Tour you discover not only Kathmandu and Nepal´s most beautiful town Pokhara, but as well the mighty Himalayas at the Annapurna mountains range, with peaks beyond 8000 meters altitude. The Thak Khola gorge, dubbed the deepest gorge on earth, the Chitwan National Park, Bandipur, and the relaxing hot springs of Tatopani are other highlights on this Nepal Motorcycle Adventure. And of course the most stunning views and gravel roads on the way to Mustang. Even the most experienced touring bikers are blown away by the fatalistic views.
If you look for an even more extreme adventure, the Upper Mustang Tour is the tour of your choice while the brand new Wild Wild West Nepal motorbike tour will show you the highlights of West Nepal – from the jungles to Rara lake, a remote alpine lake that could only be reached on foot until recently. And if that is not enough you can choose to extend your trip and fly by helicopter to Everest Base Camp to enjoy the crisp views on a cloudless morning.
But lets take a look at Bhutan. In the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon we offer our popular Bhutan Intensive Motorcycle Tour. On this 13 days discovery tour you will experience Bhutan like few riders have. From the very remote east of the country we follow the mountains tracks all the way -cross-country- to the capital Timphu and the iconic landmark on Bhutan: the Tiger´s Nest. You will discover not only all the highlights of this Himalayan country stretched in between India and Tibet, but also the most remote areas “normal” tourists hardly ever see. And we take our time to sample famous local dishes and meet the “happiest people on earth”.
Our Northern Thailand motorcycle tour invites explorers to discover tropical Thailand and a fascinating culture off the beaten track in the mountainous north of the country – and on unique mountain roads that are unparalleled in Asia!
On our North Vietnam Motorcycle Tour, we’ll experience the vast rice terraces near Sapa, as well as the legendary Ha Giang Loop, the hill tribe cultures of Bac Ha, the impressive Ban Gioc Waterfall and the iconic rocky landscapes and rice terraces that characterize the entire north.
Whatever you are looking for, you will find it on one of our great tours. Take a look at our calendar overview and check-out our next adventures.
Rediscover the thrill of Adventure …. You will definitely savor the memories of your trip with us for a very long time ……