The Classic Bike Adventure Travel Concept

Our Travel Concept begins with your travel wishes and booking.

You can rely on us to field all of your questions by email or phone. Dependable information and prompt answers, as well as transparent terms and conditions, are a matter of course for us. We live in India and China and have our offices there, so our advice is founded on our day-to-day local experience.

As a direct organizer, we’re your one-stop contact for advice, booking, tour management and local services. Our presence on the ground guarantees the same high standards on all of our tours and in all of the countries in which we operate. Let us know what you you’re looking for and we’ll set you up with the perfect experience.

To make the decision easy, we’ve classified our motorcycle tours.

Parts of the route are unpaved. The tracks vary in quality, but in general they are manageable gravel surfaces. There may be sand or pebbles on the track from time to time. The ratio of unpaved to paved roads does not exceed 10/90.

Parts of the route – up to entire day’s rides – are unpaved. In addition to good natural tracks, there are also tracks that were once paved and where the asphalt has crumbled. These are marked by potholes and bumps. Longer passages can be covered with sand or pebbles. The unpaved/paved ratio is around 20/80.

Like 2., only more demanding and up to 40% tracks.

The entire route is paved and in good condition. The ride is easy, and even winding roads do not present a great challenge.

Most of the route is on good, paved roads. Two-lane roads alternate with narrow, single-lane mountain roads. Riders should be comfortable with hairpin bends and narrow, winding roads. Rough surfaces, potholes and the occasional unpaved road shouldn’t be a problem.

These routes feature the most challenging, winding mountain roads with a variety of surfaces. Narrow, often single-track roads with hairpin bends offer challenges for experienced riders. Focus and stamina are essential.

Visiting a place of interest every few days

At least one place of interest per day

Two or more places of interest per day

With short breaks and photo stops, not counting breaks for lunch, which last about an hour. Average figures.

4-5 hours per day

5-7 hours per day

7-9 hours per day

Four Ways To Travel

Perfect for adventurers: our adventure tours are carefully prepared, yet they still have scope for unforeseen events. Rugged, high-altitude terrain, the forces of nature or the remoteness of the region can always pose challenges. The journey is the destination: team spirit, stamina, off-road experience and a positive attitude toward unforeseen situations are the best ingredients to ensure a successful tour. Simple overnight stays in exciting, remote places and rides on rough tracks add to a real sense of adventure.

Discovery tours offer a good balance of daily mileage, beautiful scenery and the sheer joy of riding on carefully selected country and mountain roads. Experience a country and its people, customs and cultures, as well as sights such as temples and the ruins of half-forgotten cities from the saddle of a motorcycle – without sacrificing the comforts of a beautiful hotel or resort at the end of the day.

Motorcycling and leisure go hand-in-hand on our laid-back tours. We leave plenty of time to unwind in selected hotels, mountain resorts with spas, or beach bungalows. Relaxation is a priority – as is riding, of course. The daily distances are manageable, the terrain less demanding and there’s more time for activities, checking out the sights, or simply kicking back and enjoying life.

Interested in a private trip with good friends or family? Are you looking for luxury, or a ride on the rugged side? We’ll be happy to advise you in detail, as all private trips can be shortened, extended and adapted to your wishes with regard to the route and hotels. This icon indicates that we can tailor the tour to suit you.