In addition to your riding suit, a proper helmet is a must – skull caps and half-shells do not comply with the regulations of the countries we will be traveling through.

Be ready for anything. Packing list for all situations:

  • winter liners, long underwear
  • rain gear
  • winter gloves, summer gloves
  • motorcycle boots, winter socks
  • comfortable shoes for sightseeing
  • balaclava, scarf
  • thin down or fleece jacket to wear under your riding suit
  • SPF 30+ sunscreen, lip balm
  • sleeping bag liner (thin silk sleeping bag)
  • first-aid kit and meds
  • special tools specific to your bike
  • GPS or smartphone cradle on your bike
  • waterproof panniers

You won’t need some of these items in the Uzbek desert heat, but you’ll be grateful for them on the Tibetan plateau at over 5,000 meters altitude on a cloudy day.