About Road Captain Hendrik

While studying political science, Hendrik discovered his passion for motorcycling and mountaineering. In his early 20s he hiked around the sacred Mount Kailash in western Tibet, and by his mid-20s he had traveled large parts of the Indian Himalayas, Nepal, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia by motorbike.

Hendrik founded Tibetmoto Tours in Shangri-la in the southwest Chinese province of Yunnan in 2010 and has also been running Classic Bike Adventure since 2019. He develops new trips, scouts and leads selected motorcycle tours, including three times the EurAsia Tour from Munich along the Silk Road to Lhasa in 47 days and numerous tours in Yunnan, Tibet, Nepal, India, Vietnam and Thailand. For him, motorcycling is the ultimate travel experience that combines adventure, foreign countries, challenges, cultures, people and a free attitude to life.

Hendrik is a certified BMW Motorrad tour guide, passionate cyclist and motorcyclist, hobby cook, occasional hobby photographer and blog writer, student of Buddhism, homo politicus and of course a passionate traveler.

Hendrik lives most of the year in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with all Classic Bike Adventure destinations just a stone’s throw away. He’s never far from the next adventure.