Registered Office
8, 1st Apriliou, Aristo Center,
Block B Off. 203
8011 Pafos, Paphos, Cyprus

Head Office in India
Peter’s Classic Bike Adventure Tours Ltd.
Vinod Kaisth, Manager, Cel. +919318585385
Casa Kath Kuni, Sonaughi, 175104 Village Archandi
Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Terms and Conditions

For all Classic Bike Adventures Motorcycle Tours
(Update 01.2020)

We will confirm your booking as soon as we have received your down payment of 500 euros or US dollars per person on our bank account.
For our Bhutan tours, the down payment is 1,000 euros / US dollars per person.

The balance or remainder of the payment is due no later than 6 weeks or 42 days before the tour starts.

Our bank details:

Account holder name: Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours Ltd
Address: 8, 1st Apriliou, Aristo Center, Block B, Off. 203, 8011 Pafos, Paphos, Cyprus
Bank: Bank of Cyprus Ltd.
Account No.: 357019837527
IBAN: CY69002001950000357019837527

Bank Address: Sistassinos St Ayia Paraskevi Strovolos Nicosia – Cyprus

Cancellation policy:
In case of a cancellation no later than 60 days / 2 months before the start of the tour, the fee will be 500 euros / US dollars (For Bhutan tours, the cancellation fee is 1,000 euros per person no later than 90 days before the start, then 50% of the tour price). From 60 days until 14 days before tour start, the fee is 50% of the tour price. The full booking price is due in case of cancellation 13 days or less before tour start.

We recommend booking a travel insurance package to cover any contingencies that may arise before you start the tour.

Participants are required to sign an agreement / waiver regarding the use of the motorcycles prior to the start of the tour.

Our registered office address:
Peters Classic Bike Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Tour Operator for Motorcycle Adventure Tours in India
Registered Office: Casa Kath Kuni
Sonaughi, V.P.O. Archandi, PIN 175140
District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India
Managing Director: Mr. Vinod Kaistha

Chairman: Mr. Peter Paulo Dos Santos

Our mantra: in the 30 years that we’ve been in the motorcycle touring business, we haven’t had any legal issues with any of our tour participants. Our business is built on trust, understanding, cooperation and communication. We’re bikers, heart and soul, and we love to work with people like ourselves. We’re straightforward, honest, and keep our cards on the table.

– We’d like to offer our regular guests and early bookers a special friendship discount.

If you book with us up to 12 months before the tour start, we’ll offer you a 5% discount on the regular tour price.
We can either deduct the discount directly from the tour price, or donate the amount to one of our two long-term development aid projects:

• the orphans’ school for earthquake victims in Nepal
• via the German NGO Einfach Machen e.V. (
• or the aid project for physically handicapped children in Ladakh
via the German NGO Ladakh Hilfe e.V. (

The choice is yours!

If you have already been on at least two of our tours, then you qualify as a “regular”.

Terms and Conditions

for all Classic Bike Adventures Motorcycle Tours in China and Tibet

( Update 10.2019 )

Booking and Booking Confirmation

We will confirm your booking as soon as we have received your advance payment of 500 EUR / or US$ Dollar per person, deposited to our bank account.
Balance or remaining payment is due at least 6 weeks/42 days before the tour starts.
With the booking you agree to the agreement outlined in this document.

Insurance and liabilities on motorbike tours with a provisional Chinese driver’s license:

Our motorbikes are insured according to Chinese law. This law-insurance only provides financial insurance of damages to third parties up to an amount of approximately EUR 11.000,-.
This insurance does not include financial compensations in the case of civil complains / law suits.

The above mentioned amount of damage cover refers to the so called “primary damage”, e.g. costs for hospitalization (of the damaged person, not the motorbike rider) or costs of repair for third party vehicles, but not on civil complains in the case of negligence by the damage causing motorbike driver.
Currently, there is no Chinese insurance company which provides a personal insurance of the motorbike rider or the motorbike itself. Not only for motorbiking, there are no personal insurances for other (motor)- sports like cycling, parachuting and many more. Because of that, it is important, that the participants have to care about an accident insurance by themselves and also to take the proof of insurance with them at any time.

Cancellation policy:

In case of a cancellation at least 6 weeks before the start of the tour, the fee will be 500,00 EUR/US Dollars. From 42 days until 8 days before tour start the fee will be 50% of the tour price. Cancellation 7 days or less before tour start the full booking price will be due. We recommend having booked a travel insurance package to cover all eventualities in your home country before you start the tour.

Before the start of the tour every participant is expected to sign an agreement/waiver regarding the use of the motor bikes.

Deposit for motorbikes: (partial cover)

The cash-deposit includes the following deposits:

  • Shineray X5 400: EUR/US$ 500
  • BMW G 310 GS: EUR/US$ 1.000
  • BMW F 800 GS: EUR/US$ 1.500

Damages which are caused by participants are limited to the deposited amount. In case of damages caused by gross negligence or malicious action of the participant, we reserve the right to claim higher amounts up to the current replacement cost of the vehicle according to Chinese law. This also includes damages caused by non-compliance/infringement of Chinese laws such as the speed limit or drunk driving. The driver is expected to make a deposit as outlines above in cash to the tour guide for the motorcycle. This amount will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the tour. This down payment can be used for any emergency which may arise during the tour.


The motorcycles are insured against theft, but not the personal luggage of the participant. Every participant is responsible for the safety of his/her own luggage.


Documentation should include a valid national driver’s license, and adequate medical insurance coverage for the duration of the tour. All necessary documents have to be send as scans to Tibetmoto by email 8 weeks before tour start. These documents are:

  • Passport
  • Chinese visa
  • International driving license (not national), issued by the country which issued your passport – Passport style head and shoulders picture

Tour briefing and rental contract

Upon arrival and before the handover of the motorcycle, you are required to sign a rental contract for the

duration of the tour and the tour briefing, given by your tourguide in which local traffic laws are outlined.


Each participant is aware of the risks of motorcycling and responsible for their own actions which operating a motorcycle.