During the tour, we will be staying in typical middle class accommodations with breakfast. In larger cities, and especially in places where we will be spending two nights, you can look forward to a higher standard. We’re proud of our tour hotels and think that there’s practically no better way to spend the nights on an adventure trip.
In some regions, middle class accommodations are not available. In such cases, we’ll take the best option we can get. There are also some overnight stays in caravanserais. These are settlements in which simple yurts and beds are available to travelers. On some days, we will not have en-suite bathrooms. On a few days, single rooms will be subject to availability. In exceptional cases, we may need to stay in dorm rooms.
Breakfast is included in the tour price, while lunch and dinner are to be paid by the traveler. The prices for meals vary greatly in different countries and regions. EUR 3-10 per main meal with one drink is a realistic average.